Thursday, March 21, 2013

'On the Road Again'

   BRR.....more snow on the way tonight...UGH!!!!!  

   I am leaving tomorrow for some serious celebrating!  First I am going to my daughter's, where my first grand-daughter turns 5 next week! Oh My!!!  She considers herself a scientist/artist! I have surprises for her for each day for a week. (Spoiling her??  of course!)

  At the end of the week, I will travel with my daughter and her family to my 'hometown'.  Four generations of us will gather for a late ..very late..Christmas celebration, to honor the spring birthdays, and of course, a giant Easter egg hunt! When we all get together there is no telling what will happen, but those are the basics. I will be gone 10 days...yes, I will owe master 3 days of travel tax.

Before I go I wanted to finish up the last of the questions, they are all from my friend, fiona.

~~~What does the future hold for Master and I?  I have no clue, I would never have predicted where we are today, which is a pretty good place. We both believe that relationships should keep moving who knows??

~~~What is my favorite color?  Would you believe orange? Yep, love it!

~~~What song did I used to sing to my children?  When they were babies I would rock them to sleep with a made up song.  I would name each member of the family, including, aunts, cousins, etc., and sing so and so loves you yes they do, yes they do..repeat. It was easy, and seemed to work.  It also worked on my grand-children. When they got to be toddlers, 'I love you a bushel and a peck', was my good night song!

I will be checking in on all of you, so be good...just no too good!

hugs abby


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A better start to this week!

     Yesterday was M/M day..maintenance day!  My bottom was still tender from the week before, but I actually loss weight over the weekend, so I was not overly worried.

     After my kneeling time, Master had me climb up on His lap.  He was giving me a hand warm up as we chatted.  Master then said, He is pleased with my efforts over the weekend, so He wants to reward that, but this is  a maintenance spanking.  Maintenance to Master means, that it is supposed to be a deterrent to punishment, therefore it needs to make me feel like I don't want to earn anything worse. ( My definition, a nice time to reconnect with a warm stingy bottom, lots of rubbing, and leading to other things.  It's bee almost three years of maintenance and I still have not convinced Him...)

      As Master is speaking I am thinking, sounds like a belt spanking to me. As soon as the thought forms, I hear Master I have decided to use my belt!  LOL  It is leather and I love to hear and see Him  take it off....but I also know, He will not be gentle.  Master is grabbing some blankets and coverlets and tells me to climb up and over, my bottom is definitely  being 'presented'.  I had told Master during our chat that my bottom was still tender, He acknowledged that I had been very well spanked the week before.

   He starts in, sets of 10 on each cheek, and before He finishes the first 10, I am ouching stamping my feet. After the second set, He says...I think your bottom is still feeling the effects of your previous spankings....REALLY???....(I thought it...did not say it)

   He gives me another set of 10 on each cheek and they are not getting any easier to take..finally I hear last 10, harder still.  I get through it, and although it is not the hardest maintenance Master has ever done, it really did HURT. When we were talking about it today, I said I felt like a wimp, I usually adapt to the belt quickly and get into my 'zone'..not yesterday.

    Then it was on to much nicer activities, with Master trying to decide if I had one very long rolling orgasm, or a few in a row...I say who cares???

I still have a couple questions to answer, these are from:

Bob...;I apologize Bob, Master and I discussed them and had not good answers.
   If we could go any place in the world, where would we go, why, and what would we do?

     Master is not a big traveler, He also is not all that good at relaxing.  It would be fun to explore someplace new to both of maybe Australia.

  What is the best joke we have played on each other? I got nothing for you..we laugh a lot, we tease a lot, but practical least none that are memorable.

hugs abby

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Four spankings in five days...ouch!

      And yes, after 4 spankings in 5 days, I am sitting on a still sore bottom.  Last Monday was maintenance..a hard paddling.  Tuesday, was the large board, Wednesday a welcomed hand spanking. I got a break on Thursday, but on Friday, it was back over Master's knee. One of the items on my 'spanking bucket list' used to be to get spanked 5 days in a row, I have crossed it off, thinking 4 out of 5 was sufficient!

