Friday, May 31, 2013

Joining the meme...

FRIDAY, MAY 31, 2013

Hermione started this on her blog...thanks!

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirror this morning, what was the first thing you  thought.  Glad I kept that hair appt. yesterday!
2. How much cash do you have on you?  on me none...
 3.Name a word that rhymes with door?  floor
 4.Name your favorite planet?  well, earth since it is human friendly
 5.Do you own more than 100 cd’s?  yes..I probably have more than 100 Christmas CD's alone
 6.Have you ever finished a bag of popcorn and ate the junk from the bottom?  whole bag , yes..bottom junk, no
 7.What kind of top are you wearing?  gauzy, teal short tunic
 8.Have you ever labeled yourself?  Well, I mark my thigh with an R every morning...for Master
 9.Name the brand of shoes you are currently wearing? none
10.Bright or dark room? bright
 11 .Have you ever been pooped on from the sky?  Thankfully no, but I could not stop laughing whenit happened to my brother.
 12.What does your watch look like?  I have a lorge collection of watches, holidays, frogs, colors, name it , I probably have one. Left over from my teaching days.
 13.What were you doing at midnight last nite?  sleeping
  1. Have you ever dated someone a decade older than you?  no
  2. Have you ever listened to a song and cried? Oh yes, more than one.
  3. Who last told you he/she loved you? grand daughter
  4. What was the last furry thing you touched?  mac...the cat
  5. How many drugs have you taken within the last three days? none that me feel giddy
  6. Favorite age so far? probably all of them, something good happens at least once a year.
  7. Have you ever had a secret crush on a teacher?  Went to a catholic school with nun, enough said. 
  8. What was the last thing you said to someone? have a good weekend 
  9. Have you ever been found sleep walking?  no
  10. What was the last song you sang? Copacabana...with Barry
  11. What’s your favorite number? 3 
  12. Where did you live in 1987? New York 
  13. What do you do when the vending machines eats your money? *****, then I smack it 
  14. Do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? usually open
  15. What was the last song you heard?  "Ode to Joy:/ grandaughter played it for me on the phone again this morning.
  16. If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?  maybe spanish
  17. Have you ever seen a ghost? no
  18. When was the last time you ever wrote a letter to someone and mailed it? A note to my mom, last week.
  19. Can you change the oil in a car? Car??oil??
  20. How far back do you know about your ancestry?  My mom's family 5 generations.
  21. When showering do you start the water and then get it, or get in and then start the water?
  22. Start it to adjust the temp.
  23. Have you ever crashed a car? yes....still amazed that I walked away.
  24. Does every family have a crazy relative? a??? as in only 1?
  25. Have you ever sent or made a crank call? Yes....
  26. How old do you look? hopefully not as old as I am
  27. Should guys wear pink?  certainly, girls wear blue
  28. Have you ever done anything for which you could be arrested?  no
****I meant to add to my last post...Fiona asked me if Master had a 'travel tax', which I, along with quite a few of you found very funny.  I did ask Him, had to clarify what I meant...He laughed an said,,,NO. He truly does not travel half as much as I do....

hugs abby

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


  Yes, I know, not a very 'kinky' title and will not help my stats.....but it was the word of the day for yesterday, so is the theme for this post.

   Master is back!!! YEAH!! yesterday was an EPIC day, we both agreed the time seemed way too long.  After the 'bear' hugs and some time to catch up a little, i was told to get naked and kneel.  I actually had to be reminded to remove my undies, my head was so happy to just have Him back.

  After my kneeling and 're-claiming' time, it was over His lap.   I was enjoying a wonderful hand warm up, when Master wonders out loud if He could leave a hand print on my bottom. He starts concentrating on just one cheek, increasing intensity, until finally He is spanking very hard and slowly, trying to get that hand print. In beetween breathing i was looking around for  a marker or something, so He could trace His hand.  Finally, He decides a nice  red bottom will have to do.

