Sunday, June 30, 2013


  I am back from a wonderful weekend with 2 of my was wonderful. They make me laugh, feel loved and remind me of the simple things in life.

  This post is a maybe....I am one of those bloggers who got the "we might delete you" warning a few weeks ago.  At the time, I actually just skimmed it, and mis-read it...shame on me a former English teacher. I thought it read...if you use will be gone!

   I now realize, they sent me the warning because somehow they think i do...altho i don't see it, and consider my blog to be mild in sexual content, they are doing the judging,  judging not me. So i just wanted the chance to say good-bye and thanks for all of your support, in case i am not here tomorrow.
I am very lacking in tech the chances of me starting someplace else are pretty much nil, but i will continue to keep up with all of blogging friends and 'family'.

Here's to hoping i did not need to post this, 

hugs abby

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cane or large paddle??

     Hint...I am sitting on a bottom that is sore....and is striped..

     I am leaving later today for a long weekend to celebrate my grandson's 2nd birthday!  When I return I will bringing his 5 year old sister for her first.....big girl...just me...visit with  grandma.  We are both looking forward to it!

     So Master and i and some 'just Us' time this afternoon.  It started with my kneeling time and some OTK time with His delicious hand.  He then switched to the small, but thick paddle for a few sets.  Then it was question He kept the paddle handy.

     1.  What is your weight in report for today?....Ut oh....i forgot Sir.  It is Thursday and i was busy this morning, and i did not remember since i would be gone tomorrow, i was suppose to report today.   Paddle time....

     2.  What happened after lunch yesterday?  ( I was on a casino day with a friend and had text Master several times in the morning, but then stopped til my good night text.) I just did not want to bother You??....Paddle time....

    3.  Why  have you stopped your daily e-mail reports?  Well, a couple of them bounced back and i thought you were having computer problems and i decided ( 2 words that always get me in trouble) to stop sending them.  I did mean to ask Him about it, but kept it was......Paddle time

   ..No, i did not earn a gold star in submission this week.  Master then finally asked if I was ready for Him to be done with the paddle.  I quickly replied....that depends on what You have planned next....He chuckled and have learned something, as He finally put the paddle down.  After He made sure that i was very wet, we went back to chat time...He was making sure that i remembered what His expectations are while i am away..since my memory seemed to be failing this week.  Just as i am thinking it is permission time....Master asks me one more question...

   4.  Which should I use for your last spanking of the day....the large, heavy paddle or the cane?
He added that i could stay over His lap with the paddle and had to get in position for the cane, but that i had already been paddled a bit.  After a few seconds thought...i asked for the cane....the stripes stay with me longer, and i know i would feel them on the drive and maybe even still tomorrow morning. He approved and i got into position when He went to get the cane.

     I had several sets of 6...maybe close to 50...and some welts to take away with me.  Then was my turn to ask a question.....May I cum Sir....thankfully, Master gives the right answer, and we finish our time making pleasant memories ......

have a good weekend all..

hugs abby

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching up.....

I am back after spending a fun week with 3 of my was so much fun listening to the 4 and 5 year old cousins chatting like they were 12!  There was a preK graduation, an oh so cute dance recital, and lots of backyard fun!

     I was saddened to hear about Emily, and have joined all of you in prayers and as much good karma as i can send....

     As most of you know, Mondays are M/M yesterday was maintenance day.  Since i had been away for a week, we started with lots of hugs and some catch-up chatting.  Then, I was naked and kneeling, being re-claimed by my Master, closing out everyone and every thing else, just Us. Then i was invited to my favorite place ....over Master's lap.  A wonderful welcome back hand spanking, that had me so relaxed, and yet "wet". Master reminded me that maintenance came before i could

   The paddle was retrieved and applied to my bottom.  Each set a little  harder, til He tucks me in, and lets it fly.  He stops and asks me if it is enough for this week, i reply as i always is.
One of these i will have to surprise Him and say no..not enough...and see His reaction.  Although i am sure once He realizes what i have said, it will be more than enough.

