Friday, August 30, 2013

The dice game....Master style!

   Nothing is better than when I call Master to remind Him that it is lunch time...and I hear...lunch???, I am thinking it is play time!  Also, as He reminded me..I have a baseball bet to pay off.

   Yes, sadly my boys let me down last weekend.  The Sox lost the series to the Yanks...I had put up a play session with the spanko dice game that we have, He put up all wood session...Yesterday I was given the task of recording the scores of each  of the games in the series. When I looked them up, they were a lot of runs scored..ut oh.

   When I walked in today, I saw 4 paddles in a line on the ottoman...small hairbrush paddle, a medium wooden paddle with holes, a larger heavier one, and the Winnie the Pooh paddle.
The middle two made me groan, and Master chuckle.

   After lots of hugs ( I had a bad day yesterday, over thinking my future surgery) Master had me kneeling, as  He both claimed and calmed me.  He decided we would blend my dice game hope with His winning all wood session. The man is creative!  There are 3 dice in the dice game, one that has numbers from 1--30, one that has maybe 12 different positions, we would use each of those....the one we did not use has different 'toys' on the facets.  We would be using the four paddles.

    As Master kindly gave me a hand warm-up, He explained the 'rules'. Since the Yanks scored 14 more runs that the Sox I would roll the dice 14 times.  That would decide the number of swats and the position.  The paddles would be used in the order that were placed on the ottoman. At this point the hand warm-up stops and He concentrates on how wet He can get me...He continues, that since He is feeling generous He will give me 2 passes, where I can skip that roll of I will get spanked 12 times.  He warns me not to use up my passes too quickly, since I may regret that at the end. And just to make it more interesting,,,,on my passes, He will play with my pussy until I am on the edge of cumming before we continue.  Do you have all that...He is an engineer..what can I say??

   The game starts, the spanking gods are with me on my first four rolls...I get a 4 with the heaviest paddle and a 12 for the paddle with holes...the largest number was 20.  I am grinning, Master is shaking His head.  On the second round I roll a 29 for the paddle with holes, I pass. Mater reminds me it is early, but that is a lot with a paddle that is very ouchy.  So He get to see how close to cumming He can get me...very close.  When I roll for the heavy paddle, I heave a sigh of relief...2 :), I don't to use my second pass!!!

    Round three and I use my last pass on the 29 with the heavy paddle...I have chosen wisely;). I am back over Master's lap, and I am dripping...the last 3 rolls are all in the teens, my bottom is read and sore....but it could have been so much worse!!!!  After the last roll and spanking, Master tells me to kneel and show Him how much fun I had....He remarks how enthusiastic I have become to pleasing Him....I have grown to love it....

    Then I am back over Master's lap, where I am so wet, He decides that most of His fist will be used.....the timing is good, I am relaxed and wet, and I am soon, shaking and moaning, and needing permissions.  As I come back to the real world Master is rubbing and talking softly and telling me how proud He is of me.  How far I have come, in so many ways, and how much further He plans on taking me.

    The Sox and the Yanks get another go at it before the season is over....Master says if  my boys do not let me down again....we can play the dice game with an all leather that is something to look forward to!!!

   Have a great last weekend of summer....
   hugs abby

Monday, August 26, 2013


        Master and i had lunch time together today, only we forgot to eat...LOL!

        I always worry when i have been away for a while that it will be awkward or difficult to get back to where we were....foolish me, all it takes is one of His big bear hugs and to see the happy grin on His face...and i know i am back where i belong.

     We both agreed that 3 weeks is way too long, although it seemed like a good plan at the time.  We both said at the same time, that after 2 weeks it is just too long even though we do stay in daily contact. My hat is off to those of you who are in long distance relationships, it is so hard.

     I bought a gift for Master, when my sister and I were exploring shops.  They had paddle ball the colors of the baseball teams, and their logos on the paddle. I hesitated, they were not the light wood ones, but more like a polished I knew it would pack a sting.
Then I had to decide...Red Sox or Yankee's....since it was a gift for Master I decided Yankee.  He loves it ( of course)...I told Him He could only use it when the Yanks lost to the can guess what He used for maintenance today.

   Then I was cuffed, kneeling, and being re-claimed. I was ( mostly) good and Master was pleased.  Then i climbed over His lap, my favorite place to be. Master said, "we have 3 weeks of maintenance to make up for",...I quickly reminded Him of the 4 days of maintenance before I left....He sort of remembered.

