Monday, March 4, 2013

A great start to a new year....

    Yes, as of today I am another year older...and let's just say that I am a bit over half way to 100!
Growing older is not always fun, but celebrating it with Master, sure compensates for that!

    I heard my phone beep last night, reached over to see it was a little past midnight..and my first birthday wish of the day....from Master! He knows my mom loves to get to me first early in the morning...He did beat her to it! 

     This morning Master tells me He wants us to celebrate 'our' style early in the day...I am thinking early afternoon, until He says 9 AM.  So in between singing wishes from my grand-babies, and calls from my family, I manage to almost be on time.

    As we are hugging, I notice toys in a row on a table.....the small leather paddle, hairbrush paddle--with holes, crop, large wooden long paddle, cane and the large strap. He sees me looking over and chuckles, we are going to start and end with my hand, then since I chose the toys, you can decide on the order....that set me to thinking.  Since I love leather, and wood...not so much...I am thinking of alternating...which Master has probably anticipated.

   I am kneeling, naked, Master is of course claiming me..paying special attention to my breast, getting my head into the submissive space, where that is all that matters.  Then it is over His lap, for a hand spanking....the number being my new age plus 1...which will be the number for all of the toys.  He stops and rubs and makes sure that I am enjoying my celebration so far...I am, knowing that it is just starting.

   I am told to get up and make my first choice, I choose the small leather paddle. It has some kind of design on one side and is about the size of a hairbrush. Master stops at NOT the half way rubs, then finishes up. I am totally relaxed and enjoying.  I am told to fetch the next toy...

   I return with the hairbrush paddle. It has no bristle side, but does feel a lot like a hairbrush. This morning it stings from the beginning, I am glad for the break at 40....and hang and breathe to the end. No, He is not spanking as hard as usual, but I think the fact that I showered just before seeing Master has 'tenderized' my bottom.

   Next I select the crop, Master has figured out I am alternating sensations, and says...good thing I chose 3 of each!  (HE does know me!)  He says maybe a tattoo should be part of my birthday..on my thigh of the crop. I agree, and He tells me to hang on , it will be ouchy!  It is...and HE is pleased as it 'blossoms', He stops to take a couple pics. I really do love the crop, as Master uses it all over my bottom.

   As I am told to make another choice, I hesitate, just for a bit...and choose the large paddle.
I am told to get up and lean over the ottoman, as I do I realize I am starting to drip, I am getting sooo wet. I mention it to Master, He checks, and says it is a good start.  I lean over the ottoman, and remind Master that it is a pretty high number, so be kind. He is, stops again at 40, and when He gets to the age where we met, He recalls something about each year as He smacks me...I hardly feels the spanks, I am so overwhelmed by Him, as I remember also. Even the tough years, when we were just too stubborn to give up....they were special too.

    Next is the cane, I get it, and get ready to lean over when Master tells me to stand and hold my breast out...I just look at Him, and slowly comply. Yes they are all on my breast, I tell Him you will think He is mean, He says thank you! He alternates breast, and yes there is a sting, but no marks. He sits, tells me to kneel for Him as He decides to soothe my breast. He starts with light licking and sucking and I am pushing in, wanting Him to take it all in,,,He finally does, and repeats with the other breast. He stops and checks and  asks if I can feel myself dripping, I can.

    I saved the best for last, the large strap. Master has me get comfortable, and uses the strap, 10 on each side, rubbing at 40, before He finishes and I know I am on my way to that special place for submissives.  He then finishes my spanking with His hand...

       Then I am kneeling, showing Master how pleased I am with my morning birthday celebration, and yes....I am in need of a permission....several are granted...and we both are ready for a morning nap!

      Master is working on a major kitchen re-do, so I stay and help out a bit, before He has to go to work....

       Master knows how to make this girl feel extra special, and even to get her looking forward to growing older!
hugs abby





  1. Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday to You
    Happy Birthday Dear Abby
    Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!

    Wow, what an absolutely FABULOUS way to start off your birthday. I hope you feel celebrated!


  2. Happy birthday from me too, abby. And many happy returns.


  3. Happy Birthday Abby! Sounds like a wonderful celebration.


  4. A great start indeed, and Happy Birthday Abby!


  5. Happy Birthday Abby! You obviously know how to celebrate and you seem to have the best person to celebrate with.

    Hope your whole day was great.


  6. Happy Birthday tooooo youuuu!!
    I am so glad you were feeling better and able to enjoy your celebration!

  7. Happy Birthday Abby. It sounds like your birthday and year started off wonderfully. Happy for you.

  8. Happy Birthday, what a wonderful morning and what a great rotation of implements. Today is my Masters birthday too. What a special day indeed.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  9. Happy Birthday, sounds like it got off to the best start xxx

  10. Happy Belated Birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day.


  11. Talk about a birthday spanking! Glad you enjoyed your special day. Happy birthday even though I'm a little behind and best wishes for the rest of the year. may there be many more spankings.

  12. Fiona, thanks for the song, and I sure do! hugs abby

    Terp..thanks! hugs abby

    appy, thank you my friend! hugs abby

    Roz, master is good at celebrations! hugs abby

    sara, a very good start indeed! hugs abby

    PK..I actually celebrated the whole weekend! hugs abby too! hugs abby

    sunny..thanks, hope we all have a good year ahead! hugs abby

    dancingbarez...What a good person to share a birthday with! hugs abby

    Joolz...Thanks, it was wonderful. hugs abby

    ronnie..thanks, I had a wonderful 3 days of celebrating! hugs abby

    Mrs. D...Master does not do things half way...thanks for the wishes! hugs abby