    My weigh in was Friday, I managed to lose a pound from Wed. til Friday, which gave me a stay the same week.  Normally that is not good news, but for last week, I heaved a sigh of relief.
I gave Master my report that morning, He was not please, but knew that I had at least turned things around. I promised a better week this week...He will hold me to that.

     On Friday when I got to Master's, I said I thought we should go back to weighing in on both Mondays and Fridays, and when I reach my goal....once a week would work. He agreed, saying that the Monday weigh in would keep me more aware on the weekend.  Since I had lost the one pound I gained  I avoided that miserable walk down the basement steps. 

    Since it is the middle of March Master decided to used the shamrock paddle. It is wood, maybe a little larger than the size of my hand, and fairly thick and heavy.  I did get a too quick, short, hand warm-up.  Then He started in with the paddle, I reminded Him that I had already been spanked 3 times that week....He gave me look.

    He started in, and I was soon thinking I need this to end. I was squirming and kicking my feet and being vocal....I know spankings are supposed to hurt ( as Master is fond of reminding me). but this HURT. Master stopped, gave me a quick rub, and just as I was relaxing announced that He considered that a warm-up..was I ready for the real spanking?  There is no good answer to I took a deep breath, said Yes Sir, He tucked me in and let that green shamrock fly. He 
was going at it fast and hard and I was being loud (for me) and trying to not move too much. Then He starts with picking one spot to concentrate is so hard to not say...move on!  Same spot other cheek.  Finally He is finished and rubbing.

    As we are chatting about this past week, He is rubbing and poking and letting His fingers work their magic.  When I start to 'coat' His fingers, Master says time for a hard f***ing. I am on the floor, head down bottom up, and I get what He promised, After I cum, I just lay flat on the floor, unable to move. Master lays down next to me and pulls me into my 'safe' spot, into His furry chest.  We just lay there, feeling the closeness, and snuggle, and rest.

   After a bit Master sits up and starts to spank my pussy. He is using His hand, and it feels nice...I am encouraging Him to continue. He has spanked it before, but only for a short time. This time He continues and increases the force. He comes close to my face and asks....could a girl cum from having her pussy spanked?...I smile and say I was just wondering the same thing. He picks up the pace, and I am slowly getting to the point of needing a permission. Then it happens, I cum from Master spanking my pussy....we are both a little surprised...ok. me more than Him.  After I recover I joke about having to make up a new list, we are crossing things off the first rather quickly.  I would say it was quite a week!

hugs abby


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Q and A's....

  Before I get to the last of the questions (although more would be welcomed, yes even from fiona!), I want to reassure you all that I did wii yesterday. I finally gave up my little 'stubborn' spurt, and am back to exercising. Master had me come to Him yesterday, I knelt before Him and said I had exercised and apologized for not doing it sooner, He asked if my head was back where it should be....and I answered...Yes Sir.

  He smiled, and offered me a hand spanking with lots of rubbing...there's an offer too good to refuse! My bottom was still very tender from the two earlier spankings. With all of the rubbing and roaming it did not take me long to be begging for permission. Permission granted and I was off for several loud, exploding orgasms.  Satisfied, spent and relaxed, it was a good afternoon.

Here are the last of the questions..

NIsza....Asks Master if it hard to be a Dom or Master?

                   Master is who he is, a natural take charge, solve the problem type of man. Being in control is what He is, how He is, so most of the time, no it is not difficult

     also...What happens when Master and I disagree, do I say it out loud?

                  Yes, Master does not expect me...or any submissive to be a door mat. I can always
say, can we talk about this,,,or I think you have misjudged something...or whatever and we sit and talk.  Depending on what the problem is....He might adjust His decision, we might agree to disagree, He might decision is final.  As long as I am calm and respectful, we can discuss anything, for as long as it takes, until we find a resolution.

