Thursday, March 14, 2013

Q and A's....

  Before I get to the last of the questions (although more would be welcomed, yes even from fiona!), I want to reassure you all that I did wii yesterday. I finally gave up my little 'stubborn' spurt, and am back to exercising. Master had me come to Him yesterday, I knelt before Him and said I had exercised and apologized for not doing it sooner, He asked if my head was back where it should be....and I answered...Yes Sir.

  He smiled, and offered me a hand spanking with lots of rubbing...there's an offer too good to refuse! My bottom was still very tender from the two earlier spankings. With all of the rubbing and roaming it did not take me long to be begging for permission. Permission granted and I was off for several loud, exploding orgasms.  Satisfied, spent and relaxed, it was a good afternoon.

Here are the last of the questions..

NIsza....Asks Master if it hard to be a Dom or Master?

                   Master is who he is, a natural take charge, solve the problem type of man. Being in control is what He is, how He is, so most of the time, no it is not difficult

     also...What happens when Master and I disagree, do I say it out loud?

                  Yes, Master does not expect me...or any submissive to be a door mat. I can always
say, can we talk about this,,,or I think you have misjudged something...or whatever and we sit and talk.  Depending on what the problem is....He might adjust His decision, we might agree to disagree, He might decision is final.  As long as I am calm and respectful, we can discuss anything, for as long as it takes, until we find a resolution.

  also...what is a wii? is a video game exercise program.

Fiona..asks if any friends or family know the nature of our relationship?

            No, they don't. Wouldn't it be nice if some of our blogging friends could meet for a weekend get-away and we could be our true selves!

also....she wants to know about the "basement".

          The basement was Master's idea. It was before He was my Master, and He was helping me lose weight.  We had not been together for too long, I was unsure of a lot of things. One of my rules has to do with exercise (hmm,,,sound familiar?).  If I gained weight during the week and had not exercised it would be a P intended.  It was winter, and I did not have a wii at that time, so I was using a treadmill.

         I had pushed the rule, so one day, He led me down to the basement, tied me to the treadmill, took out the heaviest wooden paddle He could find and scolded loudly and spanked.
It was are all basement trips. He said we would visit the basement for all major punishments, since then even the neighbors would not hear us....or mostly me.
At that time there were lots of punishments, I was testing, we were both getting to know each other,,,maybe it was necessary for us to get where we are now....I am almost surprised that we both hung in there.

        The basement is still where we go for any major punishment.  I am not longer tied to anything, I now stay in position on my own. A heavy paddle is still used, and sometimes there is scolding, sometimes just a know why you are here.  The difference is we rarely have to go there...I think the last time was about a year ago. Do I miss it...NO WAY...will I have to make the walk down those steps again...probably.

hugs abby


  1. Glad you got back to doing the WII and that your Master and you had some fun too abby.

    If you and your Master could go any where you wanted, where would you go? Why? What would you do?
    What is the best joke your Master played on you and you on him?


  2. Hope those stairs are not in your future anytime soon.

  3. Hi Abby, so glad to hear you are back on track with exercise and that you had a lovely connection wit your Master. I enjoyed reading your answers. I too hope those stairs aren't in your future anytime soon!


  4. Hehehe.

    Thanks for answering!!

    Do you think you and your sir will ever get married? Live together? Why or why not?

    What's your favorite color?

    What song did you love to sing to your children when they were young?

  5. I need to find a way to motivate me to exercise...I don't think spanking would be the way...but neither is sitting around the house eating sugary treats and feeling bad about not eating well and exercising.... :-)

  6. bob..thanks....every now and then I need to reminded of certain 'things'...thanks for the questions. hugs abby too!!!!! hugs abby

    Roz, I will do my best avoid them. hugs abby

    fiona...I wish we were neighbors and could laugh at each other over coffee! hugs abby

    Terp...Really, you have to want to do it for yourself first! hugs abby