Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four spankings in five days...ouch!

      And yes, after 4 spankings in 5 days, I am sitting on a still sore bottom.  Last Monday was maintenance..a hard paddling.  Tuesday, was the large board, Wednesday a welcomed hand spanking. I got a break on Thursday, but on Friday, it was back over Master's knee. One of the items on my 'spanking bucket list' used to be to get spanked 5 days in a row, I have crossed it off, thinking 4 out of 5 was sufficient!

    My weigh in was Friday, I managed to lose a pound from Wed. til Friday, which gave me a stay the same week.  Normally that is not good news, but for last week, I heaved a sigh of relief.
I gave Master my report that morning, He was not please, but knew that I had at least turned things around. I promised a better week this week...He will hold me to that.

     On Friday when I got to Master's, I said I thought we should go back to weighing in on both Mondays and Fridays, and when I reach my goal....once a week would work. He agreed, saying that the Monday weigh in would keep me more aware on the weekend.  Since I had lost the one pound I gained  I avoided that miserable walk down the basement steps. 

    Since it is the middle of March Master decided to used the shamrock paddle. It is wood, maybe a little larger than the size of my hand, and fairly thick and heavy.  I did get a too quick, short, hand warm-up.  Then He started in with the paddle, I reminded Him that I had already been spanked 3 times that week....He gave me look.

    He started in, and I was soon thinking I need this to end. I was squirming and kicking my feet and being vocal....I know spankings are supposed to hurt ( as Master is fond of reminding me). but this HURT. Master stopped, gave me a quick rub, and just as I was relaxing announced that He considered that a warm-up..was I ready for the real spanking?  There is no good answer to I took a deep breath, said Yes Sir, He tucked me in and let that green shamrock fly. He 
was going at it fast and hard and I was being loud (for me) and trying to not move too much. Then He starts with picking one spot to concentrate is so hard to not say...move on!  Same spot other cheek.  Finally He is finished and rubbing.

    As we are chatting about this past week, He is rubbing and poking and letting His fingers work their magic.  When I start to 'coat' His fingers, Master says time for a hard f***ing. I am on the floor, head down bottom up, and I get what He promised, After I cum, I just lay flat on the floor, unable to move. Master lays down next to me and pulls me into my 'safe' spot, into His furry chest.  We just lay there, feeling the closeness, and snuggle, and rest.

   After a bit Master sits up and starts to spank my pussy. He is using His hand, and it feels nice...I am encouraging Him to continue. He has spanked it before, but only for a short time. This time He continues and increases the force. He comes close to my face and asks....could a girl cum from having her pussy spanked?...I smile and say I was just wondering the same thing. He picks up the pace, and I am slowly getting to the point of needing a permission. Then it happens, I cum from Master spanking my pussy....we are both a little surprised...ok. me more than Him.  After I recover I joke about having to make up a new list, we are crossing things off the first rather quickly.  I would say it was quite a week!

hugs abby



  1. I'm glad you were able to avoid a trip to the basement and yes it does sound like quite a week.

  2. Hi Abby, oh ouch! sounds like some week. I don't blame you crossing that off your spanking bucket list.

    I'm so glad you managed to avoid a visit to the basement.


  3. Hi Abby congrat on avoiding the basement
    But don't you think that your cheating yourself on taking 4 spankings enstead of 5? :)
    Sounds like you had a steller day.


  4. Dear abby,

    I admire you for being able to take so much pain. I know I wouldn't, buth then I am a weak male.



  5. Good things all the way around.

  6. Sounds like a perfectly lovely week, abby :) We spank every day, I couldn't do without it, keeps me sane. Glad you avoided a correction. And that last bit? Yeah, I like that too ;)

  7. Quite a week indeed Abby! I'm glad you were able to turn the weight loss around!

    Keep going,


  8. Congratulations on turning your weight loss's so tough! Sounds like you had amazingly eventful week. And I do love that last spanking you got... It's one of my faves ;)



  9. You certainly had great incentive for making the weight issue not an issue...sounds like the ending was great!

  10. Mrs. D..thanks, I hope this week is a bit calmer. hugs abby

    Roz, Master asked if I was sure I wanted to cross it off..I do! hugs abby

    Bob...I am sure.....hugs abby

    appy, I sometimes surprise myself!!! hugs abby

    Terp, I think we all have one of those occasionally. hugs abby

    sunny, for sure! hugs abby

    June,,every day, it sure would keep me focused. I loved that last bit too, good to know I am not alone. hugs abby

    sara, thanks, Master does not give so....hugs abby

    Pocahontas, tahnks for letting me know I am not alone! hugs abby

    Minelle, love your interview this morning...ending was great. hugs abby