Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Maintenance and a 'tax free' trip!

     Maintenance was moved to Tuesday this week. So i guess it was M/T day,,,just doesn't have the same ring as M/M.

   I went to Master this morning, thinking it would be good to get it over with....i was in for a surprise.  We did the usual, kneeling and claiming time, then over His knee for a hand warm-up, then a hard paddling....it seemed to last a long time...at least from my perspective! He slowed down for the last 20, and made sure I would remember them.  Just as I am thinking, glad that is over, Master announces, you will be getting that same spanking every day this week.

  I look at Him to see if maybe He is laughing at His little joke...he is not.  He adds, I am sure they will be cumulative and the ache will last a while. So while you are away, you will remember that you are not missing maintenance, it just happened early. I am sure you will be thinking of me on your drive Saturday.

    Yes, i am getting ready to go on an extended trip.  As those of you who have been reading here for a while know, I am 'taxed' on my trips  lasting longer than a week.  My grandchildren are in 2 different states, and i had developed the habit of visiting them for 2/3 weeks at a time.  Master understood the need for my 'grandma time', but he also knew that I returned, less submissive, my head in a totally different place....there were even times, i totally gave up on most of my rules. It was not good for us.

    So Master decided that i would get 1 week (10 days actually) tax free, the second week there would be a tax of 3 swats for every day i was gone...5 swats a day for the third week, if there ever was a fourth week 10 a day.  I was not all that pleased, but i did trust that He was doing it for us.

    Since the imposition of the tax, I have had to pay up only once, and i believe it was 15 swats.  I have stayed withing the trip minimum, and honestly it has worked out fine.

     This year has been one of those years ...i had to cancel 2 trips to see my mom because of family emergencies, i had unexpected surgery in April and another second surgery planned for the beginning of September.  

      My sister and I have been planning on a 'sister only' trip for the beginning of August for  a year now.  We did one 3 years ago for my birthday and it was terrific. This one is for her birthday and she wants to go to Atlantic City....the trip is a go, and we will be there for 4 days next week.  We are so excited, i have several surprises planned for  her,  It is a special blessing to have a sister who is also a best friend

     I was thinking and wanted to stop and see my son on my way home...and that i really also should spend some time with my mom after that. The third week is August is the yearly 4 generation time at the beach. So when i talked over my plans with Master, He understood my reasoning...that is when I asked for it to be a tax free trip. 

      He agreed BUT....i expected some kind of but...i had to be sure to keep up with all of my rules and His expectations EVERY SINGLE DAY....if i do not, the trip will be taxed at the regular rate. Knowing that He only wants what is best for us, i agreed.  

     All of this to explain why Master has decided that i will be getting a maintenance spanking every day this week.  I am not excited at the prospect, it will be a first, spankings 4 days in a row.....so stay tuned....i will keep you posted on how me and my bottom are faring.

hugs abby 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Filled to the max*

*that is my title..Master's idea was all orifices filled

    So, you have some idea on how i spent my afternoon...:), let's start at the beginning...

    When Master and i were chatting earlier this week, He mentioned that as long as i was not in trouble, I should feel free to make suggestions, as to what i would like....I commented that there  were toys that we had not used in a long time...like the tawse.

    Today my weight in was minus 1 pound...1/2 more and i am back at my goal...just in time to go on vacation.  Master was very pleased and asked if i had a request.  I replied it has been a long time since i have been tied, and unable to move, and of course that tawse is still calling my name.  Master chuckled and said,,,we will see...

    This afternoon, i go to Him, He is in the living room, and see, rope, kind of draped over a big over stuffed chair. He is watching, so i try not to react. He tells me to get naked while He finishes getting ready, and to get my cuffs out.  He puts both sets on my and I kneel for Him.
He claims me and says He decided against using the bed, wanting to try something new.

    He tells me to kneel on the seat of the chair, facing the back, let my breast  hand over the top of the back of the chair and let my arms hand down. My legs are spread as far as the chair allows. He proceeds to tie me very securely, i will not be wriggling much. ( i actually feel there is security  in that).  I get a quick hand spanking, and then it is tawse time.  It has a harder sting that i remembered, but it has been a while. After a short session with it, Master 'checks' to see if i am enjoying myself. He is impressed with how wet i am , and how my clit is responding.  He walks to see my face, and notices that even my nipples are hard....that calls for some pulling and licking on  His part.

