Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Unexpected

       Life is full of unexpected events...some wonderful, some not so much.
   This week I had a not so much one.

      Monday morning I was up early, getting dressed, I had jury duty. I was not thrilled about it, but willing to go. I felt some lite cramping, and thought, wonder if they would accpt this as an excuse to not attend. Be careful what you wish for!

   Within an hour, I was experiencing the worst pain ever, including the birth of three children! It was excrutiating. I called my daughter, telling her I needed to get to a hospital, where I am now. I had surgery Tuesday evening, and am still recovery, will be here a few more days.

   To make a long story short, I had what my surgeon called, a case I see myabe once a year, maybe less....figures. A gall bladder stone was blocking my colon. That has been remedied, but in another 6/8 weeks I will need more surgery for the gall bladder.
   Which all leads to very little 'kink' to post on for quite a while.  I am not sure if I will continue to blog, but I will continue to keep up with all of you.  I am behind, but hope to catch up soon.  

   Hoping my recovery speeds up soon!!!
   hugs, abby



  1. Goodness Abby, I'm sorry to hear this. Look after yourself and take it easy. I hope you do continue to blog, at least to let us know how you are. I will be thinking of you.

    Wishing you a speedy recover.


  2. Very unexpected Abby! Really sorry to hear about your gallstone. I had my gallbladder removed a couple of years ago. It's soooo painful when the stones get stuck and yes, I have had friends tell me it's worse than giving birth (I had C-sections, so no point of comparison). Please keep blocking so we know you're ok and recovering.

  3. Wow! What some people won't do to get out of jury duty. So sorry about all this Abby I hope you heal very quickly. My gallbladder surgery was very smooth and I was back on my feet in a few days so maybe when they do that it won't set you back like this one has. Will you be able to see master as a visitor during this time? Please keep us up as much as you can.


  4. Oh gosh I am so sorry! Please take care of yourself. Move around and get up no matter how bad. You want to avoid complications. We went there unfortunately.
    I don't care if you post kink just let us know how you are!

  5. Abby,

    So sorry to hear this. Please take car and if you can let us know how you are.

    Love and hugs,

  6. So sorry to hear you are under the weather, I hope you have a speedy, uncomplicated recovery. I had my gall bladder out years ago and it was an easy recovery, wishing the same for you :)

  7. I hope you recover quickly.


  8. Omigosh, so sorry you've been sick, and sorry you've got more surgery coming up. Take good care of yourself, ok?


  9. So Sorry, have a speedy recovery and just keep us posted.

  10. Oh Abby, I'm sooo sorry. How horrible. Please take good care of you. You know we will read about your life, you...regardless of kink!

    Take care of you!!!


  11. Sorry to hear things have not been perfect physically. Hope you get better soon.


  12. Omigoodness, abby! I hope you feel better very soon. Had my gall bladder out years ago, at that point I had not had any children, but after having the boys - both natural, no, childbirth was nothing compared to a gall bladder gone bad! (Mine had blocked my liver ducts - they took out 15 stones - uck)


  13. So sorry to hear about this Abby. Get some rest and take care of yourself. We will be here she you get back.

  14. Wow - you and tori at the same time. I am glad you were able to let us know what is going on. Take good care of you.

  15. oh ABBY....that is horrible. I'm so so so sorry...and hoping that soon you will be up and about. That's one hella way to get out of jury duty, my goodness!

    HUGS and healing whammies...