Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank You Ravens!!

   Neither Master nor i are big football fans, but who can resist a Super Bowl wager?  Master let me pick the team i wanted, i chose the Ravens. I gave Master a couple options of  possible wagers and He chose....a Raven win means a leather maintenance, a San Fran win and it is wood.

     I will admit, i was a little worried going into the third quarter, but was smiling at the end of the game.

    Maintenance was today. After my kneeling and Master's re-claiming time it was OTK for a long hand warm up. Hand warm-ups are such a wonderful way to start a spanking, lots of spanks of increasing intensity, with intervals of massaging, rubbing, teasing, and enticing.
Just as i am about ready to burst, Master decided we should chat about my upcoming trip. I groan,,,He chuckles...just want to be sure I have your complete attention! He does, and He knows I will agree to almost anything.

      Then it is up and over the hammock, Master has chosen the large leather strop. It looks very intimidating, but i love the feel of it. We start with 10 on each side, then another 10 stronger ones. Then it is 20 on each side, still harder ones. Is it just me, i always feel that one side hurts much more than the other, today it was the left side, when He switched to the right , i could feel myself relax.  We ended with 10 more hardest ones on each side. Before He started Master noticed that I still have marks from last Friday.....altho most of the soreness was gone.  Those marks are very enhanced this evening, and my bottom is sore....i love having the soreness last.

     Master added something new today. As He was stropping me He weaved a story. He wanted me to imagine being walked out to the woodshed, having the others in the house watch me go. Once in, and bare, i was laying over a pile of wood, and the stropping started. He talked about why i might be in that woodshed, and what it would feel like, walking back to the house, and having to face the others...knowing that i had been set up by them...LOL.  He is full of surprises. I think He may be related to PK somehow, since He then said, i should write a story or two for Him, and we might be able to set it and play it out. Hmmmm...maybe while I am away.

    After maintenance it was permission and 'flying' time.

   I am leaving Thursday, but I hope to post at least once, if not twice before then..

  hugs abby


  1. Yes, yes - I think you should start writing those stories right away!


  2. Oh abby...WOW. That is some maintenance! WOW! It sounds abso-Straply PERFECT!

    I hope you have a fabulous trip!


  3. Yay for the Ravens! That sounds like an awesome maintenance session. A story - Wow! how creative of him!

    Hope you have a fantastic trip :)


  4. While I don't share your enthusiasm for the Ravens win, I'm glad you had a nice time reconnecting with your Master.



  5. A story- what a great way for him to learn what you want without you actually having to ask for it!
    have a safe trip.

  6. PK..LOL...I wondered if you would pipe up. I am going to try and work on one while I am away..while the grand babies nap. We shall see. hugs abby

    fiona...I love your use of language, and it was soooo good. hugs abby

    Roz..It was super nice....thanks. hugs abby

    Pocahontas...thanks, I was not a big fan of either team. hugs abby

    Mrs. D....LOL...He can think of many ways to get what He wants...
    hugs abby

  7. tiffany,,thanks and thank you for visiting and commenting.
    hugs abby