    Master then pulls out a small leather strap. It is luscious, feels so good, i am hoping for a long session with it...i get a medium one, and start to worry about dripping on the chair. Master then announces that He wants to use His single tail whip. It is not my favorite, so i take a deep breath and say ....Yes Sir!  He starts of slowly and light..for Him...and I am amazed at how good it feels..i am enjoying. I am told to tell Him when He gets to 25 so He can switch sides. I do, He does and i settle in for another 25. I then ask Master to count the last 2 sets...He does..and these get increasingly harder, but I see to be able to go with them. The last 10 of the 100 are very hard,,,. i wonder if He is cutting skin,  hard, and i become very vocal...which pleases Him.
Master takes a series of pictures..He might post one here, but i don't see it yet, and i marvel at the pink, then red, then deep red ..along with the symmetrical design on my back.

      Master then wants me to show Him how much i am enjoying myself and stands before me...only i cannot reach. He has that figured out...brings in a bucket, stands on it,,,,perfect level for me to reach in, and get His scent, His smell, and show Him my thanks.  He stops me and says He wants to fill all my holes. I am not sure I heard correctly..we have never done this  before.

     He is searching thru my bag for the lube and toys.....He starts with the medium bottom toy, i am relaxed, so with a last push it enters.  Master then gets the large dildo and brings it to my mouth, telling me to get it good and wet, because it is next.  He is soon inserting it, and turning it on, he puts a little pillow under it  so it stays in place.  Before Master even has a chance to get in place in front of me, I am squirming and panting.  I am soon on stimulus overload, and am just reacting....I do know i came hard and several times....but it is a blur.

    As i am recovering, Master is removing the toys, and engulfing me in one of His special bear hugs.

    It was a memorable afternoon, Master has reached inside me, and pulled out a fantasy...the real thing was much better than the fantay!

  Have a good weekend all...

  hugs abby


Monday, July 22, 2013

A Triple spanking day......

      Yes, there were 3 different kinds of spankings administered today.....all to the same person!

       When I walked into Master's there were 3 'toys' waiting.....

       I chose to ignore them, and after hugs and chat, went to kneel for Him. This always seems to be 'breast play' time. Today was no exception, except, the so called play was harder than normal.  He was pulling and pinching, and twisting, and I was squirming. He asked if it hurt, i nicely said Yes Sir...His solution was to lick and suck the pain away....i was soon squirming for another reason. Of course, no playing favorites, what happens on the left side, must also happen on the right.  By the end of my kneeling time, i was dripping.

     Then it was over Master's lap for the first spanking, Monday's maintenance.  He used the small, but heavy paddle, and nicely gave me a hand warm-up first.  Round one was a long paddling, reminding me about the reason for maintenance. Then the tuck in, and round two for a much harder paddling. I was ouching and owing, but stayed in place until He was finished..not nearly soon enough for me.

     Master then let me choose what spanking i would get next. I chose the punishment one...yeah , my halo fell off.  He had chosen a medium type, heave paddle.  I had one of those "DUH" mornings.  First, Master and I were texting about plans, and I sent Him an  OK for an answer.  His next text is.....Yes Sir!!!..oops, I have gotten into trouble for the OK before, He really does not like it.  I sent a sorry;,.Yes Sir. He next sent... remind me later that you are forgetting your Sirs.....UGH.  Then later, after lunch time, i get a text...i am late eating lunch, i did not get a reminder. OOPS...for the first time, i had just totally forgotten. There have been times, when I am late, but this was way past late, and I never gave it a thought.  So, a punishment spanking.  It was not a major spanking, but I stood and bent over a cat tower (that is a first)...and Master gave me 3 for the Sir, and 2 for forgetting to remind Him about lunch.  I was also warned, that spanking twice for the same offense, ups the number and the  hardness of the spanks. 

    Lastly...saving the best for last...the Sox and the Yanks played this weekend. If you have been reading here during the baseball season, you know....I am a die hard Sox fan, and Master....well He can't be right on everything....He is a Yankee's man.  We often bet on the outcome of a game or series.....My boys came through for me..although it took extra innings, and I earned a flogging;)  :):)  Since the score was 8 to 7...Master decided on 10 strokes for each run, so 150 with the flogger. A wonderful payoff.  They were increasingly hard, the last 50, very hard, but oh, by then i was so totally relaxed, it was wonderful.