  also...what is a wii? is a video game exercise program.

Fiona..asks if any friends or family know the nature of our relationship?

            No, they don't. Wouldn't it be nice if some of our blogging friends could meet for a weekend get-away and we could be our true selves!

also....she wants to know about the "basement".

          The basement was Master's idea. It was before He was my Master, and He was helping me lose weight.  We had not been together for too long, I was unsure of a lot of things. One of my rules has to do with exercise (hmm,,,sound familiar?).  If I gained weight during the week and had not exercised it would be a P intended.  It was winter, and I did not have a wii at that time, so I was using a treadmill.

         I had pushed the rule, so one day, He led me down to the basement, tied me to the treadmill, took out the heaviest wooden paddle He could find and scolded loudly and spanked.
It was are all basement trips. He said we would visit the basement for all major punishments, since then even the neighbors would not hear us....or mostly me.
At that time there were lots of punishments, I was testing, we were both getting to know each other,,,maybe it was necessary for us to get where we are now....I am almost surprised that we both hung in there.

        The basement is still where we go for any major punishment.  I am not longer tied to anything, I now stay in position on my own. A heavy paddle is still used, and sometimes there is scolding, sometimes just a know why you are here.  The difference is we rarely have to go there...I think the last time was about a year ago. Do I miss it...NO WAY...will I have to make the walk down those steps again...probably.

hugs abby

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When is winning not really winning....*

  *title provided by Master..

        A couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to lose 10 pounds. I told Master and He agreed to help, once that happens, there is no turning back until the goal is reached, I have learned that the hard way.  I have not felt great the past couple weeks, flu type thing, then a really bad cough. Master has been patient, and I have sort of taken advantage of it.

     I stopped exercising and was enjoying mostly comfort food. Master kept asking for a weigh in, I kept delaying,,,until I could not anymore.

      Yesterday, when I saw Him, He wanted to know what day I had chosen to weigh in..since yesterday was Monday, I said Friday. He asked about last Fridays' weigh in, and I told Him, the scale has not moved much, except for over the weekend when it went up. He replied, maybe we need a basement visit today, I disagreed asked to give me til Friday. He said He hated to waste a week, and it would be worse for me on Friday, but He agreed.

     Yesterday was also Maintenance day. Last week, we celebrated my birthday on Monday and the week before I was it had been a while, and Master was out to make a point.
He had me get naked and kneeling, and proceeded to pull and pinch my nipples...HARD. He told be to breathe and remember that my body is His playground.  Then it was over His lap.

   He had the brush paddle, and started right in hard with no warm-up. I was verbal from the beginning, which is rare for me. He asked if I was missing my warm-up....some questions are better left un-answered.  He continued spanking very hard, I even yelled out STOP, which of course caused Him to speed up.  He finally stopped for a chat, telling me it is time for me to get back on track, we both agreed to this loss, it was my idea, He is holding me to it. He then tucks me in....reminds that means...He is going to get serious about this spanking....(He was playing before, I think not!)  He gives me a long and hard paddling, the tears are forming, and I just want it to end. I does, and I am not happy...not a good sign.

      He give me a minute, and reaches to check on 'her', and I snap my legs closed....I do know better, and it is something I never do. He immediately pushes them open and says..."You never do that"!  He reaches in and starts to play and I am trying to get my head in a place where I won't say...stop. He knows, He says are you thinking there is no way I can make you cum?  I honestly reply....I thought of it, but I know it is not true...He can and  has.

   He continues, until I am so wet, and so ready, and He stops. I moan and try to push against His hand....He say You win, you won't cum. (Hence the title). He tells me he has not such wish, and has me kneel and pleasure Him, making me even wetter. When He is done He tells me I am not to touch or play or cum....and He still thinks He should have taken me to the basement.
He makes it cleat that exercise has to start, and if it takes a reminder spanking each day , I will get one.

