Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When is winning not really winning....*

  *title provided by Master..

        A couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to lose 10 pounds. I told Master and He agreed to help, once that happens, there is no turning back until the goal is reached, I have learned that the hard way.  I have not felt great the past couple weeks, flu type thing, then a really bad cough. Master has been patient, and I have sort of taken advantage of it.

     I stopped exercising and was enjoying mostly comfort food. Master kept asking for a weigh in, I kept delaying,,,until I could not anymore.

      Yesterday, when I saw Him, He wanted to know what day I had chosen to weigh in..since yesterday was Monday, I said Friday. He asked about last Fridays' weigh in, and I told Him, the scale has not moved much, except for over the weekend when it went up. He replied, maybe we need a basement visit today, I disagreed asked to give me til Friday. He said He hated to waste a week, and it would be worse for me on Friday, but He agreed.

     Yesterday was also Maintenance day. Last week, we celebrated my birthday on Monday and the week before I was away.....so it had been a while, and Master was out to make a point.
He had me get naked and kneeling, and proceeded to pull and pinch my nipples...HARD. He told be to breathe and remember that my body is His playground.  Then it was over His lap.

   He had the brush paddle, and started right in hard with no warm-up. I was verbal from the beginning, which is rare for me. He asked if I was missing my warm-up....some questions are better left un-answered.  He continued spanking very hard, I even yelled out STOP, which of course caused Him to speed up.  He finally stopped for a chat, telling me it is time for me to get back on track, we both agreed to this loss, it was my idea, He is holding me to it. He then tucks me in....reminds that means...He is going to get serious about this spanking....(He was playing before, I think not!)  He gives me a long and hard paddling, the tears are forming, and I just want it to end. I does, and I am not happy...not a good sign.

      He give me a minute, and reaches to check on 'her', and I snap my legs closed....I do know better, and it is something I never do. He immediately pushes them open and says..."You never do that"!  He reaches in and starts to play and I am trying to get my head in a place where I won't say...stop. He knows, He says are you thinking there is no way I can make you cum?  I honestly reply....I thought of it, but I know it is not true...He can and  has.

   He continues, until I am so wet, and so ready, and He stops. I moan and try to push against His hand....He say You win, you won't cum. (Hence the title). He tells me he has not such wish, and has me kneel and pleasure Him, making me even wetter. When He is done He tells me I am not to touch or play or cum....and He still thinks He should have taken me to the basement.
He makes it cleat that exercise has to start, and if it takes a reminder spanking each day , I will get one.

      I had good intentions, but got up this morning got busy catching up on a lot of things, it is getting cold and snowy again, and just did not get to wii or walk. At noon, I tell Master today is my book club, He tells me He is hoping to find time to see me before then and asks when I have to leave....(a smarter person would  have used the wii at that point).

    I get a text a later ....Come over for a recharge....I head over.  He has me kneel for Him and asks about the exercising, how long, what did I do. I am hesitating...and He says...or no exercise, I tell Him I did not.  He is regretting the no basement decision, and reminds me it is almost Friday. He has me get up, I tell Him my bottom is still sore from yesterday...but obviously He thinks it is not sore enough. I take off my pants and panties, lean over the ottoman and Master gets the heavy plank that lies against the sliding glass door. It is heavy, and He is swinging...I pop up after the first one, ouching, He gives me a minute and tells me to get back over.....second swing and I pop up again....one more He says, I ask if He has any idea how much it hurts.....doesn't matter, ...the last one. As soon as I pop up I get a hug, and then am told to kneel before Him and take care of His needs.  

    I am told not to rub my bottom and that if He gets the same answers to His questions tomorrow, He will not stop after 3.  

   I may be foolish at times, but I am not stupid, and I do know He means what He says, and He does not give up, does not allow me too.....so tomorrow, I will wii.

hugs abby


  1. You're a better woman than me. I think I would have thrown that wooden plank and thrown it right out the sliding glass door. Good luck on Friday!

  2. I would definitely Wi tomorrow, maybe even this evening.

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  4. Hehe and tell me that asking Master for help is a good idea ;P At all it is, but what the costs are :P Good luck with your weight! I'm also fighting with that at the moment, so... I understand you pretty well :)

  5. Good luck with the weight loss...I am struggling with that as well...lost twelve pounds and have gained much of it back...I hope the extra motivation helps you. Hugs

  6. Yowsa...OK...so since it's question month...and I've only asked a BUNCH...I will ask one more...

    This is in part because I can't seem to look through all of your posts and find the info (not that I didn't try a bit)
    How did the "basement" come about? Who introduced it and how (I assume it was him)...What transpires in the big bad basement (I've read punishment spankings...just not sure if there was more)

    I think it is amazing that he is there to help you with what you have asked for help with. That he keeps your feet to the fire and requires you to follow through! Yea abby's Master!


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  10. If it's Q&A month, I would like to ask, because I cannot find it anywhere! I wrote, that my English is still not the best, and... What the hell exactly "wii" means? I suppouse that something with exercing but I cannot find definition of the word nowhere.

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  12. Mrs. D...the thought never occurred to me, but the look on Master's face might be worth it...or maybe not! hugs abby

    sunny, I am back to the wii, my little stubborn streak is gone. hugs abby

    sara...I have, sometimes, you know, we just have to....hugs abby

    Nisza,,,Master has helped me lost quite a bit if weight...when I ask for help I know what I am getting into. hugs abby

    fiona, my friend, you may ask me any question any time! Master says Thank you for the shout out! hugs abby

  13. I think you should exercise to save your butt.
    Your man is on a mission to teach you a lesson


  14. Bob..He is...He did...I am exercising. hugs abby