Saturday, February 9, 2013

1. A place I would like to visit

...Well today the  answer is some place with no wind and snow. We have almost 3 feet and the winds are howling. Reminds me of my childhood, and the huge storms we seem to get then. But I am safe and warm at my sister's, we are thinking we are going to make this a 'stay in your jammies' , watch movies and play games day!

    On to the first thoughts are Hawaii, or a cruise, or some place tropical. Then I think about all the interesting places in Europe, I have been to England, Scotland and Ireland, but that is it for Europe.

     What I would really love to do is....see the USA. I would love to travel across this wonderful country. I have covered most of the Eastern states, and traveled route 1 from Maine to Florida. I want to stop at the National Parks, see Mt Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and the Geysers. I want to research ahead, and find something I want to see in each state. If I find someplace i want to stop along the way we do.....time will not be an issue.  Maybe we could even stop and meet some of you!

Stay warm and safe all
hugs abby


  1. Hawaii sounds lovely...though to be honest I am happy for the snow (please don't hate me) doesn't feel like winter without it and if it is going to be cold anway might as well have snow, too...but then since the groundhog did not see its shadow I am hoping that spring will be here a few short weeks away. I am not necessary a fan of winter...just the four seasons... :-) Stay safe and warm! Best wishes, Terpsichore

  2. Hang in there abby! If you are writing, you have power and that's a good thing. Stay inside for sure. They are arresting people who are trying to drive.

    Southern Europe would be sort of fun right now. Mostly warm and sunny.

  3. I have to tell you even the pictures on TV look daunting. Hope you have power for the duration and get through safe and sound.

    I'm all for warm weather.

  4. I would love to travel across the US, Mr. D always says if we hit the lottery we'll do a Diners, Drive-ins and Dives road trip.

    Stay warm and safe.

  5. Hey Abby, Out of the hospital and catching up. Your plans for the storm sound great.

    Wish you could visit over here. That would be so much fun.

  6. Start with Kinky Bloggers Convention!!!

  7. Hi Abby, the travel plans sound great! I love the sound of Hawaii and have always liked the idea of a cruise.

    As the others have said. Glad you have power. Stay warm and safe!


  8. Travelling the country is something I would love to do. I've seen most of the eastern part of the states, but not the west. Though my dream place to visit is Scotland, maybe someday.

    Having a "stay in your jammies" day is about the only good way to deal with this kind of weather. Bonus if you have fuzzy slippers to go with the jammies, lol.

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  10. I love travelling and have been lucky to visit many countries. Have always wanted to go to America. Maybe one day.


  11. Terpsichore, I love the 4 seasons also...if only winter lasted for 1 month , it would be perfect.

    Susie, we did manage to keep the power on...hopefully this is it for this winter. hugs abby

    sunnygirl, i am more than ready for slow thaw and spring!! hugs abby

    Mrs D, that sounds like the perfect trip! hugs abby

    dancing, hope you are well on the road to recovery. I would love to be able to drop in for a visit!
    hugs abby

    aisha...oh I wish...maybe some day, it would be so cool! hugs abby

    Roz, am soooo ready for spring! hugs abby

    faerie, Scotland was the most beautiful area I have ever visited!
    hugs abby

    ronnie, thanks, we would love to have you here! hugs abbty