Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A better start to this week!

     Yesterday was M/M day..maintenance day!  My bottom was still tender from the week before, but I actually loss weight over the weekend, so I was not overly worried.

     After my kneeling time, Master had me climb up on His lap.  He was giving me a hand warm up as we chatted.  Master then said, He is pleased with my efforts over the weekend, so He wants to reward that, but this is  a maintenance spanking.  Maintenance to Master means, that it is supposed to be a deterrent to punishment, therefore it needs to make me feel like I don't want to earn anything worse. ( My definition, a nice time to reconnect with a warm stingy bottom, lots of rubbing, and leading to other things.  It's bee almost three years of maintenance and I still have not convinced Him...)

      As Master is speaking I am thinking, sounds like a belt spanking to me. As soon as the thought forms, I hear Master say...so I have decided to use my belt!  LOL  It is leather and I love to hear and see Him  take it off....but I also know, He will not be gentle.  Master is grabbing some blankets and coverlets and tells me to climb up and over, my bottom is definitely  being 'presented'.  I had told Master during our chat that my bottom was still tender, He acknowledged that I had been very well spanked the week before.

   He starts in, sets of 10 on each cheek, and before He finishes the first 10, I am ouching stamping my feet. After the second set, He says...I think your bottom is still feeling the effects of your previous spankings....REALLY???....(I thought it...did not say it)

   He gives me another set of 10 on each cheek and they are not getting any easier to take..finally I hear last 10, harder still.  I get through it, and although it is not the hardest maintenance Master has ever done, it really did HURT. When we were talking about it today, I said I felt like a wimp, I usually adapt to the belt quickly and get into my 'zone'..not yesterday.

    Then it was on to much nicer activities, with Master trying to decide if I had one very long rolling orgasm, or a few in a row...I say who cares???

I still have a couple questions to answer, these are from:

Bob...;I apologize Bob, Master and I discussed them and had not good answers.
   If we could go any place in the world, where would we go, why, and what would we do?

     Master is not a big traveler, He also is not all that good at relaxing.  It would be fun to explore someplace new to both of us.....so maybe Australia.

  What is the best joke we have played on each other? I got nothing for you..we laugh a lot, we tease a lot, but honestly...no practical jokes...at least none that are memorable.

hugs abby


  1. Wow, the belt on an already tender tush, Ouch.

  2. Glad Master went easy on you. We did 5 days in a row once with the last day being the cane. Staying still was tough for sure but we were very connected after.

  3. Hey Abby, congrats on the weigh loss!

    Ouch, that would have been hard to take on a already sore bottom. You are definitely not a being whimpy!

    Australia sounds great. You would have to do the extra hop to see NZ :)


  4. Australia sounds wonderful to visit for me and Master it would be New Zealand.

  5. sunny, it was very ouchy....hugs abby

    dancing, WOW, now I feel like a real wimp...5 days and the last a cane, I salute you! hugs abby

    Roz, If we made it all the way to Australia, we would certainly have to pop over to NZ! hugs abby

    Tiffany, NZ would be great also! hugs abby