   Of course, I had to show Master my appreciation for my flogging, so it was my turn to lick and suck.  We both had a great afternoon...

hugs abby


Monday, July 15, 2013

"Tushie Massage"

     Since this is Monday it must be maintenance day...at least in my  world.  Master also surprised me by asking for a weigh in....we had agreed to 1 a week...but since i went over my limit, Master has decided to that twice a week will be rule for a while.  It was so hot over the weekend, that even eating (except for ice cream!) was not tempting, and since i even walked both days, i was pretty sure i sweated off some weight.  I did!:)

    During my kneeling time Master reminded me that all of me belongs to Him....including my anxieties, worries, and fears, i am not to let them brew, i bring them to Him.  Sounds easy and logical, and right now it is fairly easy to say 'Yes Sir', and i mean it, so we shall see.

   Then it was over Master's lap, for a nice hand spanking.  I was so relaxed, legs spread, smiling, when Master said, "I think you consider a hand spanking a tushie massage. I giggled...and agreed it is close to one.  All too soon, 'massage' time was over, and it was maintenance time.

   Out came the medium heavy paddle, and  a round of spanks with it left me not quite so relaxed.  For the second round, He chose to concentrate on one cheek, then the other...that always makes it painful...and I was becoming vocal.  He stopped to remind me the purpose of maintenance, and then came the final, faster, harder, one side at a time final round.  I was very glad when it was over....my bottom red and hot.

    Master then went 'exploring', discovering that i (or she, my pussy). had enjoyed that somewhat, as she was glistening with wetness.  He remarked that i professed it was servicing Him, not a paddling that caused me to be so wet, but He needed more research.  So i was down on my knees, pleasuring Master,,,,,and yes greatly increasing my readiness!

     When Master checked again He chuckled.... it seems we are both right, spankings and pleasuring Him do have a certain effect on me....or her.  I was soon asking for a permission, and in fact i grunted and growled my way through several.  I used to be very quiet, but Master has helped me find my voice...in so many areas.  I apologized for all the loud noises, but Master is pleased by them....i still find the so...primal, feral, wild..and a little embarrassing.  But i do not think i could go back to being quiet, so it is a good thing that we are passed the stage of small ones being around.

Hope you are all staying cool...
hugs abby

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ice cream or Orgasm?

  I will let you know what i chose at then end...no fair peeking!

    Thank you all for your well wishes. The test on Tuesday was easier than i anticipated, i will not get the results until a doctor's appt. on Wednesday.  I thought i was handling all this medical 'stuff' pretty well. Not worrying my mom or kids, weighing my options, trying to stay calm.  It seemed to be working pretty well....then....

   On Wednesday i decided to have a do absolutely  nothing day. I let Master know and He said I had been quite busy with my grand daughter and the rest of the family, so it was a good idea.  I mostly moped around all day, trying to avoid what was building up....my fear of the test results. ( No special reason for this, I do have no indication what the results are.)  Thursday morning I woke up early, and thought of all the negatives that could happen, and freaked myself out. I shut down, did not want to see or talk to anyone....including Master...

    He sent me a text Thursday morning asking if i was OK...I swear He has an inner radar....I replied just having a blah day, did not want to go into details. I did not call at noon, and was quiet until i sent my evening report..where i explained how my day started and that i was not doing well, but that i expected to put on my big girl panties on Thursday and just get through the next week.  

    This morning He thanked me for explaining about my day, but that we would talk about it...and He wanted a weigh in report. I gained over the last 2 weeks, and am 1 pound over my 'wriggle room', He was not surprised.  He said He would see me as soon as He could get away from work. I got a come on over text around noon.

     I rarely get overly emotional, yesterday was an exception, and today on my way to Masters' i was fighting the tears, i had my 'big girl panties'on, but i was still shaky.  Master greeted me with a big hug, and then a question......why did you not reach out and tell me you needed me yesterday?   We sat and i snuggled into His chess, where i let the tears fall, and told Him about my thoughts of the day before. He held me, consoled me, reassured me.....and told me that He owns all of me, even my crazy thoughts. He said He is going back to tearing down a wall...the one where i do not ask for help or reach out.  He will make time, even if He is busy, and He is always here for me to lean on ....i knew -- know that...just sometimes....

    After we sat for a while and chatted quietly and i was calm, He brought up the subject of being over my 'wriggle room'. That is a basement punishment issue, and  has not happened in at least a year. He then asked if i timed the 'melt down' to gain some sympathy. I said no, but the thought did occur to me, that considering everything He might decide to not be quite so mean.  

