Wednesday, February 6, 2013

traveling on a 'sore' bottom

   I am about ready to go.....I am packed, except for my carry on, I have sat on my suitcase to close it, my tickets are printed, and I have had my 'you better be good' spanking.

    We started with the usual kneeling time with Master pulling, pinching and mauling my breast. Gently at first, and getting to the point where the pain is all i could think about...til i hear Him say...your turn. I look up at Him, ...he wants me to handle my breast just like He just did. I tweak and mush.....He chuckles and says...I'll show you again. He repeats, finishing with a very painful twist, and i reach up and follow His lead.....only a bit more gently. He is not pleased...and shows my again, only this time, i let the word 'no' come out of my mouth. He tells me to get back in position, and learn from His demonstration, or we could be at this for a long time.  He has His turn, and i finally figure out that i just have to do it. He approves and tells me  that when He tells me while i am away to maul my breast...that is what He wants. He wants it to feel like He is doing it.

    Then it is over His knee, He tells me to get comfortable, I am in for a long, hard session, He wants me squirming on the plane in the morning. He nicely starts with a long hand warm-up, one that  has me starting to squirm at the end. He then picks up something...can't tell what...that is very stingy. He uses it fast, alternating sides, and i am ouching...and it breaks....darn:). It was some sort of thin piece of wood.

    He reaches for a heavier paddle, it hurts, but i am well warmed up, so it is not unbearable. He stops for rubbing and telling me how nice and red and hot my bottom is...then I get another couple sets. There is lots of rubbing and massaging and 'checking' to see how wet i am getting. 
He finally just reaches in and continues to..stir the honey He puts it, while we chat about my time away. 

  He then has been a long time since we have used the paddle ball paddle. It is a huge, heavy, covering both cheeks piece of evil. I tell Him it is used only  for punishment, He disagrees, and tells me to ask Him to fetch it. I am quiet, so He keeps stirring that pot, reminding me not to cum without permission. I ask Him to stop, He chuckles and asks if i want to ask Him something. I am panting, and squirming and know that i am about to lose control, so i tell Him to go get the paddle. He laughs, and says I have to ask nicely and mean He continues to test my endurance...I finally get my wits about me enough to ask Him to please get that paddle, it has been too long since i have seen it.

   He heads for the basement and is gone for longer than i anticipated. He comes up empty handed..and tells me i can stop praying, He could not find it!!!! Can you believe my luck??

   I am told to get up and bend over the ottoman, while He uses the cane for a couple sets, and then grabs a paddle and says....6 take your breath away ones, you are not to move and thank me. i get the first two out and on the third add a sh**, thank You, it does not count. We finish the 7, Master says i have been a very good girl and took those very well. 

  We settle in, and it does not take me long to ask for permission, and it is explosive, Master continues, and after 2 more, I cannot move, am barely remembering to breathe. We continue to enjoy each other for a bit, Master reminding me, that no matter where i am...i am His...and I come back to Him.

   Usually when i am gone i do not have to report my weigh ins, Master said He will expect them this time,. I argued the...different scales, so it isn't fair, He reminded me, all i have to do is weigh in when  i get there, see how it differs from my scale at home, and i am good to go. I could not talk Him out of it...probably cause i have not exercised all week. 

   Sin, over, listed 30 questions a few days ago that she is working on. They are not all about kink, but i think they will give me something fairly quick i can use to keep in touch.

Here's the list: 

1.       A place I’d like to travel
2.       A favourite movie
3.       Something I never leave the house without
4.       A friend I admire
5.       My hometown
6.       Best vacation spot
7.       A song for the day
8.       Three inspirational quotes
9.       A close up of my day
10.   A favourite recipe
11.   Three years ago today
12.   The last item I purchased
13.   Something I’m proud of
14.   A piece of architecture I love
15.   Three blogs I always read
16.   Someone who inspires me
17.   My family
18.   What I wore today
19.   Most memorable of 2013 so far
20.   Something that means a lot to me
21.   A self portrait
22.   What I love about my job
23.   Eight things you don’t know about me
24.   Something that makes me smile
25.   The contents of my purse
26.   Something I’m looking forward to
27.   A favourite restaurant
28.   A skill I’d like to learn
29.   Something I could never tire of
30.   Three wonderful things that have happened in my life

I know i will not post every day, but at least i have something to write about...

I have a 6 AM flight in the morning, i am heading to the New England area...where they are expecting the biggest snow storm of the winter on Friday...figures!

Be good, but not too good while i am away

hugs abby


  1. Have a great, safe trip. Be careful during the snowstorm.

  2. Enjoy your trip and stay safe.

  3. Have a great trip; looking forward to seeing your answers to the list, as am also enjoying sin's! hugs joolz xx

  4. Wow, that sounds like quite a session! Have a fantastic trip and stay safe.


  5. Safe trip and have a wonderful time. See you when you get back.


  6. Sounds like you hav a sore bottom AND a sore top. I
    Love that he had you do it til you got it just right. Wow!

    I hope you have fun and enjoy the snow. I look forward to your own (or Sin's own) version of 30 days of Abby.


  7. Take care, abby. And enjoy your trip.


  8. Good luck in traveling to New England. Hope you don't get buried in snow.


  9. sunny,,,arrived safely, it is wild out there this morning...hugs abby

    Mrs D....thanks, hard not to enjoy with a 3 year old and a 9 month old. hugs abby

    Joolz, thanks plan on getting started on those questions today. hugs abby

    Roz, thanks, this storm reminds me of my youth. hugs abby

    ronnie...thanks, I am blest to have this time with those little ones. hugs abby

    Fiona...Master always has something new up His sleeve. It is snowing and blowing like mad right now. hugs abby

    appy..thanks I plan to enjoy. hugs abby

    FD..not exactly buried, more like in danger of blowing away! hugs abby

    tiffany...thanks, it is wild out there today. hugs abby