      I had good intentions, but got up this morning got busy catching up on a lot of things, it is getting cold and snowy again, and just did not get to wii or walk. At noon, I tell Master today is my book club, He tells me He is hoping to find time to see me before then and asks when I have to leave....(a smarter person would  have used the wii at that point).

    I get a text a later ....Come over for a recharge....I head over.  He has me kneel for Him and asks about the exercising, how long, what did I do. I am hesitating...and He says...or no exercise, I tell Him I did not.  He is regretting the no basement decision, and reminds me it is almost Friday. He has me get up, I tell Him my bottom is still sore from yesterday...but obviously He thinks it is not sore enough. I take off my pants and panties, lean over the ottoman and Master gets the heavy plank that lies against the sliding glass door. It is heavy, and He is swinging...I pop up after the first one, ouching, He gives me a minute and tells me to get back over.....second swing and I pop up more He says, I ask if He has any idea how much it hurts.....doesn't matter, ...the last one. As soon as I pop up I get a hug, and then am told to kneel before Him and take care of His needs.  

    I am told not to rub my bottom and that if He gets the same answers to His questions tomorrow, He will not stop after 3.  

   I may be foolish at times, but I am not stupid, and I do know He means what He says, and He does not give up, does not allow me tomorrow, I will wii.

hugs abby

Monday, March 11, 2013

Master's answers

   I have been known to say here that at times, I feel like Master lives in my head...He always chuckles and says...I know you so well. Well today, I can say...I know You so well. I had forwarded Master your questions, but knowing that He is really bad at checking His email, I decided to write them down and bring them to Him. When we talked at lunch, He says...I want You to copy or write down the questions and bring them to me.....did that!!!

Here are the questions and His answers...and..I decided to let you know what I thought He would answer...just to see...LOL

What is Master's favorite part of your body?

   I thought He would say my pussy or breast...and

   He said....your pussy, she is my favorite part. Yes, He refers to her in the third person. What He really loves about her, is how she reacts to His touch, even if I try to deny any such reaction.

What is Master's favorite part of our playtime?

  I though He might say how we start, my naked kneeling...

  He said....spanking me.  He has been interested in spanking for a  very long time, I am happy to give Him any opportunity He wants to spank!

Has Master ever dominated anyone before me?

   I guessed yes, I know He has spanked lots of ladies.

  His answer....yes.

Does He find Dominance hard to maintain?

  I see it as part of who He always is, so no.

  His is part of me, of my personality, so no!

Were the rules and rituals Master thinks of planned in advanced or does He go with the flow.

I was curious about this one, I thought more of a spur of the moment.

His answer...I am always looking to fix things, so when I see a problem or something that could be better, I do try to think of ways to make that  happen. Like the travel tax, He knew it was not good for me...for U/us...for me to be away for long periods of time, so He looked for a way for me to think about options, still recognizing how important it is for me to be able to go. So a week with no tax...then....
A lot of the time it is an 'in the moment' decision, depending on where His submissive's head is at, or how I am reacting, what I today for example. 

(I will tell you about today..tomorrow)

Neither one of us had an answer to the question....what are some goals for the coming year?

We are content to see where the year takes us!

Thanks for involving Master in the question and answer,,,if you have more, He is willing to answer!

hugs abby

More answers..

    Fiona this my first D/s  or M/s relationship?

           Yes it is.....not that many years ago I would have laughed til I cried if anyone had ever suggested I would be happy in such a relationship.

She also asks...When did I become aware of my submissive side?

      Aware that I would be able to call myself a submissive, not that long ago, less than 10 years.

     I grew up in the age of feminism...the goal for many was to be a woman who could do it all, and I bought into it.  I was the first one of my generation in my family (a huge family of cousins) to leave our small home town and attend college. I was determined to be an in charge of my life, successful person. Mostly, I succeeded pretty well.

