Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wooden sponn... check!

      After reading the spanking survey I posted Master said He never realized He had not spanked me with a wooden spoon. I figured I would remember, so He must not have...I was told to put one in my toy bag.  When I looked over my choices in my kitchen, the first one I chose was cracked...I threw it out. The next one was on the heavy side and had slits in it....I put it back...I have learned something in all these years. I finally settled on more of a wooden spatula, not too heavy, and no holes or slits. I put it in my bag, and never mentioned it to Master.

     Yesterday, we had some play time together.  After I inspected how He was doing on the kitchen re-do, I was told to get naked and kneeling. He sits and pulls me in close, and starts to lightly, slowly, circle my breasts, just barely touching, and it takes about 2 minutes for me to be on the edge...a new record! I am moaning and having little tremors, trying to concentrate on Master's voice, telling me to breathe, relax, and I do not have a permission so soon.

   He quickly decides I should get over His knee, if there is going to be any spanking. As He is hand spanking, and we are talking about the questions I have answered, He suddenly says, were supposed to bring a wooden spoon. I tell Him it has been in my bag. After He gives me 'that' look, He tells me to fetch it. I says it is not really a spoon , but close enough. It has a very light curve to it and starts to spank me ,,,curve up. It hurts, my legs are soon kicking, Master thinks I am over-reacting a bit....I have learned to not comment on such things.

   He turns it around, and says the curve just about fits my bottom, and oh...what a difference. More of a nice thud, than a nasty sting...and I am soon back to...moaning and dripping.. Master checks and chuckles.....says I am very close, so He is going to used the hair brush paddle and paddle me to an orgasm.  That has happened before, but I am always doubtful that I will get there , just from a spanking.

   This time, it took just a couple minutes, before I stopped feeling pain, and was raising m;y bottom for more. I could sense that Master was going at it fast and furious, but it was what I wanted.....and yes....from the very depths of me, I exploded, hard and fast, several times.  Just as I was catching my breath Master uses His hand, to leave me more breathless, until I was so totally spent, I just needed to be quiet. After a couple minutes, I look up to thank Him, and He thanks me for the wonderful compliment of being so open to Him, of letting my walls down, of just letting every go.....big sigh....

    As soon as I have legs that work I am kneeling and thanking Him and we are discussing my future travel plans...

     fiona..I gave Master your question...He was actually a little disappointed that there was only 1 question for Him, so thanks for that. He is thinking on it.

hope you are all have a nice is actually sunny here!
hugs, abby


  1. Wow, that sounds like a fabulous spanking! REALLY!

    Hmmm questions for your Master :)

    What's your Master's favorite part of your body? Of your playtime?

    What does your Master enjoy most about dominating YOU?

    Has he Dominated anyone else before you?


  2. Spoons can definitely pack a wallop, but it depends hugely on the size and the curve. I'm afraid I am waaay too experienced with spoons!


  3. I love that point where everything tips over and you find yourself floating - sigh - I need some of that right about now :) Sounds perfectly lovely, abby!

    I look up to thank Him, and He thanks me for the wonderful compliment of being so open to Him, of letting my walls down, of just letting every go.....big sigh....
    I think this was my favorite sentence of the whole thing - I never quite thought of it like that - but that is so very lovely and illustrates reciprocity beautifully!


  4. Hey, I'm new here and first of all I have to say sorry for my English :/. I'm new, but I can see that there is something special about you guys. I didn't try the spoon, but the table tennis paddle and... It's nice :> I could find out that you also hvae a q&a month so I would like to ask one, but If somewhere in the blog is the answer so sorry - I didn't have time to read it all yet. So... Do you sometimes disagree with your Master about some out-of-relationship stuff and say it at loud? I mean some harder disagreement than "I think I have a different opinion" :)

  5. HI Abby, wow, that sounds so amazing. I love the paragraph June highlighted above. That was my favourite part of this post and shows how connected you are and in tune with your roles in your dynamic.

    As for questions for your Master. Where does the dominance come from and does he find it hard to retain?

    I read about different rules, rituals etc imposed by Doms, such as your travel tax, and also encounters where the dominance is extremely strong and sometimes wonder where they get the ideas. Are they planned out in advance or does he go with the flow with each encounter?


  6. Oh, abby, you can describe your feelings and emotions so beautifully. I am happy for you.


  7. This was nice to read. You seem to capture masters vulnerability in
    your description of his compliment.

  8. Glad the sun is shining there in more ways than one.

  9. sounds like a lovely spanking, indeed! :-)

  10. fiona, I gave Master your questions..thanks! Yes it was QUITE a spanking! hugs abby

    Sara, think I will leave the spoons to you! hugs abby

    June, Hearing Master voice those thoughts was special..and I hope you are 'floating' soon! hugs abby

    Nisza, welcome...thanks for the comment and the question, I will answer it soon! hugs abby

    Roz, thanks for the questions, I sent them to Master. I think He thinks most of it up as it occurs to Him..we will see if I am right! hugs abby

    appy, I try, glad you think so. hugs abby

    Minelle, I never thought of it that way, I have been thinking about your comment all day..I think you are right, 'they' are vulnerable also. hugs abby

    sunny, LOL..thanks, back to snow and cold in 2 days...UGH. hugs abby

    Terp...Those don't happen often, a lot of things seem to have to align just right...they did! hugs abby