    Master was wondering how long we have been doing maintenance, so He gave me the task of finding the day....We had been discussing the fact that 'basement visits'...major punishments...have become a rare thing. Also that, for the first time ever, i have been successful in maintaining my goal weight, without having to go back and re-loose some.  Master attributes most of that to maintenance...

    My first maintenance spanking was on April 10, 2010...over three years ago.  It was one of those times when i was feeling a little antsy, loss, needy, and trying to figure out why that was the case.  I was reading blogs the night before, when i read one that mirrored my feelings ( it is no longer active), and i sat there and was astounded...she was 'voicing' my thoughts.  I asked for permission, to send some of her thoughts to my Master, received it, and the next morning chose parts of the blog, and sent it to Master. Of course as soon as i hit the send button, i wished i could retrieve it, and undo what i had done.  It was a long morning...

     Master called me and told me to meet Him that afternoon, i was a little apprehensive, trying to judge His mood.  His first words to me....."I think maintenance is a great idea...we are starting today".  I immediately started to say it wasn't necessary, but was shushed and spanked..actually i was about jumping right in.  Master explained that maintenance would be weekly,,,which i am ashamed to admit...i wondered for how long.  It has been over three  years, and unless one of us was away for the has been every week.

     Maintenance not only helps to keep me on the 'straight and narrow', it also served to deepen my submission. To allow me to stop ( most of the time), the over thinking, the voices, that would often lead me to doubt, to question.  Master and i agree that our journey has been so much more that either of us expected, that we have grown in so many ways, that we are so lucky....and maintenance has been a part of making that happen.

     Thank you Master for knowing, even in 2110, what i needed....and even more...for Your commitment to making it happen

    hugs abby

Friday, June 14, 2013

Master's Helping Hand

    For the past couple weeks, I have been fantasizing about Master's crop...He calls it His helping hand, since it is shaped like a small  hand.  Leather and can reach in all the best places..who would not love it?  Earlier this week, out of the blue, Master says to me, "maybe it is time to dust off the crop". I look at Him with my mouth open and readily agree....How does he do that???

    This afternoon was crop time. After my naked kneeling, I was told to lean over and stick my bottom out.  Master starts to warm up my bottom with the nice.  He then decides He wants a hand print over by my a much harder hit.  Luckily He gets the resulting hand print.   Being a symmetrical person, He then of course wants one on the other side...   then of course He needs to have a picture of His 'handy work'.... then i hear a....oh no.......the handle of the crop has snapped. (The list of toys broken on my bottom is growing...hmmm..wonder what that means.)  I am not happy, but Master says...He has another. He digs thru His bag, and produces a longer, larger crop, that is not as flexible as the one we usually use. ( He assures me He will fix that one).

     I bend back over, it is much more ouchy. I think He gets a better swing, it covers a larger area, and the leather is very stiff.  Master spanks in even sets, increasing the intensity of each set. Since this is play, He also stops to rub after each set.  I am adjusting to the new crop, and my bottom is warming up nicely.

   Then it is over Master's lap for some hand spanking and...roaming. We chat, until my chatting turns mostly to panting and moaning....Master's signal to slow down.  He decides He cums i am on my knees, enjoying His sent, His feel, His...cock.  

    He has me lay over an ottoman, legs spread, bottom out, and retrieves the crop.  Thighs, back an inner are His first target....that skin is so tender.  Master then tries to crop my pussy, but He does not like the, I turn over on my back, legs up and open, Master tells me that if i close my legs we start over. He is planning on 10 hard ones.  I put my hands on my thighs as a reminder, which Master allows for the first 3 smacks, then i am told to remove them. Master is using the tap tap tap...SMACK...method...i am never sure when the smack is coming, and they really hurt, but i get through all 10 without moving my legs..

      Master comments that my nipples are stiff, so i must have enjoyed it....i need to check. He then proceeds to check my pussy, and while He is getting me wetter, He says my nipples are calling to Him.  He is now sucking, nipping, lapping my nipples and playing with my about over load!  I am so ready, and asking for permission, when Master stops to chat.  Since i am so ready, i reach down to still His hand and move it away......not a good idea.  I am told to put my hand back and it will be punished.   I am leaving tomorrow for a week, so He gave me the task, of getting myself as ready as i am at that moment, stopping to text for permission...which may or may not be granted....every single day i am gone. I am not excited at that prospect, but He is not budging.  Once i assure Him that i understand, He quickly gets me back to needing a permission...or more.

