Friday, August 2, 2013

A month's worth of maintenance...

    I have survived...altho  i am sitting on a sore bottom (a nice kind of sore)...getting a maintenance spanking 4 days in a row...and that is a record of days in a row spanked!

    The first three days all followed the same formula....100 with the little, but heavy, green paddle, in sets of 20...the last 20 being the hardest.  Yes the effect was cumulative, but i was not dreading each day, i knew Master was doing this for me.  ( and we did manage some permissions after each session:).

    Today  started with one of Master's lectures...on ways to stay on track while you are away...and the consequences of not doing so. He informed me that if i owe Him a tax, it will be a basement event. I argued that was not the original can all guess how far i got..yeah.
Today's maintenance was in sets of 10...very hard ones. I had to thank Him after each one for a couple sets, then after each set. After 90, i was told to get on my knees, so i remember my Master's scent and taste....Then it was back over His lap for the last 10...the hardest of all week.  Master wants me to recall all of my spankings this week, use the memory to help keep my 'voices' at bay....they seem to like to travel with me.

    I am determined to not disappoint Master,,,He deserves my best.  So I do have a plan, and it includes returning with my good girl status still intact.

    I leave tomorrow for a day at my daughters, then on Sunday i meet up with my sister. We have been talking about this trip for 2 years, and then complications set in , and until last week we were not sure we could make it work.  But we were very determined, and plan on a great time..we rarely get just 'us' time.  Then i will go stay with my son's family, then off for some time with my mom before we all meet up for the 4 generation week at the beach.  I will be away for 3 weeks, i plan on checking in on all of you occasionally, and hope to get a couple quick posts done as i change locations.

     hugs abby


  1. Oh... I am so excited for you going on this trip!!!
    Have fun but make sure it will not lead to the basement!
    The nice kinda sore is good! The other...shutter!

  2. Lol, I love his response when you told him you had a line willing to take your maintenance spankings. Glad you survived the 4 days, I was wondering.

    Have a great trip. Maybe take a pic of the basement as a reminder while you are away?

  3. Glad you survived. I know you will have a great trip but you better remember everything or that tax will be "hefty".

  4. I wish you a lovely weekend.

    () appy

  5. Have a terrific trip. I am glad you survived.


  6. He safe and enjoy your time with your family. You'll be missed here


  7. Hey Abby,

    Glad you survived the maintenance. I'm sure you will return with your good girl status intact :) Have a wonderful trip! I'm excited for you!


  8. Enjoy your time away and trips.

  9. Glad u survived the week ..enjoy your trip be a good girl :)

  10. I commented on another of your blogs about weight loss through discipline. I am not self-disciplined ... Quite stubborn and willful in fact. My doctor says it is very important to lose weight. My life depends on it. I need to lose around 135 pounds. I wish I had someone to discipline me since I can only do it on my own for a short time. I would accept a good whipping when I fall short and disobey my doctor. In fact, I would accept a daily reminder with a belt or strap if it would help. Unfortunately, I do not have a dh to provide direction and insist on strict obedience and hold me accountable when I disobey and lie to myself and others.