Friday, February 1, 2013

"Take your clothes off to warm up"*

   * Quote from Master...will get to it in a bit!

    I have started a couple posts this week, and just could not get the thoughts on paper..or computer.  It has not been the best of weeks...

   First, I want to thank those who nominated me for "The Inspired Blogger" award. I have to admit, after this week, i feel like i should return it.  I have added you to my blog roll, if you were not already there, and i do apologize, but that is about as far as i will get with the rules. I am very thankful for thinking of me!

  Over the last weekend, i decided i need to go visit my mom.  We had to cancel at Christmas, it has been a while since i have seen her. My son also has been wanting me to visit. They live close enough so i could do both in one visit. My son takes care of my travel reservations, so i gave him a couple of dates to work with..he called me on Monday, and i asked him to wait another day to make the reservation...i wanted to let Master know before the plans were set.

  This week.....there was no M/ Monday was supposed to happen, but Master had a long, hectic day at work, which happens. On Tuesday, it was supposed to happen, but my daughter had an emergency with the 3 little ones she nannies, so i had to cancel.  Master and i barely had time to talk, i wanted to talk to Him in person about my trip, so i did not text or send an email. I was sure i would see Him on Wednesday.  I told my son to go ahead and make the reservations.

   Wednesday....Master and i had a chat at lunch time, but i did not mention my trip, since i figured i would be seeing Him later. His job went crazy on Him again and it did not happen. 
I sent Master a text, telling Him  to check His email....that night He asked why I had not told  him about the plans , i said i wanted to do it in person. He make a remark...and i don't remember exactly what..that set me off.  I asked what He meant....then said...forget it...we no longer seem to be living on the same planet.....and that ended the conversation. BANG...that was the sound of my submissive halo falling to the ground.

   Thursday morning i text Master the usual good morning, but add..i am not feeling great, not getting dressed, probably will stay in bed. I was letting Him know i would not be seeing Him that day. SMASH..that is me stomping all over my halo. Master says when i start to dig myself into a hole i do not know when to stop...He might have a point. I text Him at noon , instead of calling, don't get a reply. During the afternoon i start to re-think my actions and i pick up the pieces of my halo. After He gets out of work, i get a text inviting me to meet Him. I do debate for about 30 seconds....before i reply...Yes Sir, By now, even i have to admit that i have dug that hole deep enough.(and i miss the glow from my halo.)

   When i get to Master's we hug, i am told to kneel, but stay dressed.  After He relaxes my shoulders, He pulls up a hammock and sits facing me. We talk....about the week, about why we are both now frustrated, about my lack of communicating with Him this week, about where we are now...and finally about how we can prevent this from happening again.  I ask if He is ready to give up...He smiles and, but He has been thinking about a good beating.  We finally reach a better place for both of us, and then just spend time reconnecting.

     I go home to try and rescue my halo.

    Today, we both made time for us.  It is freezing here, i was cold when i got to Master's....not far enough to heat up my car. He tells me to take off my clothes, to warm up. I laugh, and He gives my that eyebrow look. I take them off...and yes, i soon warm up.  Master claims me, concentrating on my breast for a long time, reminding me that i am all His, that i am His pleasure.  I then go over His lap for a very long hand spanking, it has been so long, it feels so good...He stops with frequent rubbing, and i am not only getting warm, but also finally relaxing and letting go.  He asks about maintenance, I say that it is Friday , a little late for maintenance. He agrees, but also says that i still need it, to get rid of my 'antsyness'...

   He points to a piece of lumber...a 2 X 4 across the room and tells me to go get it. I get up, get it, and tell Him how heavy it is...He knows. I hand it to Him and He has been a long time since i have seen you look really apprehensive about a spanking. He has me bend over, and tells me to hang on tight, if i move He will start over, and i probably do not want that. The first three are hard and slow...and take my breath away, each spank is like an explosion.  After 3 He asks me how many more i should get, i quietly say 5 total...He finds that a bit amusing. I get 3 quick ones, and it is almost overwhelming. He stops to rub and we chat a bit. Then He tells me 3 more....harder ones.....After the tenth one i feel myself melt, open up, relax, re-find my submission.

   I then am back over His lap, and Master brings me a loud, deep down, explosion...or two...or might have been three...i was lost. We continue to enjoy each other again, Master reminding me how important communication is....we have worked a long time on getting that part right, we need to keep getting it right. We do discuss my travel plans...i am leaving this coming week for some time with my mom, and some time with 2 of my grand--daughters. I pleaded that since i will be staying at 2 different places it is really 2 trips.....Master sees it differently. This is my first extended trip since Master's 'travel tax' law. He says, if i don't come home between trips, it is only one the tax is in effect.

   When i get back home i start to try to put the shatters of my halo back will take a while, but that is OK....



  1. oh hugs!! I am so glad your Master knows how to drag you (and your halo) back into that submissive place.

    I'm chuckling cos i can Hear myself say the same things - slam the same doors, shut myself off and chuck the halo in the bin too!

    I'm thankful for how well BIKSS understands what I need, and I'm sure you are thankful that your Master knows what YOU NEED TOO!

    PS it's never too late for maintenance.

  2. I love the way you always admit when you've failed Him in some way. I wish you a fine trip.


  3. I don't think it was shattered at all. It just bent a bit! Now it's all straightened, buffed and ready to go!

  4. Abby, I'd suspect it's not that you don't know when to stop digging yourself into that hole, but rather that you lose sight of how at the time. I know I do. I'm glad you were able to reconnect!


  5. Abby, I'm glad you had the reconnect and your submission. Your Master seems to know just what you need to get you back to where you want to be.

    Enjoy your visit :)


  6. are right on all counts...we are both lucky! hugs abby

    appy..thanks, i hate disappointing Him, often it ends up being an opportunity for growth. hugs abby

    Minelle...thanks...think I will put in a safe place for a bit. hugs abby

    trazurepet...thanks...for sure I will. hugs abby

    Sara...You are right, I never thought of it, but I do. Thanks. hugs abby

    Roz...Master knows me, sometimes better than I know myself.
    hugs abby