       He led me to the basement, had me lean over and stick my bottom out, i noticed He did not have the huge, very heavy paddle, but it was a wooden paddle.  No warm up He smacks my bottom a couple times, and says ...thank-you Master. I don't take the hint, it am trying to breathe and stay in place. After another one, he tells me they do not count until i say thank You, and start to count. After the next one i say..umm 28? thank You Sir.  I hear a quiet chuckle and am told to start at 1. So I start to count and thank Him, they are slow...i count fast, but the thank You is a little slower in coming.  Now basement punishments have always been long and very harsh....He does like to be there, and wants to make sure i don't either.  We get to 6 and He says, 4 more. I am not sure i heard correctly, but i am going with it.  We get to 10 and He tells me i can stand.  It was the mildest basement  punishment ever, Master asks if i realize He has just given me a gift. I certainly do, yes my bottom is red and sore, but nothing compared to other basement visits.
    I am then told to kneel...still in the basement...and thank Him for my gift.  I am a little surprised, but quickly am enthusiastically letting Him know how grateful i am!!;)  Master then  has me bend over to see if i am wet...i am. He comments that the paddling must not have been hard enough, i tell Him the wetness comes from thanking Him.

     We go upstairs, and He invites me over His lap. I am surprised, one of the rules is no permissions on punishment days. I climb over, and i soon ask Master, if i will be getting a permission, i know he will have to stop soon, if not.  Master says, maybe He will get me very ready, and have me leave and come back later....after He finishes working on His car. I am thinking, well that is better than i usually get.  When He continues to say, maybe I will change that....you can get a permission now, if You will come back when I call to have another. (at first i think He is kidding...IF i will come back??).  I quickly agree, get my permission and make full use of it, although He still leaves me wanting.

      Master says it should take Him a couple hours to get the car work done, then He will text me.  A little sooner than that i get a text.....do you want an orgasm or a kiddie ice cream cone.
I laugh out loud....and know that i have such a special man in my life.  I have never in my whole life refused an offer of ice cream....i have been known to refuse a meal to be sure i had room for ice cream!  I quickly think...more calories in or calories out...and i am still somewhat 'squishy', so i reply...orgasm...He replies...come and get it!

      I do, and it is the right choice.  We start with me sitting on Master's lap, facing out, legs spread, and then switch to give Him better access.  I think today is officially the day when i have orgasmed the most!  (There's a record waiting to be broken!)  We then just snuggle and rest a bit, Master reminds me of our morning talk, and that He is here for me....and i head home. No tears, just a big smile and a feeling of contentment.

   Have a good weekend all...it has finally stopped raining here..
   hugs abby



Monday, July 8, 2013

Getting caught up.....

   I did not mean to be absent for over a week.  But i was kept extremely busy by a certain very charming, extremely intelligent, funny and loving 5 year old!  We explored museums, had a tea party in a room dedicated to Alice in Wonderland, ate ice cream, baked, did craft projects..you get the idea. Yes, by the end of the week this grandma was exhausted!

  I have read most of your amazing tributes to our friend 'bas'.  He will certainly be missed, by so many people, and it was a privilege to have his comments on my blog.  He will never be forgotten.

  On the good news side of life, I am thrilled that little Emily has made such progress!

  Master and i finally had some 'just Us' time this morning.  During my naked kneeling time, He brought up the fact that i had skipped a few reports and had ignored my blog.  He also wondered if i was still sticking top the "no repeating tasks for a week" rule...guilty.  I should know by now...He never forgets a rule!  Since this is M/M day, i knew i was due a hard paddling.  But, i have an appointment tomorrow for some medical testing....my gall bladder seems to be missing.  Since i will be wearing one of those very 'chic', all revealing hospital gowns, i need to be mark free.  I did spend some time over Master's lap, with  a wonderful hand spanking, and a light paddling...with a warning, this was NOT maintenance, that will happen later this week.  

  Since spanking time was limited, we moved on to more enjoyable pursuits. I went back on my knees, between Master's legs, pleasing Him, and getting myself even wetter in the process. Then it was my turn, and of course, Master uses this time, when i am only thinking clearly about what is happening because of His talented fingers  to talk. He asks me to repeat my task for tomorrow...Since i let my 'tatoo' fade because of the testing, i am to bring my pen to the hospital with me, replace the "R" when i get dressed and send Him a pic right then.  Since i was able to get that all out, i was rewarded :)

   I still need to get caught up with all of you, that is my plan for the rest of this afternoon, a great way to spend the time, but i  probably should  turn the air conditioning up a notch before i start!

hugs abby