      I was in charge at home, raising 3 children...all born with 4 years...paying the bills, making most of the important decisions.  When I returned to work, I was in charge of a junior high classroom, my opening day welcome, always started with....this room in not a democracy!
I was...still am...a go-to person for many...and I thrived and mostly was happy.

     Then my baby was away at school, I became less busy and felt 'something' was missing. I was having fantasies about spanking....not about submission...just about spanking, I did not associate the two. I typed the word in a search engine, and spent a LOT of time reading.
I joined a site and chatted with a few gentlemen, one of whom became a regular..not Master.
He would write stories for me, and discuss the spanking scene, giving me advice. One day, He referred to me as a submissive, I quickly told him how wrong he was....he just have not met the right person .....yet.

      When I met Master it was with spanking, not submission in mind. For me , it was more of a Top/Bottom relationship. Then He offered to help me on my trying to lose weight....that was a time of mostly punishments, and lots of basement visits. Then one day, it finally dawned on me, my thinking was wrong....this Man who had still not given up on me, who was reliable and trust worthy, who said what he meant, and meant what he said,  ..i should be trying to please Him, not just avoiding His punishments.  It was kind of a light bulb moment. 

     We started to play more, not always punish, and one day He said something to me about being submissive, and I did not run. We talked about it, about what the word meant to both of us, and we started our M/s journey. It was one step at a time, some detours, lots of learning ....but also I felt like I had found a place where I belonged.  

hugs abby

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wooden sponn... check!

      After reading the spanking survey I posted Master said He never realized He had not spanked me with a wooden spoon. I figured I would remember, so He must not have...I was told to put one in my toy bag.  When I looked over my choices in my kitchen, the first one I chose was cracked...I threw it out. The next one was on the heavy side and had slits in it....I put it back...I have learned something in all these years. I finally settled on more of a wooden spatula, not too heavy, and no holes or slits. I put it in my bag, and never mentioned it to Master.

     Yesterday, we had some play time together.  After I inspected how He was doing on the kitchen re-do, I was told to get naked and kneeling. He sits and pulls me in close, and starts to lightly, slowly, circle my breasts, just barely touching, and it takes about 2 minutes for me to be on the edge...a new record! I am moaning and having little tremors, trying to concentrate on Master's voice, telling me to breathe, relax, and I do not have a permission so soon.

   He quickly decides I should get over His knee, if there is going to be any spanking. As He is hand spanking, and we are talking about the questions I have answered, He suddenly says, were supposed to bring a wooden spoon. I tell Him it has been in my bag. After He gives me 'that' look, He tells me to fetch it. I says it is not really a spoon , but close enough. It has a very light curve to it and starts to spank me ,,,curve up. It hurts, my legs are soon kicking, Master thinks I am over-reacting a bit....I have learned to not comment on such things.

   He turns it around, and says the curve just about fits my bottom, and oh...what a difference. More of a nice thud, than a nasty sting...and I am soon back to...moaning and dripping.. Master checks and chuckles.....says I am very close, so He is going to used the hair brush paddle and paddle me to an orgasm.  That has happened before, but I am always doubtful that I will get there , just from a spanking.

   This time, it took just a couple minutes, before I stopped feeling pain, and was raising m;y bottom for more. I could sense that Master was going at it fast and furious, but it was what I wanted.....and yes....from the very depths of me, I exploded, hard and fast, several times.  Just as I was catching my breath Master uses His hand, to leave me more breathless, until I was so totally spent, I just needed to be quiet. After a couple minutes, I look up to thank Him, and He thanks me for the wonderful compliment of being so open to Him, of letting my walls down, of just letting every go.....big sigh....

    As soon as I have legs that work I am kneeling and thanking Him and we are discussing my future travel plans...

     fiona..I gave Master your question...He was actually a little disappointed that there was only 1 question for Him, so thanks for that. He is thinking on it.

hope you are all have a nice is actually sunny here!
hugs, abby

Friday, March 8, 2013

Advice to me

Ronnie asks, if I could back in time, what advice would I give myself.

