Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel tax......

       I am back from my daughter-grandma trip. I spent a few days with my mom, took her for a quick casino trip, and weathered the big storm with her. I then had lots of fun with a 10 month old...she is such a happy, smiley, little thing..and her 3 year old sister...she is quite the drama queen already!  I am so lucky to get to visit...and then to come back home to Master!

     Master and I had our re-connect yesterday...After hugs and a little chat, it was time for me to get ready for kneeling time...I undressed, but forgot...really! take my panties off....Master was incredulous, I blamed the time away, and we both had a chuckle.  Master put on the wrist and ankle cuffs..a treat!

      When I was finally naked and kneeling, Master rubbed and poked and pinched all of me, talking softly to me, relaxing me and bringing me to my submissive place.  Master says we have a couple issues to address...ut-oh.

     The first is payment of my travel tax.  A few months ago..maybe 4,  Master decided to impose a travel tax on my trips. His way of getting me to think about how long I will be gone, and to voice other options to my children.  He finally decided that I get 1 week free....He knows those little ones are important and won't be small for long. The second week I am gone, I pay for each day with 5 swats with a paddle of His choice, the third week is 10 swats a day.  Since He instituted the tax I have not been away for more than 1 week....this time it was 1 week and 6 I had 30 swats with one of His heavy paddles.  Being the nice Master He can be, He 
had me got over His lap, for a long, hand warm-up.

   Then, He had me lean over the ottoman, stick my bottom out, and gave them to me 1 day at a time...each day getting a little harder..the last 5 really had me happy I returned home when I did!
I have to admit, when Master first came up with this idea, I was not sure how I felt, mostly because I just really like to make my own decisions....I know, how unsubmissive of me!  But travel plans had never been something that had to be discussed....I have to admit, the 'tax' has make me think twice about how long to be away....and I do not ever plan to get to the third week stage.  Also, it is nice that He misses me, and wants me here, with Him:}

    The second issue was weight gain...I gained a little over 2 pounds. My daughter-in-law is a great cook and always remembers my favorites and serves them. This time she even came up with an orange-chocolate lava yummy! Master said He had thought about a basement visit for the gain, but decided that a long, hard hairbrush session would get my attention! I guess that is kind of like...good news/bad news.  I was told to settle in over His lap, for a long session....He started right in....Long hard spanks on one cheek, then the other. It hurt, but I was breathing through them, til He started on the sides of my bottom.  Those had me moving and groaning and ouching....He stopped long enough to say He was glad He was getting my attention and continued. Finally, He stopped long enough to tuck me, and give me a final, very hard, and fast flurry....til the last 10....5 hardest ones...all on the same spot, on each cheek. I was very glad when that was over.  Master is giving me til Monday to post a loss, and no more gains til I get the agreed on 10 pounds off, or it will be a basement visit.

    Master had me relax a bit over His lap, as He rubbed my bottom and gave me some recovery time. Then He started to roam a bit, til He had me forgetting about the burn on my bottom to concentrate on the heat elsewhere. After a couple permissions, it was kneeling time, where i got to show Master how thankful I was...til I was spent, and laying flat on the rug trying to breathe.  

   We finally caught our breath....that was some welcome back!

    hope you have a great weekend..
    hugs abby


  1. Welcome Home abby. I love his travel tax. I totally understand the reticence in giving someone some control on your travel autonomy...but the fact that he does miss you and your time away doesn't help you stay in your submissive the return tax helps with that "reset" I would imagine. Sounds like a fabulous visit!


  2. Welcome back. Sorry the travel tax was so hard. Does he ever go away? Nice to be missed though.

  3. Travel tax....yep that would make me think about how long!
    Glad your visit was nice. I bet it is good to be home though!
    How long for those 10 pounds?

  4. Glad he give you at least a free week - that's a long time to be gone. At least you know what to expect. Glad you had a good trip and a great homecoming.


  5. Glad you had a nice trip and a nice homecoming. :-) Hugs, Terps

  6. It is sweet that he does miss you, but shoot fire that is some tax! Yeouch. I can't imagine a paddle. Sounds like the rest of the evening was pretty yuumy.

    Love Isabella

  7. Glad you have a nice trip, bet it is good to be home again. Wow, the travel tax would sure make me think about how long to go for! It is nice to be missed though.


  8. Glad you enjoyed your visit! I don't think I'd want to see that 3 week "tax" either! So happy you were able to reconnect :)



  9. I too am glad you're back safely.


  10. glad you enjoyed the visit sorry to hear about the punishment tax and good luck on losing the weight

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  12. Glad you are back Abby, just catching up on blog reading. The brush can be brutal, what a tax! Bet it definitely would make you think twice about going away for too long. Master asked me to have the brush laid out for him today which leaves one nervous and excited at the same time.


  13. Isn't it a great feeling to know that you're Master misses you when you're away?
    I like the tax, can't wait to tell Bobbie about it, won't she be surprised. I WEG


  14. fiona, you are right it does help with the reset, and it also makes me think about my plans and make suggestions to my children. hugs abby

    sunny, Master occasionally will be away on business or to see family, but not often. I do not remember Him ever being gone for more than 1 week. hugs abby

    Minelle, it is good to be home...not time limit on the 10 pounds, as long as I don't gain. hugs abby

    PK, it's tough when most of your family is spread in 3 states..we do a great job of staying connected, but it takes effort on everyone's part. hugs abby

    Terp, thanks, I love homecomings! hugs abby

    Isabella, welcome to my blog and thanks for commenting...Master uses a paddle when He really wants to make an 'impression'! hugs abby

    Roz, it took me along time to realize my being away was tough for Him also. hugs abby

    Pocahontas....I hope to never 'feel' that 3 week tax...hugs abby

    appy, thanks, there is no place like home! hugs abby

    trazurepet, thanks! hugs abby I have a friend I call I have 2! Good luck with that brush! hugs abby

    bob...thanks for visiting and commenting, don't tell Bobbie where you got the idea from! hugs abby