Friday, April 26, 2013

A post at Master's request

     I am still recuperating, this was mostly a week of fairly good days, with a couple of really bad ones that were scary.  I am feeling more like myself than i have in a long time. I am taking that as a sign that i will soon be back to normal...although normal is a relative term.

    When in the hospital, i was pretty much on pain meds on demand, which i rarely asked for, the main topic of discussion seemed to be my high tolerance for pain....I just kept shaking my head, saying i never thought my tolerance was high...

     The second day i was home, i weighed myself...expecting to see that all the pain and suffering was worth at least a few pounds.  I gained 15 pounds..I could not believe it. I had nothing by mouth for 5 days, and no appetite when i was finally given the green light to eat.  Those IV's might look like clear fluids, but they sure must pack a lot of calories.  I have loss that 15 and more, still waiting for my appetite to make an appearance.

      Master has been a good cheerleader. Encouraging me on the bad days, and reminding me that i am still His, on my good days.  I am having a good day today, but decided not to send Master my good morning text, lunch time reminder, or a call....i just felt like...what's the point. A short while ago, Master contacted me...the point is, i am His, He has certain expectations, He is still in charge. I was told to get my small plug, wear it for 30 minutes, and during that time to write a blog entry and post here it is.  And, yes, i feel like Master has pulled me back into His safety net.  

     Looks like spring has finally arrived to these parts, I am hoping to get dressed and at least sit out a bit this weekend....hope it is a sunshiny one for all of you.

     hugs abby

Friday, April 19, 2013


    First, i would like to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers. I was hoping to thank everyone individually, but have not had the energy.  I have not been around, but i have been missing you all and thinking of you.

   I was in the hospital for 7 days, surgery and lots of procedures and not a whole lot of fun. Although I was lucky enough to have the best nurses around...all of them were awesome.  I came home on Monday, to return to the ER on Wednesday, after suffering through a very  bad day. I am home again and doing much better, but still have some recovering to do.  

    My plan is to at least get somewhat caught up on what all of you have been up has to be better than my past week.

hugs abby

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Unexpected

       Life is full of unexpected events...some wonderful, some not so much.
   This week I had a not so much one.

      Monday morning I was up early, getting dressed, I had jury duty. I was not thrilled about it, but willing to go. I felt some lite cramping, and thought, wonder if they would accpt this as an excuse to not attend. Be careful what you wish for!

   Within an hour, I was experiencing the worst pain ever, including the birth of three children! It was excrutiating. I called my daughter, telling her I needed to get to a hospital, where I am now. I had surgery Tuesday evening, and am still recovery, will be here a few more days.

   To make a long story short, I had what my surgeon called, a case I see myabe once a year, maybe less....figures. A gall bladder stone was blocking my colon. That has been remedied, but in another 6/8 weeks I will need more surgery for the gall bladder.
   Which all leads to very little 'kink' to post on for quite a while.  I am not sure if I will continue to blog, but I will continue to keep up with all of you.  I am behind, but hope to catch up soon.  

   Hoping my recovery speeds up soon!!!
   hugs, abby


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Joining the 'meme' crowd

Borrowed this from Hermione's blog...Thank you Hermione!

While wandering through the archives of some of my favourite blogs, I found this three word meme
The idea is to use exactly three words to answer each of the questions, so here goes.

1. Where is your cell phone?  in its holder

2. Boyfriend/girlfriend?  Master, all His
3. Hair?  short, light brown
4. Your mother?  worried about her
5. Your father?  miss him terribly
6. Your favorite item(s)?  notebook, kindle, cuffs
7. Your dream last night?  don't remember one
8. Your favorite drink?  raspberry iced tea
9. Your dream guy/girl?  I have Him
10. The room you are in? dining room/office

11. Your fear?  not growing old
12. What do you want to be in 10 years?  healthy, with Sir
13. Who did you hang out with last night?  me and daughter
14. What are you not?  skinny, musically talented
15. What's outside your window?  deck, back yard
16. One of your wish list items?  warm relaxing vacation
17. What time is it? 9:13 p.m.
18. The last thing you did?  checked facebook postings
19. What are you wearing? jammies, bathrobe, socks
20. Your favorite book? too many possibilities
21. The last thing you ate? bagel, iced tea
22. Your life? mostly very blessed
23. Your mood? tired, wanting sleep
24. Your car?  large, 'grandma' van
25. What are you doing at this moment? Typing This, Duh.

26. Your summer? vacation with family
27. Travel plans? vacation with sister

28. What is on your TV screen?  CMA awards
29. Last time you cried?  try not to
30. School?  happily retired teacher

Friday, April 5, 2013

Forgetting means the cane

   Well it finally stopped snowing, now if only the heat would get turned on! comes the weigh in... I loss a little over 2 pounds, with  the help of having to fast for a day for a medical procedure. Now I just need to keep going down, not up.  Master wants progress....6 more pounds til I meet this goal.