    Since it has been 3 weeks, Master started off with a long hand spanking, with lots of rubbing, i was so relaxed and content, i was melting into His lap.  Then i feel the sting of Master's new paddle, He did start of fairly lightly, but increased the sting with each set. Master then announced that it is time for maintenance, i reply that i thought that is what He had been up to....but He tucks me in, and reminds me that maintenance is a hard spanking to remind me that i do not want a harder one.

   When He is done, He tells me to get up and walk to the sliding glass door. I hesitate, He tells me to walk....i do, slowly...and tells me to face the outside (it is a back yard surrounded mostly by bushes). but this is something new.  He tells me to squish my breast against the glass, put my hands behind me and stay still. He then  asks me if i remember the text He went me about the ocean and my boob.  Ut oh,,,I do.  Master will often send me a quick task when I am away, sometimes it is to send Him a picture, or collect a shell on the beach or...this time I got a text saying to flash a boob to the ocean. I sent Him a....You are funny! LOL...reply, and heard nothing. I had forgotten the whole thing til I was against that glass. He reminded me that the reply He always wants is...Yes Sir. He knows He is pushing me into a new place, and He will continue to I understand...I do.

     Then i get to show Master how much i missed Him...His taste and musky scent...I am licking and sucking and groaning...and getting so wet!

      Then Master concentrates on me....I would attempt to describe my reaction, but it is a big blur....a magnificent welcome home...the kind where i wonder who that girl was, and how does He do that to was....over whelming to say the least.

     This man that i call Master, has helped me to see a me what i never thought possible, a me that i had buried deep, and protected with heavy walls that were supposed to be permanent.  IT did not happen overnight, or even over a couple of years....but He never gave up, He made me believe, He helped me to trust......He led me to finally finding and accepting me...

hugs abby


Sunday, August 25, 2013

A quick hello..I am back!

    I should be unpacking, getting some laundry done, paying bills...etc. But I missed you all, so I am taking a minute to say hello, i have returned from my extended vacation.

   My 'sisters vacation' started off great, then I got sick....all nite in the bathroom sick, and not from any fun stuff....big YUCK!!  We had a family BBQ the day before i left, and just about everyone there got this 24 hour bug. It was not food poisoning since some got it after a day, and some after a week. My sister and I enjoyed our time together, and hope to do it again!

  My time with my mom was bittersweet. She is getting frailer, but still has some spunk. WE talked a lot, looked at old ...and new pictures....and took a few outings to see people she has not seen in a while.  When my 4 grands arrived they all had great big hugs for 'grand-memere', and the smile on her face matched theirs.

   The last 10 days were spent with my kids and grands.  The weather was great, so we had lots of beach time, introduced the two 'older' girls to the fun of a camping overnight, had a birthday party at an amusement/water park, went to a zoo, ate lots of delicious seafood...and made lots of long lasting memories.  We are a fortunate family.

  The only downside, its been a long three weeks missing Master. We have been in touch constantly, and i managed to mostly stay on His good girl list. 

   I hope to catch up with all of you over the next couple is good to be back!

  hugs abby

Friday, August 2, 2013

A month's worth of maintenance...

    I have survived...altho  i am sitting on a sore bottom (a nice kind of sore)...getting a maintenance spanking 4 days in a row...and that is a record of days in a row spanked!

    The first three days all followed the same formula....100 with the little, but heavy, green paddle, in sets of 20...the last 20 being the hardest.  Yes the effect was cumulative, but i was not dreading each day, i knew Master was doing this for me.  ( and we did manage some permissions after each session:).

    Today  started with one of Master's lectures...on ways to stay on track while you are away...and the consequences of not doing so. He informed me that if i owe Him a tax, it will be a basement event. I argued that was not the original can all guess how far i got..yeah.
Today's maintenance was in sets of 10...very hard ones. I had to thank Him after each one for a couple sets, then after each set. After 90, i was told to get on my knees, so i remember my Master's scent and taste....Then it was back over His lap for the last 10...the hardest of all week.  Master wants me to recall all of my spankings this week, use the memory to help keep my 'voices' at bay....they seem to like to travel with me.

    I am determined to not disappoint Master,,,He deserves my best.  So I do have a plan, and it includes returning with my good girl status still intact.

    I leave tomorrow for a day at my daughters, then on Sunday i meet up with my sister. We have been talking about this trip for 2 years, and then complications set in , and until last week we were not sure we could make it work.  But we were very determined, and plan on a great time..we rarely get just 'us' time.  Then i will go stay with my son's family, then off for some time with my mom before we all meet up for the 4 generation week at the beach.  I will be away for 3 weeks, i plan on checking in on all of you occasionally, and hope to get a couple quick posts done as i change locations.

     hugs abby