    I can feel my 'readiness', my wetness, before Master even decides to check.  He 'stirs the pot', and asks me, on a scale of 1--10 how close was i to orgasm. I say about a 5, which gives Him the green light to see how quickly He can get me closer. Let me tell you going from 5 to 10 is a whole lot quicker than from 1 to 5!  As I keep Master posted on my 'progress', we get to about 9.5, when Master....stops and...

        mentions the "M" word...maintenance. He reminds me that maintenance (in His opinion...which is the one that counts)  has to be a hard spanking. He asks me that i stay out of trouble and stay away from a punishment spanking. I hate to admit it, but it does work....UGH.  Master has a wooden paddle ready, and after a few rounds He tucks me in, and and gives me..what I think and hope is a final flourish of even harder ones.  When is is done, He tells me, to ask Him to finish maintenance with even harder spanks.  I hate being told to ask.  Master knows it takes me a minute to process His request, so He waits.  I take a deep breath, and ask for the end of maintenance, with a very hard paddling.  It is an EPIC ending to maintenance, i stay in place, but i am vocalizing about the pain....i don't often vocalize.

   Finally, Master is rubbing and talking softly, and calming me....the calming part is temporary ;).
He needs to get me back to that 9.5, but it is quickly accomplished, only He keeps me there. Reminding me not to cum without permission....asking me if i will need more than 1 permission...until finally, finally, I hear...cum for me NOW....and I do, and do and....I have no idea how many permissions i used. I know i was loud and totally in another space, until i just gave up, and lay there, unable to move a muscle.....i did manage to look at Master and say...EPIC,  that was EPIC!  Master chuckles and says...all that from someone who used to tell me....once is enough!  I laugh, and agree, saying He created the new me....

    He then tells me ...I am His masterpiece.  Honestly, if anyone else had said that to me...ever...I would have scoffed, and figured it was a snow job. But in this place, at this time, with this man, it made me melt.  Being His masterpiece.....that is truly EPIC!!!

hugs abby



Sunday, May 26, 2013


   I have been doing a lot of 'remembering' this weekend...

       Remembering all those who have served and who are serving our country.  My dad had 7 brothers, all 8 if them served in WW II,,my dad lied about his age so  he could enlist.  They all came back, but not all are that fortunate.  During college and after, I saw many friends get drafted or enlist, and as the years past, I have been to funerals of students, who did not make it back.  We owe all of them so much more that just gratitude....and I include all of their families who stay behind, carry on and worry....THANK YOU ALL!

    Remembering all of you in different parts of this beautiful country who are wondering what is Mother Nature doing???  It has been sunny no snow or heavy rains or hurricanes or falling bridges.....Great walking weather...which I have 'sort of' taken advantage of.
Prayers and healing thoughts to all of you who are suffering or have suffered a loss.

   Remembering...or trying to....that Master being away does not change His expectations. I have been pretty good, but gosh I sure do miss him!

    Remembering how truly blessed I am....Master, my family, my friends (including all of you)!
My oldest grand daughter calls me every Friday morning ( she is 5). This Friday she asked if I would like to hear her play a song on her little keyboard. This was something new, but of course I said yes...and started to think....hmm maybe "Twinkle Little Start" or 'London Bridge".  She starts playing and I am soon astounded....she is playing "Ode to Joy" ...She gets done and asks if I know what she played...she is surprised that I do...and tells me she practiced all week to get it right for me.....that little one is amazing!

     Enjoy the rest of the weekend...
    hugs abby

Monday, May 20, 2013

How many ways can Master.......

.........have me cum for Him??  Seems it is a lot more than i ever would have imagined!

         During our last play time, after my kneeling at His feet, and some chatting, i am told to lean over the ottoman and the sofa.  He is going into His bag, i am very tempted to look, but i have learned a little patience.  I feel the gentle swirling on my back of His horse hair flogger. I instantly sink further down, take a deep breath and totally relax. Master chuckles and approve??

      He then starts to swish it, increasing in tempo and strength, until my back and bottom go from pale, to pink, to a lovely warm rosy hue. He then reaches into His bag and pulls out His large leather flogger. favorite!!!!!  He drags it up and down my back, bottom and legs......then He starts in with the flogging.  I am about to get loss in that 'wonderful place of floating', when He stops and asks if i have ever cum from a flogging. I answer, no, and He says...could you?  Now i used to answer ...i don't think so.. to this question, but i have learned that is the wrong answer. So, I reply...maybe. 