     After we stand and spend some time hugging, Master tells me to put my hand out....i hesitate, but I have learned that having Him repeat such a thing is not a good idea.  He picks up the crop and smacks my hand twice....and i move it away.  " We start over"...oh no....He is patient and waits for me to put my hand back....i get 3 more.  Along with the warning, when He is keeping me on edge, i do not try to pull His hand away or stop Him.

.....I am finally getting to wear my "grandma' hat again... i never really stop...but i am leaving early tomorrow to go to my son's and see my almost 4 and just turned 1 little darlings.  This is the longest  i have gone without seeing them, so i am really looking forward to it. My daughter and 5 year old grand daughter will be taking the train to join us for a few days...and I get to go to a PreK graduation and a dance recital.  I will be gone a week, so no tax involved :). 

   I also want to thank all of you who posted such great comments on my last are all awesome!

   Be nice...and get lots of spanks

   hugs abby

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Push Limits?

    In my post on pushing limits, Mona Lisa asked why push limits....I thought about it, and i think i understand where the question is coming from..."why fix something that ain't broke"...train of 
thought.  Master and i are not broke, and at the moment, are not trying to fix anything.

    Before i go on , i want to add, that power exchange relationships run the gamut of possibilities.   My favorite advice to give to 'newbies' when asked, is......there are no rules, the relationship has to work for the 2 people involved, ...of the many of us out there, no 2 are exactly it should be.  

    Master and i have been in a M/s relationship for almost 8 years...and knew each for a few years before we took that step.  Master considers it part of His duties to push my limits. Honestly, if He never pushed, we would rarely move forward. I just am not one to suggest a lot of  new ideas, although it has been known to happen.  When we first started this journey, having me kneel naked was pushing my limits...multiple impossibility, or so I thought.
He has had me do things i never would have thought possible, not all of which i was happy with or wanted repeated, while others...well thank goodness, He pushed!

    Master is always willing to listen to any new ideas or suggestions i have, He encourages me to research, and bring ideas that interest me to Him.  He is open to anything i might want to try.
Most of the 'pushing' is Master's doing.  I always have the option to say...can we talk about this, i am not sure about this, can we take it slowly....He considers my thoughts, sometimes, i am told to take a deep breath and trust Him...not always what i want to hear, but i do trust completely, He has earned that , so i do.

     Master and i both believe that even if your relationship is in a great place, you should not become complacent.  Moving forward is a better option that 'idling' and staying in place.  I am the more  hesitant one to test the waters, to put aside some misgivings, to want to delve into the unknown.....but i am willing to follow Him into the waters or the unknown.  I know...with all my being, He will never let me be harmed, hurt me, well that is another ball of wax.

     So, for Master and i, pushing limits is akin to moving forward.  Usually He is moving a little faster than i am, but He always waits for me to catch up.  So far, pushing those limits has been rewarding, bringing us closer, exposing me to new delights.....proving to me that...Master knows best!

    So, I would like to know, what do you all you view pushing limits as a good thing...does it happen in your relationship?....

  hugs abby

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kept Simmering...

    Where was i??  Oh , i remember Master sent me home to 'simmer in my juices'.  By the way, He loved all your comments, and being called a meanie or diabolical puts a smile on His face....and encourages Him!

    I did not have to wait toooo long,  a few hours later, i get a text, ..."are you ready?".  You can imagine my answer....Luckily it is only about a 10 minute drive.

   I am soon naked and kneeling again, as Master questions me about my walk and my lunch.  I assure Him all were very good, in an interesting way...I was sort of distracted.  He has me climb over and settle over His lap, and decides my bottom needs to be warmed up...I keep opening my legs and pushing my bottom up ( i know, now wanton of me!), Master chuckles, but does not take up the invitation. He then asks me if I had looked up something on the computer He had asked me about....DARN!  ...I He pulls out the paddle and it is 10 hard ones on each cheek....Then, He asks me what I was thinking about while I walked. I tell Him, about my wet panties, that He always surprises me, when will i get relief.....

