Monday, March 11, 2013

Master's answers

   I have been known to say here that at times, I feel like Master lives in my head...He always chuckles and says...I know you so well. Well today, I can say...I know You so well. I had forwarded Master your questions, but knowing that He is really bad at checking His email, I decided to write them down and bring them to Him. When we talked at lunch, He says...I want You to copy or write down the questions and bring them to me.....did that!!!

Here are the questions and His answers...and..I decided to let you know what I thought He would answer...just to see...LOL

What is Master's favorite part of your body?

   I thought He would say my pussy or breast...and

   He said....your pussy, she is my favorite part. Yes, He refers to her in the third person. What He really loves about her, is how she reacts to His touch, even if I try to deny any such reaction.

What is Master's favorite part of our playtime?

  I though He might say how we start, my naked kneeling...

  He said....spanking me.  He has been interested in spanking for a  very long time, I am happy to give Him any opportunity He wants to spank!

Has Master ever dominated anyone before me?

   I guessed yes, I know He has spanked lots of ladies.

  His answer....yes.

Does He find Dominance hard to maintain?

  I see it as part of who He always is, so no.

  His is part of me, of my personality, so no!

Were the rules and rituals Master thinks of planned in advanced or does He go with the flow.

I was curious about this one, I thought more of a spur of the moment.

His answer...I am always looking to fix things, so when I see a problem or something that could be better, I do try to think of ways to make that  happen. Like the travel tax, He knew it was not good for me...for U/us...for me to be away for long periods of time, so He looked for a way for me to think about options, still recognizing how important it is for me to be able to go. So a week with no tax...then....
A lot of the time it is an 'in the moment' decision, depending on where His submissive's head is at, or how I am reacting, what I today for example. 

(I will tell you about today..tomorrow)

Neither one of us had an answer to the question....what are some goals for the coming year?

We are content to see where the year takes us!

Thanks for involving Master in the question and answer,,,if you have more, He is willing to answer!

hugs abby


  1. Thanks to both of you for taking the time to do this. How interesting to read the guesses and then actual answers. Abby guessed pretty well.

  2. Thank you abby and Master. You know him pretty well abby.

  3. Its fun how sometimes we can answer for them just like they can read our minds :-)

  4. Thank you both for taking the time to answer these questions, and thank you for asking mine.

    It's always interesting to get the perspective of other Dom's and Master's answers to my questions has given me some more insight in to where my man is coming from.

    Abby, you do know him well!


  5. I agree that your knowledge about your Master is pretty impresive, congratulations. If I still can ask a question I would like to ask your Master does being a Dom is as hard and complicate as I think it is...?

  6. Thank you Abby's Master!! Thank you Abby!! It was absolutely delightful to see both of your answers! Inspired! Thanks for sharing!!


  7. dancing...after all this time we should know each other, but their are still surprises!
    hugs abby

  8. sunny, I do, but He still surprises me! hugs abby

    Tiffany, it is, I was proud of myself! hugs abby

    Roz, We enjoyed talking about the answers, thanks for the questions. hugs abby

    Nisza, I will ask Master and let you know! hugs abby

    Fiona, You are welcomed , we enjoyed it! hugs abby

  9. I love how you shared your thoughts on what Master would say too. thank-you for sharing Master's and your answers... :-)