   He starts in with that wonderful flogger, dragging it all over my body, swishing it slowly, quickly, softly, hard, and using His voice, reminding me that i have permission to cum at anytime during the flogging, telling me He can tell how wet i am, how He cannot wait to see me cum for Him.  I know i am getting close, but i need something....i spread my legs, hoping to give Him a different target. He makes me wait a bit, but then He angles to land between my legs, not too hard and just a few...but that is all it takes......i can feel myself dripping...and cuming....from a flogging.  Time to add another way to that list.....this from someone who for the first part of Her life thought orgasms were for others..not her.

     Master is very pleased with himself as He can He add to that list?? 

     Master is out of town this week, i am off to a casino day with friends tomorrow...

     hugs abby

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Not there!" *

    * Sometimes i will let something slip from my mouth that gives Master a chuckle and He says...make that your next blog title.  That is how this post got its title, and here is how it happened.

    Monday was M/M day.  That has pretty much been the rule for about 3 years now. You would think I would be used to it. There are times that i do look forward to it....not always.  Both last week and this past week, i have been apprehensive, at best.

    As always, we start with some naked kneeling time, we chat a little, Master is 'warming' all of me up, and always ends with my breast. He senses i am a little tense, so He concentrates on rubbing and massaging, mushing and tugging a bit.  It helps..a little.

    Then it is over His lap. He starts with a hand warm-up, now i am starting to relax. The feel of His hand, the warming of my bottom, His voice, the rubbing are working their magic, i let go and relax. Master announces the His belt will be used for maintenance ....i let out a small groan and start to tense up. He questions what is love my belt??  It is a true statement, I love hearing it slip through the loops, the feel of the leather...but it has been so long, that i just have doubts ....

   Master decides He will not start until I ask for Him to use His belt for my maintenance spanking. ( You can all guess what i am thinking.)  After some more hand spanking He reaches in to see, if 'she' is responding....of course 'she' is.  He then says that he will just continue to see  how wet and ready He can get me, and will not stop until I ask for maintenance. ( I am thinking....hmm ..a challenge!)

    He starts off slowly, circling and rubbing and pulling, and I am starting to feel and hear my wetness. He then decides to rev things up a bit, so i am starting to pant and have to concentrate on not letting go. Master asks if I am ready to ask, i shake my head no. He reminds me that the consequence of cuming without permission will be much worse than any maintenance spanking. I still do not ask.

    Master then reaches in to "that spot", the one that i seem to have no control over....NOT THERE....comes flying out of my mouth.  Master , with a laugh tells me to add to those two words are on the not to be said He continues. I say.....OK, you win.  He stops, and says, what do you want to say....I repeat.. He wins....He starts in on that spot again....I know i have i ask for maintenance...very nicely...and ask for His belt. Master, being the gentleman that He is does not gloat....He tells me to get up and get into permission, with my bottom up and out.

     He builds up slowly, and i am remembering the joy of leather, and realizing that i have not lost my tolerance. He ends with 10 extra hard ones.  Then it is back over His lap, to finish what He had stirred up, and it did not take! 

   hugs abby



Monday, May 13, 2013

Catching up.....

   I hope everyone who is a mom, a favorite 'auntie', a special friend, a caregiver.....had a wonderful Mother's day yesterday. I meant to get this posted sooner, but....I seem late for everything lately.  I was very spoiled by my children and grandchildren, and had a great day.

   I am feeling much better, I even went out shopping this morning, it has been over a month, and I did not go crazy and buy out the store!

    Master and I have had a fun time with my 'little wheelie thing' I like to rave about. I remembered to look up the real name......Wartenberg wheel, it is a medical tool...not expensive, but oh......Master started using it while I was kneeling for Him, concentrating on my breast. He circled my nipples, criss-crossed them, then covered my whole breast. I was concentrating on staying still, but oh the sensations. They can be so varied as He adjusts the amount of pressure.