   He asks if i thought, maybe He will do it all over again. I look up at Him quizzically....He explains, spank you, play with you, get you dripping and send you it all over again?
I am stunned, and i know that i need to be careful what i say, so i settle, i never thought of that.  He seems to think it is an option...i stay quiet...i have learned something in all of these years.

    Finally, His fingers start to roam and He announces that i am still very wet, but that He can get me wetter...that is a no brainer. It does not take long before i know i am sooooo close...i beg for a permission...and finally it is granted.  I do not remember much of the next....5..10 minutes....but the words, fireworks, exhausting, jello, unending, screaming, ....might start to help describe it.  Really i am not sure who that girl was, Master says He knows...His masterpiece.
I have had multiple, never-ending orgasms......but nothing like this.  Was it worth the simmering..the wait....(Master reads here, so i hate to admit it), but it was amazingly unbelievable.  

    This morning as I was thinking about yesterday and reading your comments, i found I needed to quickly ask Master for a permission.....and just typing this..has me thinking.....

hugs abby

Monday, June 10, 2013

Exquisite Torture

      You all know by now, that in my world, Monday is the equivalent to maintenance.

      Master is working on re-building a closet into something more when He was ready for a break this morning it was maintenance time.  During my naked kneeling time, we talked about my new tasks. I have been trying a couple He suggested, and extended the time, and they have kept me more focused on my submission and of course on My Master.  Master reminded me that all of me, should be available to Him at all times, and that is what i should be aware of, and anticipating while completing my daily task.

      Then it was over His lap for a hand warm-up. Master commented on how relaxed i was over His lap, getting my bottom warmed , even when the spanks got is just the  best place to be.  Then it was get serious time and out came the paddle.  He rubbed it on my thighs and asked if that was where He should spank....I quietly replied..wherever You want Sir...instead of my usual shaking my head no. ( If i don't actually say the work, i figure i can get away with it..)
He starts off lightly, alternating between thighs and bottom, i am able to stay relaxed, in spite of the thigh spanks.  He then grabs my waist to tuck me in, and says know what this means...yes i do,....the real spanking is about to start. I can never keep count, but i think it was around 40 hard ones...all on my bottom. I was ouching and groaning at the end.  Master is enjoying the warmth of my bottom, when He says, one more round of harder ones.....I really groan.  

      He tucks me in and lets the paddle fly.....I am being very verbal, and ask Him to please stop. He takes a 2 second break, and gives me 10 more much harder ones. I am breathless, as I hear Him say, the real spanking starts.....UGH...

     Master's fingers are now roaming, checking to see if any part of me was enjoying my maintenance.  As we chat He continues to rub, pull and tease my clit, until i can hear my own 'swishing'..i a sooo wet.  Master chuckles and wonders if He can get me dripping..of course He can!  I am getting to the point where i will be needing a permission, but Master is not taking the hint. Instead , i hear, maybe I will send you back like this...i GASP...He chuckles. I have never done He is still 'stirring the pot' to the leaking stage.  I am asking ..please...He decides, i have to wait. The question is how long...a couple hours, a day...or more???  I am in disbelief....He tells me to go walk the mall ( it is raining here today, again), so that i will be available this is one 'squishy' walk.

     So, how long am i kept i cum to a boil.....tune in tomorrow folks!

     ( It was Master's idea to make this a 2 part entry!)

    Hugs abby


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pushing Limits

    Limits are a tricky subject....I believe everyone has limits. I also believe that limits are not static, they can and often do change over time. Master and i have never discussed specific limits....When we first met the list would have been very long....and honestly, a lot of those things I now look forward to...We also believe that a relationship should not stay is great to be in a 'good place', and enjoy it, but for a relationship to thrive there has to be growth...

     I have been sensing and noticing lately that Master seems ready to push some limits. The look in His eyes, the tone of His voice, the warnings He has issued...He had me anticipating...then yesterday morning...

