Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It is good to be back!

        I got back last night...after a weekend of celebrating Christmas, a 5 year old birthday party, a family lobster bake, and Easter, with a giant egg hunt, baskets and dinner for 26 of us at my nephew's.  Phew......it was  LOT! it was FUN! It is so ...special to get 4 generations together, to know we all connected, to see my mom, glow in the love of her family, and to see the 4th generation bring so much joy and fun to all of us....we are truly blessed!

     I got back last night...April 1st. I thought I might try an April fool's joke on Master. I had sent Him a text that morning, saying we were stopping at my mom's for breakfast and was not sure when we would be leaving. We left later than I had hoped, but did not text Master again til I was home...telling Him I had stopped for lunch at my son's and decided to spend a few days with him. He bought it....until He read my second text...reminding Him what day it was...

     Master is working on a kitchen redo...so this morning He wanted me to come over before He started...while He was still clean and fresh and He put it. Only I was not clean and fresh, so told Him I needed 20 minutes...He said the sooner the better. I quickly showered and thought it would be quicker if I did not bother to dress....but it was snowing and below freezing.....I will save that surprise for another time.  Fifteen minutes later I was at Master's...yes He was impressed....so was I...quickest I have ever dressed.

     I checked out the kitchen, before my kneeling time for Him. I reminded Him I had a doc's appointment on Thursday, so the spanking part would have to be on the light side.  He concentrated on my nipples, tweaking, pulling , pinching HARD! He is talking me through the pain, and getting me to focus else where....where it turns to pleasure.

     Then I am over His lap for a hand spanking and a fairly light paddling..although it did seem to hurt more than it should. Master lets His hands wander every now and then to check and be sure I am reacting as He expects...as if I could control it.  Just as I am thinking, I am going to need a permission, Master tells me to get up and kneel between His legs....His pleasure first.
I have missed the taste of Him, so I am eager to kneel and pleasure Him.  Then it is my turn....for a few explosions of my own!  

  I am hoping that we finally catch up with the rest of the country and get some spring weather soon...now I am going to catch up on all of you!

  hugs abby




  1. Welcome home and I am so happy you had such a great time.

  2. Welcome back Abby! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time with the family. Sounds as though it was very busy and a lot of fun. Sounds like a wonderful reunion with your Master too.

    Hope it warms up for you soon!


  3. I am glad you had such a good time. I also am glad you are back.


  4. Good to have things back to normal after all the festivities.
    I didn't hear anything about weigh-ins yet.
    Gives a few days to get rid of Christmas, Easter and everything in between.

  5. Looks like you had a lovely warm welcome. Hope the weather improves too.

  6. Welcome back it sounds like you were on the go the whole time you were there and of course enjoying yourself to the max.
    That was thoughtful of your Master to have a welcome home surprise for you to.


  7. Welcome Home. We've missed you! Sounds like a good reconnect.

    You were walking on the wild side pulling an April Fools AND saying no marks. Wow...you may be in for paybacks after Thursday.


  8. Family time sounds like so much fun, but I'm really glad you're back. Glad you got the chance to reconnect.

  9. A lovely reconnection.

    Welcome home.


  10. Glad you had a wonderful time Abby.

  11. sounds like you had a wonderful time with family and a wonderful return. Welcome home. :-)

  12. Lovely trip and a lovely homecoming, what more could a girl ask for :)

  13. So happy you are back. I always miss seeing you around!
    Great time with family and nice how you had fun with master when you got home!

  14. Hi, Abby,

    it's good to see you back, i'm glad you had a good time, and a good welcome home!


  15. Sunny, thanks, we do now how to celebrate the good times! abby

    joey, thanks, it is where I belong. abby

    Roz, more snow today, but they are promising a warm up! abby

    appy, thanks, I missed all of you. abby

    Bas, Master gave til Friday for a weigh in....I had to fast today for a medical procedure, so that should help. abby

    DelFonte, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting. abby

    Bob, 5 babies, the oldest 5 and all the rest of the family, makes for crazy times! abby

    Fiona...LOL..you would notice! I did figure I could do the April Fools joke since I had a doc appt. lined up. And yes, payback could be ouchie! abby

    PK, I love being with those grandbabies, but here is where I belong. abby

    ronnie, thanks, it is great to be back. abby

    tiffany, thanks, my family is always up for fun! abby

    Terp, I did, I am a lucky grandma and lucky to have Master to return to. abby

    Faerie, not much!! Thinking of you...abby

    Minelle, aww.. it is so nice to be missed! abby

    sofia, thanks, I have the best of both worlds. abby

  16. Late to the party - glad you're back, and glad you had a lovely reconnect. Lovely to be with family - lovlier still to be 'home'


  17. June, Never too late.....you are right, being back where I truly belong is the best. hugs abby

  18. Sounds like a great homecoming. Loved the April Fools Day prank....you were walking the line there for sure.