Thursday, February 21, 2013

thank you Bas!

   What a great idea letting someone know how much they mean to us...that someone is you , Bas!!!

    Your comments are always a joy to read...they make me smile and think...2 very good things!  Your blog is fun to and your darling Lisa are so close and have such fun together. You started off as a blogger who comments, but you have found a way into our hearts. Thank you for being an important part of our little community.

     Many others have posted examples of your words of wisdom, I am getting ready to leave for the airport to head back home, so I don't have time..but I did want to be a part of this special day.

  hugs abby



  1. Yes, safe travels and happy Spankful for Bas Day.

  2. Thanks for joining in! Short, sweet and to the point! I love it.

  3. Lovely Abby, have a safe trip home.