Saturday, February 16, 2013


       We got more snow today, and more coming tomorrow, but it us the typical winter stuff...still Yucky...I have had enough of the white stuff.  Instead of moving on to question 4, I am posting this meme that is making the rounds. Please feel free to copy and participate!

1: Do you like to use post-it notes?
      No, I don't like post-it notes, I am a post-it coholic! I have them in every size, shape and color.  When I taught they decorated my desk and classroom and kept me organized.  I use them for everything! They are always near the top of my Christmas list!

2: Do you take shampoos/conditioner bottles from hotels?
     No, although I might have once or twice.
3: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
     No, for sure on that one...some friends did once, but I just could not do it.

4: Do you have freckles?
    No, none that I can see.

5: Do you always smile for pictures?
     I learned a long time ago....might as well smile, because the picture is going to be taken, and they last a long time. We are a serious picture taking family. We have a closet full of albums..all sorted and tagged! 
6: What's your biggest peeve?
     Hmmm,,,biggest......I guess maybe one leftover from my teaching days, parents who want to be their children's best place of parenting!  As I get older, I find myself with a much stronger live and let live attitude.

7: What's your favorite food?
    Ice Cream, chocolate and lobster...I know that is more than one, the first two are essential, the third a wonderful splurge.

8: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
    I am not a big movie person, so probably...home movies, yes we have lots of those, too.

9: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
    I actually mail my grandchildren snail mail once a week on a rotating basis. Sometimes a card, or a note...or even a post-it with a message. I want them to know the fun of getting to open an envelope and reading a message meant just for them.

10: Favorite kind of sandwich?
  An italian..the kind found in Maine...a long, soft roll, with salami or ham, tomato, onion, peppers, cheese, oil and vinegar.

11: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Belgium waffles with strawberries, and a couple slices of bacon.

12.  Do you sing in the shower?
       As a favor to anyone who might hear, I try not to sing any place.

13. What is your usual bedtime?
       Somewhere between 10 and when I get there.

14. Would you pose nude for a magazine or other publication?

I realize there are two colors happening here....not sure why or how.

hope you are all having a good weekend
hugs abby


  1. Sorry about the snow, I remember I hated February and that was why - I always felt it should be over. It's the one thing I hated most about living in Denver. The worst snows always came in March and April.

    Glad you're having a good time with your family.

  2. Your grandchildren must love receiving little notes in the mail...I know I still get excited about receiving mail (other than junk mail and bills)though it does not happen often and I still like to send notes to people though don't do it as often as I once did... :-) Take care, Terps

  3. Love the Meme!
    I love snow! We hardly get any, and I miss it!
    It is so thoughtful that you send notes to the grands!
    The food sounds delicious.

  4. I had just been thinking that we've been lucky with little snow and lo and behold we just got a couple inches dumped on us.
    I don't know why, but I still get a little thrill when I get a card or letter in the mail.

  5. Snowed for about 3 hours here - beautiful - and now it's all gone. Oh well. We still have parents trying to be the buddy and not the parent and as a results the kids are really bullying their parents. Hard to sit and listen to them all.


  6. We did not get much snow here this year and its a bummer. One big one would have been nice but it does not look like that's going to happen.

    Maybe next year.

  7. Hi Abby, thanks for sharing these facts. I always enjoy learning a little about my blog friends. I think it's so sweet and lovely that you write to your grandchildren and the brekkie sounds devine!


  8. Hi Abby,
    Parents being to nice to their children cause a lot of the problems in this world. And those poor children, that have never had a good example, will have to reinvent parenting all from scratch.
    I have seen enough snow for the year. I have taken enough snow-pictures and now I would like to sit in the garden and enjoy the sun. Unfortunately, my hand written, snail mailed letter did not reach the office of the weather gods.

  9. Very fun - we have more in common than i knew. Guess i'll have to do the meme too - saw it on fiona's too, so i'm thinking all the cool kids are doing it. :-)

  10. Great taste in breakfast foods. Yum. I love that you write to your grand kids. They are lucky!!

    Have you ever had lobster ice cream?


  11. Sunny, I have always thought that it is a good thing Feb only has 28 days...I could not stand any more...Leap year is a trial of that!
    hugs abby

    Terps..they do love it, and I love looking for special things to send them. hugs abby

    Minelle..I love the 4 seasons, but the snow...once a winter would be more than enough. hugs abby

    Mrs. D..i think everyone gets excited at mail that is meant just for them. hugs abby

    PK..In the faculty room we always said...if only we could teach orphans. hugs abby

    dancing..come visit me, I love to share. hugs abby

    Roz...I enjoy learning more about my blogger friends also. hugs abby

    Bas..I sure wish that letter had been delivered in time! Sitting out in the warm sun sounds heavenly. hugs abby it, love to compare answers...have an awesome trip.
    hugs abby

    SirQsmlb...I am a lobster it plain, a little butter, but I would love a taste of lobster ice cream..does it exist?
    hugs abby

    1. Yes... Had it in Maine, NH, & MA. I'm with you on the best way to eat it, though. I love the flavor of it all by itself!!

  12. I, too, LOVE that you write your grandchildren. What a treasure and blessing. I hope your weather clears up. We've had a really mild winter this year and it is strange. Not much snow at all. Fun post and facts.

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  14. SirQsmlb...i will have to be on the lookout for it,,,,thanks! hugs abby

    SNP...Thanks, we had a mild one last year, making yup for it now, I think. hugs abby