       I think we all have things we wish we had done or decided differently. Overall, I believe in living life with few regrets. Most people make decisions based on the information available at the time, and make what they think is the best choice. That does not always prove to be true, but then one adjusts.

      I would tell myself...although I am pretty sure I would not have listened, to be braver, to dare to make changes, to not be so concerned about what others think.  To listen to that inner voice, that I worked very hard at silencing.  I think for most of us, age brings more wisdom and tolerance, we could use those when we are young!!!!

    Having said that, I also have to add...would I change anything...I think not. My children are grown adults, who I am very proud of, I have 4 of the most beautiful grand children on the planet, I had a job that I loved (mostly), and made friends that are really family....and just when I thought the best was behind me...I met Master. I would not be willing to give any of those things up!

aisha asks why did I start blogging and what role does it play in my dynamic..

    I have been blogging for almost 3 years...YIKES!  I read blogs long before that, and would sometimes discuss them with Master.  He started to tell me I should blog, and I would say maybe, someday....One day, He said, I want you to start a blog, offered to help with any of the technical stuff, but I was to start that week. I did, although I was worried, what if no one read it, or worse yet, what if they read it once and never came back? 

   I think it was after 3 posts, Master said something about the post, and I said it is my last one...I am done. He asked why, I am not sure what I said, and He told me to continue for 3 months, if I still felt the same way then, it would be my choice. I know....wise man.

   What role does it play in our dynamic...not a big one. It is sometimes easier for me to write about certain subjects than talk about them, so sometimes it has helped on the communication issue..although I am lots better at the talking part.  When I first started I wrote thinking about Him, but now, it is mostly about me, what I think and want to say. Master does automatically get a copy of each post, and sometimes we discuss them, but not always. 

    I think the bigger impact on the dynamic has been all of YOU...I often bring up ideas based on what I have read, and of course, you all have helped me to feel somewhat more 'normal', especially at the beginning.  

    Blogging has been a plus, new friends, new ideas, and at times, a help to better communication!

Thanks aisha and ronnie

hugs abby

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

thanks for the questions...

        I have questions to answer..makes me feel loved...LOL..thanks!

       Yes, Sunny I am feeling better, still have a bad cough, but am getting back to a normal routine, and not so exhausted. It has been a while since I have been sick, hope this is is for a long time to come! I celebrated my birthday for 3 days...
    My niece and daughter took me to a birthday tea...with tea, scones, finger sandwiches, hats, and a very funny waiter!  I also went out for some great seafood, and had a fun family dinner. I got sang to on Skype and face to face, and got some great homemade gifts from the two little artists in the family.  My family always believes in celebrating whenever we can....

   Terpisichore asks if i have any more fun birthday celebrations planned....not for this year, at least not for me. Master's birthday is next month tho!  But I am counting on many more in the years ahead!

   Fiona  had a few questions, two I will answer now, the others need Master's input, so I will get that, then answer. Her first question is "how did Master and i meet"
    We first 'met' on the internet...yep, we chatted back and forth for a few months, then talked on the phone, and then He is me for a beer or coke..This was about 12 years ago...I had never met anyone from just chatting on the computer, I knew a lot about Him, I loved the sound of His voice, but I was soooo nervous. I got to the parking lot on time, and sat in my car for 15 minutes, debating if I should go in or not. I finally did go in, telling myself it was just for a beer. Well that was the best beer I ever drank, cause here we are today.....

    Where do I see us in 10 years?? Who knows...but I do see a 'us', which for me is a big step forward. It took Master a long time to convince me He was staying put, there were times I did my best to almost push Him away, but He stayed put! So I see an U/us....hopefully both healthy, both retired and having lots of time to spend together...  still kneeling for Him, still being spanked, still having lots of fun together.....looking back on the years and marveling at the road W/we have traveled together...