   Once I was over His lap, He went from the back of my neck down to my feet, back up down my arms. I was so relaxed....then He says, Hmmmm wonder how 'she' would like this.  He pulls apart my lips and very lightly goes over my clit, I am soon panting.  I was getting so wet Master was reminding me that I did not have a permission, when He stops and tells me to get back on my knees.  My turn to pleasure Him.

    When I am done sucking and licking and taking Him all in, it is back over His lap. He tells me take out my big toy, one of His favorites, not necessarily mine. He tries to turn it on, and asks me if I had replaced the batteries like He told me to.   Hmm, not Sir. He takes out my small toy, no vibrating there either. He pulls out my light 'frog' paddle and as he is repeating the word batteries, as He lets it fly. He is making sure I remember. (One of the reasons for my shopping trip this morning)

   It is a very light paddle, and the spanking did not last long, just enough to warm up my bottom...and the rest of me.  It is not long before I am needing that permission, and more...and totally spent and telling Master I need a nap.  He tells me to go ahead, take one over His lap, and as I feel Him very lightly rubbing my legs and thighs and bottom, I drift off.  Waking up and finding myself over Master's lap, reminds me how lucky I am!

  hugs abby

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Master's wish list

    On Monday, Master decided it was time to get back to maintenance.  I wasn't so sure, it had been over a month since my last maintenance, and to Master, maintenance equals a hard spanking.

     Master could tell I was a little...reticent....He reminded me to trust Him and He had a wish list for the afternoon.  Now that was something new....hmmm...We started with my naked kneeling, relaxing me, re-claiming me, getting my head where it needed to be.

     First on the list, maintenance, a hard paddling.  I climb over Master's lap, for a long hand warm-up, with lots of rubbing. Then i feel something, cool, hard and long. Master's tell me to count to 25. I say 1 after the first, He stops and waits, finally I remember to add Sir. He is still waiting, and says, what else....Thank You Sir....I finally get it all said. We get to 25, they are fairly quick, and although i do squirm a little they are easy to adjust to.  After more rubbing, just as i am relaxing, I 25, count these also. I look up and say.....25 more???. He gives me a look...sweetie we are just starting.  The next 25 are quickly over, and after more rubbing, Master announces the next ones will be harder..and of course they are. Master now says, the last 25 will be hard ones, I groan. He tells me I can fight them...that would be foolish, or i an accept them, or even better i can embrace them, and let them get me to a better place.  I do not have to count these. They are much harder, and after the first few, I do just submit and accept....Finally he is back to rubbing and telling me how well i did, and isn't it a good thing He did not tell me before He started that i would be getting 100....i certainly agreed.

        Master is enjoying my warm, red bottom and i am getting into the totally relaxed mode, and starting to squirm, urging Him on.  He says, wish list time.....number 2 is you pleasuring me.  He never has to ask twice, I am up and between His knees, releasing His lovely cock, and concentrate on Master's second wish.  Making this wish come true is my pleasure!

         Next on that list is a good hard fuc***** for me. I kneel head down , bottom up and Master rubs and massages and enjoys my wetness, before He starts in to make this wish a reality, It has been a long time, so I am soon spent and sated. 

          Master comes over and lies next to me.....4th on my list, is laying next to You having you in your safe spot....under His chin, on His hairy chest....and just relaxing and enjoying each other.  Neither one of us is anxious to move, so we just relax and enjoy.

          Master's wish list has been fulfilled, and I must say, it was a pleasure!

hugs abby


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Subtle Dominance

     We just had a week of sunshine and warmth, for these parts that is truly a gift.  I have managed a walk outside every day, going a little further each day.

       I was thinking on my walk yesterday about surprise there! I was thinking about how He manages to slip in His control when I am least expecting it.  Maybe I am noticing it more lately because our active play has been so curtailed.  Some examples of what I am talking about...