   Before i even had a chance to text a Good Morning Sir!, I get a text....".wear both sets of cuffs, put in your large bottom toy and come see me". There's something new.  He gives me about an hour. I text back....large one? I have not used it in a while. For many of you it would probably only be a medium one...but i do prefer the smaller one. He replies...yes.

    I quickly shower and attempt to get it in...after a couple attempts i think, maybe i should just put the small one in and bring the other one with me.  I know that is not what He wants ( and it is later would not have been a good idea).  I finally succeed, see that i am running a little late, and the phone rings. It is my sister, we have been playing phone tag, and i do need to talk to her.  A short conversation with  her is usually about 30 minutes, but i mange to hang up after 10.

    I am a little late getting to Master, He accepts my reason, but warns me that if He gives me a time, that is when He expects me.  We chat a bit, and Master gets 'the look' and asks about my daily task. I reply, i have been laying over pillows with my bottom bare. He says yes, but the same task every day? I look at Him, confused...that is what you wanted, the same task for a week.  Seems i misunderstood Him, He wants a different task every day for a week, before i can repeat one...ahhh. That really makes more sense, since we were talking about it not being so 'routine'. I agree to adjust, and Master gives me some suggestions for new tasks. All of them contain the phrase...with your large toy inserted.  Do you see a pattern here?  He then says, I also want you to up your time to 15 minutes (from about 5 minutes).  I repeat His there is no misunderstanding....and agree. Finally i am invited over His lap.

   He gives me a wonderfully long hand spanking, stopping to play with the plug, which i hate to admit, is getting me very wet.  He then decides to slow it down, and slowly gives me 50 harder ones...still with His hand. He then asks me about exercise. I reply, saying , I have been walking outside.  "Everyday this week?", He asks.  It remind Him that the day before i went to the casino with a friend (brought back all of my money!!), and it was raining all day. He reminds me that there is a mall near by, and i do own a wii....He gets the shamrock paddle from the bag, and says 25 hard ones. When He is done, He asks if i want 25 more for today, or will i find the time to walk. I guarantee Him i will find the time. " No more wriggle room, young lady, I expect you to do something at least 6 days every week".  UGH...but i, of course, agree.

    After some wonderful play time which ends with me barely being able to put two words together.....Master wants to chat some more.  He feels it is time to push more limits, limits that will probably make me feel uncomfortable .  He reminds me that He expects me to give it my best, but that also, He wants to hear what I am feeling and what my fears are....He reminds me , that i do have a voice and He expects me to use it.

      This morning i am getting ready to do one of my new tasks...for 15 minutes...and decide to text Master and let Him know what I am doing. He replies with........more than the minimum makes Me happy.......YEP, He's in a pushing mood!

  hugs abby

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Are you ready for this spanking to be done??

   Master loves asking that question, and of course there is no 1 good answer.  He doesn't ask during the warm up phase, or when He has a flogger in His it is when there is a paddle in His hand, and I have reached the 'ouchie' stage. Master read someplace a while is only when the spankee is ready for the spanking to stop...that the true spanking begins....He loves , not so much.

     Either answer the spanking continues, and if He senses I am trying for an early never! REALLY continues.  Yesterday, this question led to a discussion about the fact that i have not yet cried only form a spanking...I have cried, but the tears are pure release...after mind bogging orgasms.  Master thinks it is because He has never spanked me to the point where I cannot take even one more..and that might be true. I think, maybe, it is that it has been a long time since a major Punishment, one that occurs in the basement, He is holding a large heavy paddle, and my bottom is truly bruised. That has happened, but it was back when I was still testing the 'trust' waters. Master worked hard at gaining my trust and tearing down the citadel like walls i had spent a long time no matter how much it hurt....i would not give in to tears.  Now, things are different, and i am free of most of those walls, and trust Him like i have no other. It used to bother me that i had not cried from a spanking, but i am OK with it now, sometimes i think it would be a nice release, but the tears come when they want to, and that is OK, because at least now, i allow them to come.  (WOW, this is not where I planned for this to go....)

