Sunday, September 15, 2013

I am finally...sort of...back

     First of all...a great big....THANK YOU ALL....for the prayers , good wishes, bubbles..whatever. 

     Things did not go quite as planned.....3 hour surgery turned out to be 5, with complications. Another 8 day hospital stay.  I am home, but far from recovered, my daughter is learning far more that she ever wanted about yucky medical things like drains and dressings. My son flew in last weekend, my oldest daughter has been here for the past few days, and my sister arrives tomorrow to help out this week. 

      It will be a long time before you are reading about any thing kinky or sexy or spanking related here. I do play on maybe weekly postings, and I will be catching up with all of wonderful blogging friends. I am counting on all of you to keep life interesting for me.  Thanks again for all of your support.

hugs abby

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A...hopefully short...medical leave.

  Then time is almost here...Tuesday morning i leave bright and early...well at least early..for my second surgery.  The doctor is confident and has a plan....i am trying to be confident and positive.

    Doc said to plan on 7 days in the hospital before all my parts are working well enough so I can recuperate at home.  I am really hoping for a smoother, faster recovery than last time.
What ever it is you send...karma, bubbles, good thought or prayers, i am accepting all of it..

   I will post again as soon as i can to let you all know how i am doing.

  hugs abby