Thursday, February 14, 2013

3. Something I never leave the house without

  Hope you all enjoyed a little romancing on this day..or at least a romantic spanking!  I got chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered oreos. I have not opened the oreos, think I will leave them here as a surprise for the grands, I am afraid they might just do me in!

   Things are getting back to normal, most schools are open, and it was a nice sunny day.

    I never leave the house cel phone. I think this answer would be the same for most of us. I don't have a fancy do everything phone, just one that calls, texts, and takes pictures.  I first got a cel when I was an old building, on the third floor, no phone in my classroom...and teaching junior high. I needed something in case of an emergency and a cel phone was the answer. I rarely carried it with me, just had it in my classroom. Then Mastered entered the picture....and i was expected to always have it with me. It took a little 'persuasion', on His part, but i finally got into the habit of having it with me. 

    It is nice and convenient, especially since most of my family is not local. We can always reach each other. 

    An alternate choice for this answer was Master's seems to follow me where ever I go.

    hugs abby 



  1. **giggle** I have never seen your blog before (I saw you at the top of Rogue's list), but I too seem to have My Man's voice following me everywhere. Kinda like Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio, but sexier and more menacing. ;-)

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  3. Happy valentines day Abby. Yep the cell phone would be my answer too and just like you it was only after a lot of reminders. Now if forgotten, its a trip back home to get it.

  4. He gets so frustrated with me because I frequently don't answer my phone right away, but in my defense he always seems to call when I'm driving, in the bathroom or otherwise occupied. It is so convenient though and I love to hear his voice even when we're not together.

  5. Hi Abby, glad things are getting back to normal. The strawberries and oreos sound devine!

    Yep, cellphone would be answer too. If I'm going out on my own I like to have it in case of emergency, car break down etc. My man also expects me to have it on me as well.


  6. Yep I always have my cell to 24/7! I would feel naked without it!
    I had chocolate covered strawberries yesterday as well! Yum!
    Hope your Valentines Day was great!

  7. What did we do before cell phones? Sounds like you are having a fun time.

  8. Glad you like your phone, because that must one universal rule: No sub will ever leave the house without a cell phone!
    It's part of the Protection Plan.

  9. Young lady. welcome and thanks for commenting,,,,I love your description of your man's voice...perfect! hugs abby

    dancing,,,I too, have made that trip back home for a forgotten phone. hugs abby

    Mrs. D, Master expects an answer or a call right is nice to stay connected. hugs abby

    Roz, they are convenient, when charged and not forgotten..hugs abby

    Minelle....they are sooooo much better than the plain strawberries! hugs abby

    sunny...I don't know, but I do write a card or short note to my grands on a rotating basis once a week....I want them to feel the excitement of getting mail, and the joy of the written word. hugs abby

    Bas...glad to see you, you have been in my thoughts and prayers my friend! hugs abby

  10. chocolate covered strawberries, yum! I know I should probably carry around my cell phone at all times...but I don't...

  11. Terp....that is a spanking offense in my life, and not the good kind. hugs abby