   I will answer your other 2 questions after I get Master's input. Tomorrow is a casino day with my gambling 'buddy', so wish me luck!!

 hugs abby     

If you have a question, I have an answer...

  It seems that March, besides being my birthday month is question and and answer month. I decided to join in this year. So ask away, and if you have a question for Master, I will ask and let you know what He thinks!

 hugs abby

Monday, March 4, 2013

A great start to a new year....

    Yes, as of today I am another year older...and let's just say that I am a bit over half way to 100!
Growing older is not always fun, but celebrating it with Master, sure compensates for that!

    I heard my phone beep last night, reached over to see it was a little past midnight..and my first birthday wish of the day....from Master! He knows my mom loves to get to me first early in the morning...He did beat her to it! 

     This morning Master tells me He wants us to celebrate 'our' style early in the day...I am thinking early afternoon, until He says 9 AM.  So in between singing wishes from my grand-babies, and calls from my family, I manage to almost be on time.

    As we are hugging, I notice toys in a row on a table.....the small leather paddle, hairbrush paddle--with holes, crop, large wooden long paddle, cane and the large strap. He sees me looking over and chuckles, we are going to start and end with my hand, then since I chose the toys, you can decide on the order....that set me to thinking.  Since I love leather, and wood...not so much...I am thinking of alternating...which Master has probably anticipated.

   I am kneeling, naked, Master is of course claiming me..paying special attention to my breast, getting my head into the submissive space, where that is all that matters.  Then it is over His lap, for a hand spanking....the number being my new age plus 1...which will be the number for all of the toys.  He stops and rubs and makes sure that I am enjoying my celebration so far...I am, knowing that it is just starting.

   I am told to get up and make my first choice, I choose the small leather paddle. It has some kind of design on one side and is about the size of a hairbrush. Master stops at NOT the half way rubs, then finishes up. I am totally relaxed and enjoying.  I am told to fetch the next toy...

   I return with the hairbrush paddle. It has no bristle side, but does feel a lot like a hairbrush. This morning it stings from the beginning, I am glad for the break at 40....and hang and breathe to the end. No, He is not spanking as hard as usual, but I think the fact that I showered just before seeing Master has 'tenderized' my bottom.

   Next I select the crop, Master has figured out I am alternating sensations, and says...good thing I chose 3 of each!  (HE does know me!)  He says maybe a tattoo should be part of my birthday..on my thigh of the crop. I agree, and He tells me to hang on , it will be ouchy!  It is...and HE is pleased as it 'blossoms', He stops to take a couple pics. I really do love the crop, as Master uses it all over my bottom.

   As I am told to make another choice, I hesitate, just for a bit...and choose the large paddle.
I am told to get up and lean over the ottoman, as I do I realize I am starting to drip, I am getting sooo wet. I mention it to Master, He checks, and says it is a good start.  I lean over the ottoman, and remind Master that it is a pretty high number, so be kind. He is, stops again at 40, and when He gets to the age where we met, He recalls something about each year as He smacks me...I hardly feels the spanks, I am so overwhelmed by Him, as I remember also. Even the tough years, when we were just too stubborn to give up....they were special too.

    Next is the cane, I get it, and get ready to lean over when Master tells me to stand and hold my breast out...I just look at Him, and slowly comply. Yes they are all on my breast, I tell Him you will think He is mean, He says thank you! He alternates breast, and yes there is a sting, but no marks. He sits, tells me to kneel for Him as He decides to soothe my breast. He starts with light licking and sucking and I am pushing in, wanting Him to take it all in,,,He finally does, and repeats with the other breast. He stops and checks and  asks if I can feel myself dripping, I can.

    I saved the best for last, the large strap. Master has me get comfortable, and uses the strap, 10 on each side, rubbing at 40, before He finishes and I know I am on my way to that special place for submissives.  He then finishes my spanking with His hand...

       Then I am kneeling, showing Master how pleased I am with my morning birthday celebration, and yes....I am in need of a permission....several are granted...and we both are ready for a morning nap!

