Wednesday, March 6, 2013

thanks for the questions...

        I have questions to answer..makes me feel loved...LOL..thanks!

       Yes, Sunny I am feeling better, still have a bad cough, but am getting back to a normal routine, and not so exhausted. It has been a while since I have been sick, hope this is is for a long time to come! I celebrated my birthday for 3 days...
    My niece and daughter took me to a birthday tea...with tea, scones, finger sandwiches, hats, and a very funny waiter!  I also went out for some great seafood, and had a fun family dinner. I got sang to on Skype and face to face, and got some great homemade gifts from the two little artists in the family.  My family always believes in celebrating whenever we can....

   Terpisichore asks if i have any more fun birthday celebrations planned....not for this year, at least not for me. Master's birthday is next month tho!  But I am counting on many more in the years ahead!

   Fiona  had a few questions, two I will answer now, the others need Master's input, so I will get that, then answer. Her first question is "how did Master and i meet"
    We first 'met' on the internet...yep, we chatted back and forth for a few months, then talked on the phone, and then He is me for a beer or coke..This was about 12 years ago...I had never met anyone from just chatting on the computer, I knew a lot about Him, I loved the sound of His voice, but I was soooo nervous. I got to the parking lot on time, and sat in my car for 15 minutes, debating if I should go in or not. I finally did go in, telling myself it was just for a beer. Well that was the best beer I ever drank, cause here we are today.....

    Where do I see us in 10 years?? Who knows...but I do see a 'us', which for me is a big step forward. It took Master a long time to convince me He was staying put, there were times I did my best to almost push Him away, but He stayed put! So I see an U/us....hopefully both healthy, both retired and having lots of time to spend together...  still kneeling for Him, still being spanked, still having lots of fun together.....looking back on the years and marveling at the road W/we have traveled together...

   I will answer your other 2 questions after I get Master's input. Tomorrow is a casino day with my gambling 'buddy', so wish me luck!!

 hugs abby     


  1. I must have missed something...I think I need to quit working and spending time away from blogland. LOL.
    Look forward to more answers.

  2. Wishing you good luck, Abby! Good Q & A, too.

  3. Seeing the 'us' 10 years down the road is lovely, seeing a future in someone's eyes is incredible wonderful. Did you know I met Daddy online, too:) Small world :)


  4. Hi Abby, I enjoyed reading this, thanks for sharing.

    I'm glad you are feeling better now and hope you are back to 100% very soon. It sounds as though you had some lovely birthday celebrations and I love the story of how you two met.

    Looking forward to reading more answers :)


  5. Enjoyed reading your answers. Thanks.

    If you could go back in time - what advice would you give yourself?


  6. It was great that you went in for that first beer.


  7. Hope you had good luck at the casino!

    When did you start blogging and what role does that play in your dynamic?

  8. THANK YOU for your answers. I love it! The US is fabulous. I look forward to hearing from your Master. .... is this your first M/s (D/s...ttwd) relationship? When did you become aware of your submissive side?


  9. Have fun with your friend tomorrow... :-)

  10. Minelle, we do miss you, visit more often!
    hugs abby

    SNP, thanks! hugs abby

    June, no I did not know you two met online...makes one very thankful for modern technology. hugs abby

    Roz, thanks, feeling better, but not all there, YUCK! hugs abby

    ronnie, glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the question! hug abby

    FD, it sure was!!!! hugs abby

    aisha, fun, but not a profitable day...I will be answering your question soon. hugs abby

    fiona, Us is fabulous, especially when it is solid....thanks for the new question. hugs abby

    Terp...I did!! hugs abby