....While i was over His lap last week and we were discussing my health...and the next steps that will occur, He suddenly says, I want you to discuss any decisions with me before you make them. Do not just automatically agree to whatever the doctor suggests. I looked at Him, and He said," I mean it".  I was in a state of ...what did He just say....but I said, Yes Sir. I never expected Him to extend his dominance in that way, not sure why I did not, but I did not.  Later, while I was thinking about it...I realized

......had this happened 30 or 20 or even 10 years ago my response would have been so different. Something along the lines........Have you not heard, my body , my choices!  I get to decide...and so on.  What has changed me so much...well meeting Master and traveling the road that has shaped our relationship for one thing, of course.  But is is more, it is that I so trust Him, I know, He wants to care for and protect me, that all of His decisions are based on what is best for me...for Us.

    Another example, was last week.  Master and I met for breakfast. We went to a diner type place. I ordered french toast, He ordered eggs, bacon, home fries, toast.  The waitress was re-filling our drinks and returned to put some syrup on the table, Master asked if they had sugar free, and she went to get it, replacing the one on the table. At the time I thought...good for Master, for health reasons, He has to watch His sugar intake, so I was happy to see He was doing that.  Then our meals are delivered and it suddenly dawned on me.....He had nothing on His plate that required syrup, I had french toast. At that moment I looked up at Him, He kind of chuckled and asked if I had ever tried the sugar free...I had, and said it wasn't bad and He added...better for you.  

...again back when, I probably would have nicely asked the waitress to return the regular syrup, since that was my choice.  Now, I smile and think, it is nice having someone to look out for me.

    I have not been sleeping all that well. Last night Master told me to click my ankle cuffs together. I wear the cuffs to bed, I love the feel, the smell, the instant reminder when I wake up that I am His.  Occasionally I will be told to click either the wrist or the ankle ones together..I prefer the ankle ones, it seems to be easier for me to get comfy and not struggle when I wake up.  I was to leave them on until they were uncomfortable, or if I had to get up a few times...
This morning, Master's first question was how long did they reply...all night and I slept better than I have in a while......."No surprise here"...was His reply. 

 Subtle dominance, even in my sleep.

     Have a great week all..
    hugs abby

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Back to normal...

  Well not really, but I can at least feel myself getting there! My energy runs out quickly, and my appetite is iffy, but I am sure both of those will return. I just got back from Master treating me to breakfast...a great way to start the day.

   And...after a more than a 3 week lapse....i got spanked.  I let Master know that i was ready, we took it slowly, and it was.....wonderful!  Of course we started out with my naked kneeling, Master gently rubbing and massaging every part of me, gently tugging and circling my nipples, it put me back where i have been wanting to go. After He helped me up, and helped me over His lap...i am still moving somewhat slowly and gingerly, i was treated to a wonderfully long hand spanking.  He started slowly, with lots of rubbing, and was listening to see how i was responding....finally He laughed and said, it has been a long time since I have seen you so relaxed! 

  Each set was a little stronger and longer, and when He started to concentrate on one spot, I started to wish He would move on...and He did. Of course, He had to check if my pussy was responding,,,,I said something about it being rusty, which caused Him to laugh.  He remarked if it wasn't rusty when He first met me, it certainly wasn't now....and He was right!  Just as i was beginning to think, i was getting close to permission time, He stops and says, 'Me first'.
I think i let out a little groan. He helped to get me up and kneeling, and the taste of my Master brought me to a place where all is right.

  Then it was my turn, back over His lap, it felt sooo good, i wanted to hang on as long as possible...finally, I asked for permission...NOW!..after a chuckle it was granted. One release followed by another, and another....nothing had been permanently broken...LOL.

   It was just what i needed to spur me on to continue my fight to get totally better. Master asked this morning, if i felt it was too much, or if i was concerned about that first reconnect. Not a bit, He knows me so well, and I so trust Him , I knew He would know to get me to that special place....I was right!

   On a side note, i have lost the 15 pounds i gained in the hospital, and a bit fact i am below my most recent goal.  Master has decided He wants me to stay at that more than 2 pounds below where i was on Monday, and to not go ever my seems that no more than 2 pounds below is going to be more of a challenge...who ever thought i would be saying that???  

   Lastly, for now,,,a great big THANK YOU to all of you, my cyber friends. For the words of concern and encouragement, the positive whammies and thoughts, they helped me to heal and to keep my spirits up!

hugs abby