   Our play time started with my kneeling for Master and His claiming me, concentrating on my breasts.  Then over His lap for a hand spanking, Often we continue to chat while Master is warming me up, at least until I am having a problem with getting the thoughts together and the words out. Because of that medical test, I had let my 'tattoo' fade. (My tattoo is Master's first initial that I mark on my inner thigh after my shower with a marker).  While Master is spanking, He asks, so did you put your tattoo back where it belongs. "SHIT!", comes flying our of my mouth, quickly replaced with me looking up at Him and saying....that was supposed to be a no Sir. He is chuckling....a little...and says that was the 4 letter version.  I apologize, and Master says that is the first thing you do when you leave, after your caning. I look up, and hear....12 with the cane. 

   Master then tells me to get up and get my "wheelie thingy", a small spiked wheel with a handle, which I LOVE!!!!!  I get back over His lap, and He uses the wheel, all over my bottom, first going up and down and then across. He then starts at my feet and works His way up to my neck, several times , a little harder each time. I am moaning, and can feel the tingle all over me. Master says He doesn't think He can press too hard for me, I reply He probably can , but I love what He is doing at the moment. He then tells me to spread me legs, so He can reach other spots. He goes inside my thighs and works His way up, as He gets to my pussy lips, I am squirming, and having a difficult time staying still for HIm. He stays in that area for a while, until He can tell I am on the 'edge'.  He asks if I would like a permission....I whisper, yes...He tells me to ask like I really meant it.  I do, and I get several. After some quiet time, we get up, and I am hoping Master has forgotten that cane issue...He has not.

   I am told to get into position, while He gets the cane.  I am told to count and thank Him after each one, not a favorite activity of mine, mostly because it keeps me in to moment and it is like asking for each one. They are not the hardest swipes, but they do serve as a reminder. I did send a picture of that 'tattoo' soon after I re-traced it.

    sofia asked me a question for March just before I left. Although I am a little late, I would like to answer it now. She asks...what advice would I give to someone just starting a D/s?

     Just starting to me was over 10 years ago.  I think the most important thing I can offer is....if it works for you and your Master or Owner or Dom or Spanker ( what title you both use is up to you).....if it works for the two of you, then it works. That is the simple answer, of course finding what works for both of you is where the work....and most importantly the communication comes in.  It takes a strong person to be a sub, that is one of the first things Master told me....submission is not easy, oh it can be wonderful and fulfilling and bring true peace and a feeling of being where you belong, but always easy, not by a long shot. Being a Master is not easy, a good Master is a hard worker, at getting to know His sub, at gaining her trust, at leading her to a place where she wants to serve Him.  I have found blogging to be a wonderful resource, a place to find like minded others, to have 'friends' who share something very special, to get new ideas,,,,but bottom line....your dynamic has to be suited to the two of you.

  hugs abby


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It is good to be back!

        I got back last night...after a weekend of celebrating Christmas, a 5 year old birthday party, a family lobster bake, and Easter, with a giant egg hunt, baskets and dinner for 26 of us at my nephew's. was  LOT! it was FUN! It is so ...special to get 4 generations together, to know we all connected, to see my mom, glow in the love of her family, and to see the 4th generation bring so much joy and fun to all of us....we are truly blessed!

     I got back last night...April 1st. I thought I might try an April fool's joke on Master. I had sent Him a text that morning, saying we were stopping at my mom's for breakfast and was not sure when we would be leaving. We left later than I had hoped, but did not text Master again til I was home...telling Him I had stopped for lunch at my son's and decided to spend a few days with him. He bought it....until He read my second text...reminding Him what day it was...

     Master is working on a kitchen this morning He wanted me to come over before He started...while He was still clean and fresh and He put it. Only I was not clean and fresh, so told Him I needed 20 minutes...He said the sooner the better. I quickly showered and thought it would be quicker if I did not bother to dress....but it was snowing and below freezing.....I will save that surprise for another time.  Fifteen minutes later I was at Master's...yes He was was I...quickest I have ever dressed.

     I checked out the kitchen, before my kneeling time for Him. I reminded Him I had a doc's appointment on Thursday, so the spanking part would have to be on the light side.  He concentrated on my nipples, tweaking, pulling , pinching HARD! He is talking me through the pain, and getting me to focus else where....where it turns to pleasure.

     Then I am over His lap for a hand spanking and a fairly light paddling..although it did seem to hurt more than it should. Master lets His hands wander every now and then to check and be sure I am reacting as He if I could control it.  Just as I am thinking, I am going to need a permission, Master tells me to get up and kneel between His legs....His pleasure first.
I have missed the taste of Him, so I am eager to kneel and pleasure Him.  Then it is my turn....for a few explosions of my own!  

  I am hoping that we finally catch up with the rest of the country and get some spring weather I am going to catch up on all of you!

  hugs abby