      Master is working on a major kitchen re-do, so I stay and help out a bit, before He has to go to work....

       Master knows how to make this girl feel extra special, and even to get her looking forward to growing older!
hugs abby




Friday, March 1, 2013

Spanking Survey

Thanks for all the get better is happening, slowly. Have a great weekend all!


Have you ever gotten spanked?   

Are you spanked bare bottomed, over panties, or over clothes? 
   Yes, yes, and yes! 

What is the best thing about being spanked?  

   The closeness, the feelings it brings, the 'hurts so good'!

What position do you get spanked in? 

   Lots,,any position He can think of :)

Have you ever gotten spanked in public? 


What do you get spanked with the most? 

   His hand, and whatever else He chooses.

On a scale of 1-10 how much does the average spanking hurt? 

   Probably a 7...Master feels a spanking should be felt.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a hairbrush?
   Oh yes.

Have you ever been spanked so hard that you started to cry?


Were you spanked as a child? 


Do you think spanking is fun? 
   Unless it is punishment....yes.

Have you ever gotten spanked for bad driving (speeding ticket, etc)?  
   No, I have been warned not to let it happen again.

Have you ever gotten a spanking for no reason at all?
Have you ever gotten spanked by a teacher? 

   No, my first teaching job allowed corporal punishment, I 
   taught 2nd graders, so there was no need.

Is your butt spankable? 

   Happily, I guess Master would think so.

Are you currently in trouble?

     Not as of today..yet.

Do you get lectured during the spanking?

   If it is punishment...yes.

Have you ever seen someone else get spanked? 

   Not in real life.

Have you ever gotten spanked for cursing? 


Have you ever gotten spanked for lying? 

   No, that would be a biggie.

Have you ever been spanked with more than one spanking instrument in one spanking session?  

   Have I ever not been..don't think so.

Do you hate spankings? 

How many people spank you? 


Have you ever gotten spanked with your butt in the air?  

   Kind of hard to do it while I am sitting...yes.

Have you ever gotten spanked so hard your butt was purple?
   No, have had bruises.

Do you think that spanking is a good punishment? 
   I know it is.
Do you believe spanking has made your relationship better, or worse?


Is your butt red and sore afterwards? 

   Yes, but never seems to last long enough.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a sneaker? 


Have you ever been spanked twice in one day?

   Don't think so...depends on long between spankings.

Have you ever asked to be spanked for something you did wrong?

   No need for me to ask

Would you talk about spousal spankings to your friends/family members?                
   Not about any kind of spankings.

Have you ever gotten you butt caned? 

   Yes, I love/hate the cane.

Have you ever gotten spanked with a wooden spoon

   Hmm, don't think so.

What do you get spanked for?  
   Maintenance, punishment, fun, good girl, for no reason...

On average, how many times a month are you spanked?
   Probably 6--8

Do your friends know that you get spanked?  

    Only my blogging friends

On a 1-10 scale, how hard would you get spanked for something serious,such as speeding?   


Have you ever gotten your butt belted? 

   Yes, can be so yummy?

Have you ever gotten your butt paddled? 
   Yes, not so yummy!

After your spanking is over, how long before you repeat the same offense?       
Two spankings for the same offense is NOT a good idea..

Master does not like to think He did not make His point.

Does your spouse enjoy spanking you?

   Master does.

When is the last time you got spanked? 

   I have been sick, a week ago yesterday.

Have you ever spanked yourself?


What is the worst thing about being spanked? 

   It hurts

How long does the spanking last? 
   When Master decided it is over.

Do you like to be spanked? 


Would you describe yourself as a rule follower, or a rule breaker?

   Mostly follower.

Blogger is once again playing a color game with me..sorry!

hugs abby