   ...Here in Western NY, one is never certain what season it will be when you step outside, the past couple of mornings it has been fall like, which I love. So, i have started walking....Master wants me to increase the rate and is not so worried about how long, I prefer a long stroll...LOL. But I have pushed myself...Master sent me a text this morning.....FASTER...and it does feel good. 

.....One of my rules is that i do a daily task for Master. It's been a rule for a long time.  For the past...maybe few years, i have been doing some "kneeling in position" time. Master asked me about it...asking if i had it mastered, yet??  I took the hint, and thinking about it realized it had become....routine, kneel, get in position, quickly think about Master, then plan my day...not quite what He had in mind.  So, over the weekend, i decided i should vary the task, Master approved and suggested that i lay over pillows with just my bottom uncovered, thinking about my bottom getting spanked, for starters.  I started on Sunday, and had to text to ask for a permission....LOL!  I was going to change task every day, Master suggested i keep the same one for a week, so that is my task for this week, and it is surprising the different 'head space', it creates...more like when the tasks first started. 

hugs abby

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Relax, it is going to happen anyway..**

  **One of Master's favorite things to say to me....usually when relaxing is the last thing on my mind!

      On Thursday evening Master said to me that our play time on Friday will be early. I had no plans for the day, and did not question what early was...but figured early afternoon or maybe before lunch.  Guess I should know better....

     While I am still in my jammies, checking blogs....early on Friday morning, I am told to come over.....shower, dressed, and there in just about 15 minutes....and I am positively not a morning person!  As I walk in, I notice His small, but thick, shamrock paddle is out and waiting....Master chuckles as I give a 'look'...

     During my kneeling time we discuss my lack of any type of exercise lately...since before my hospital stay.  I have not gained any weight, but also went a few weeks with no appetite, so I am still just below my goal, but I do know that can change at any time...I have rediscovered ice cream!  The weather has not been cooperating for walking, and the wii, is just not calling my name. I know...all excuses....and so far Master has been patient, but I was also given a is time. Still not motivated, and I know that motivating myself is better than Master's motivation, but I just can't get there..

        Then it is over Master 's lap for a wonderful long hand spanking. Master asks if I still like had spankings as much as when we first started. I assured Him that I do....over His lap, His hand spanking and rubbing my is the best!  I asked if He was bored by hand spankings, He assured me He was was a great view..LOL.  Master then says, there is something we have not done in a while...

   And somehow, I know immediately just what He is talking about.  I quietly say....filling me with your hand.  He is quite surprised....since we have not even discussed it. Usually days before a fisting session, Master talks about it, to help me get my head wrapped around it.  The word had not mentioned since last time...which was....I don't even remember.  I answered , I just knew as soon as he said it.....guess I can live in His head sometimes!

      Usually, He has me kneel, head down, bottom up, but today He said I could stay over His lap.  Maybe not the best "angle'', but much more reassuring.  For me the key, to this is I have to be very aroused and ready, dripping.  Master accomplishes that easily, and then He starts with the fisting. I always repeat to myself..relax, you will enjoy the outcome. Sometimes that is easier thought, than done. That is when Master might as well relax, it is going to happen...
Of course Master is successful, and the sensations of His filling me in that way are way intense...there is the feeling of total control and ownership....and there are the sensations, that send me over the edge and have me asking for more....which thankfully, Master is happy to oblige me with more...til finally I say...please no more...and since I have asked nicely, He lets me rest.

        My legs are jello, my mind is mush, my insides are still having small tremors, so we just hang on and wait for me to really return....When I am once again cognizant of my surroundings, and I get up, I see that paddle.....Master says, He just wanted me to think about it...hmmm..

     Some of you may remember that I am a die hard Red Sox fan...for over 50 years, and Master well He is one of those Yankee fans. We often place a wager when they are playing...and they are this weekend..  The Yanks just got swept by the Mets and the Sox had been on a win when Master suggested we bet Abbots (the best frozen yogurt place in Norhteast), I was excited......if the Sox loss, I get no ice cream...they loss and it is a  HOT day....hoping for better results tonight!

       Hope you are all enjoying some spanks this weekend..
       hugs, abby