Wednesday, February 27, 2013

cough, cough,cough, cough

     UGH..I have spent the last few days in bed...and not a spanking or orgasm or anything close to sexy happening! 

     Lots of coughing, sneezing, and other things I will spare you a description has been a while since I have been sick or had a bad cold, hope this spares me for a long time to come.

    I was going to actually attempt to get dressed today, looked out the window to see heavy, white snow falling, and falling,,and....I put on fresh PJ's!

    I think I have caught up with most of  you, I am relying on you to keep me amused until I can have some fun .....stop reading and go do something you can post about!! ( only half kidding!)

    and...I checked..this blog is germ free!

   hugs abby


Friday, February 22, 2013

Travel tax......

       I am back from my daughter-grandma trip. I spent a few days with my mom, took her for a quick casino trip, and weathered the big storm with her. I then had lots of fun with a 10 month old...she is such a happy, smiley, little thing..and her 3 year old sister...she is quite the drama queen already!  I am so lucky to get to visit...and then to come back home to Master!

     Master and I had our re-connect yesterday...After hugs and a little chat, it was time for me to get ready for kneeling time...I undressed, but forgot...really! take my panties off....Master was incredulous, I blamed the time away, and we both had a chuckle.  Master put on the wrist and ankle cuffs..a treat!

      When I was finally naked and kneeling, Master rubbed and poked and pinched all of me, talking softly to me, relaxing me and bringing me to my submissive place.  Master says we have a couple issues to address...ut-oh.

     The first is payment of my travel tax.  A few months ago..maybe 4,  Master decided to impose a travel tax on my trips. His way of getting me to think about how long I will be gone, and to voice other options to my children.  He finally decided that I get 1 week free....He knows those little ones are important and won't be small for long. The second week I am gone, I pay for each day with 5 swats with a paddle of His choice, the third week is 10 swats a day.  Since He instituted the tax I have not been away for more than 1 week....this time it was 1 week and 6 I had 30 swats with one of His heavy paddles.  Being the nice Master He can be, He 
had me got over His lap, for a long, hand warm-up.

   Then, He had me lean over the ottoman, stick my bottom out, and gave them to me 1 day at a time...each day getting a little harder..the last 5 really had me happy I returned home when I did!
I have to admit, when Master first came up with this idea, I was not sure how I felt, mostly because I just really like to make my own decisions....I know, how unsubmissive of me!  But travel plans had never been something that had to be discussed....I have to admit, the 'tax' has make me think twice about how long to be away....and I do not ever plan to get to the third week stage.  Also, it is nice that He misses me, and wants me here, with Him:}

    The second issue was weight gain...I gained a little over 2 pounds. My daughter-in-law is a great cook and always remembers my favorites and serves them. This time she even came up with an orange-chocolate lava yummy! Master said He had thought about a basement visit for the gain, but decided that a long, hard hairbrush session would get my attention! I guess that is kind of like...good news/bad news.  I was told to settle in over His lap, for a long session....He started right in....Long hard spanks on one cheek, then the other. It hurt, but I was breathing through them, til He started on the sides of my bottom.  Those had me moving and groaning and ouching....He stopped long enough to say He was glad He was getting my attention and continued. Finally, He stopped long enough to tuck me, and give me a final, very hard, and fast flurry....til the last 10....5 hardest ones...all on the same spot, on each cheek. I was very glad when that was over.  Master is giving me til Monday to post a loss, and no more gains til I get the agreed on 10 pounds off, or it will be a basement visit.

    Master had me relax a bit over His lap, as He rubbed my bottom and gave me some recovery time. Then He started to roam a bit, til He had me forgetting about the burn on my bottom to concentrate on the heat elsewhere. After a couple permissions, it was kneeling time, where i got to show Master how thankful I was...til I was spent, and laying flat on the rug trying to breathe.  

   We finally caught our breath....that was some welcome back!

    hope you have a great weekend..
    hugs abby

Thursday, February 21, 2013

thank you Bas!

   What a great idea letting someone know how much they mean to us...that someone is you , Bas!!!

    Your comments are always a joy to read...they make me smile and think...2 very good things!  Your blog is fun to and your darling Lisa are so close and have such fun together. You started off as a blogger who comments, but you have found a way into our hearts. Thank you for being an important part of our little community.

     Many others have posted examples of your words of wisdom, I am getting ready to leave for the airport to head back home, so I don't have time..but I did want to be a part of this special day.

  hugs abby


Saturday, February 16, 2013


       We got more snow today, and more coming tomorrow, but it us the typical winter stuff...still Yucky...I have had enough of the white stuff.  Instead of moving on to question 4, I am posting this meme that is making the rounds. Please feel free to copy and participate!

1: Do you like to use post-it notes?
      No, I don't like post-it notes, I am a post-it coholic! I have them in every size, shape and color.  When I taught they decorated my desk and classroom and kept me organized.  I use them for everything! They are always near the top of my Christmas list!

2: Do you take shampoos/conditioner bottles from hotels?
     No, although I might have once or twice.
3: Have you ever stolen a street sign before?
     No, for sure on that one...some friends did once, but I just could not do it.

4: Do you have freckles?
    No, none that I can see.

5: Do you always smile for pictures?
     I learned a long time ago....might as well smile, because the picture is going to be taken, and they last a long time. We are a serious picture taking family. We have a closet full of albums..all sorted and tagged! 
6: What's your biggest peeve?
     Hmmm,,,biggest......I guess maybe one leftover from my teaching days, parents who want to be their children's best place of parenting!  As I get older, I find myself with a much stronger live and let live attitude.

7: What's your favorite food?
    Ice Cream, chocolate and lobster...I know that is more than one, the first two are essential, the third a wonderful splurge.

8: What movies could you watch over and over and still love?
    I am not a big movie person, so probably...home movies, yes we have lots of those, too.

9: When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone on paper?
    I actually mail my grandchildren snail mail once a week on a rotating basis. Sometimes a card, or a note...or even a post-it with a message. I want them to know the fun of getting to open an envelope and reading a message meant just for them.

10: Favorite kind of sandwich?
  An italian..the kind found in Maine...a long, soft roll, with salami or ham, tomato, onion, peppers, cheese, oil and vinegar.

11: Best thing to eat for breakfast?
Belgium waffles with strawberries, and a couple slices of bacon.

12.  Do you sing in the shower?
       As a favor to anyone who might hear, I try not to sing any place.

13. What is your usual bedtime?
       Somewhere between 10 and when I get there.

14. Would you pose nude for a magazine or other publication?

I realize there are two colors happening here....not sure why or how.

hope you are all having a good weekend
hugs abby

Thursday, February 14, 2013

3. Something I never leave the house without

  Hope you all enjoyed a little romancing on this day..or at least a romantic spanking!  I got chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered oreos. I have not opened the oreos, think I will leave them here as a surprise for the grands, I am afraid they might just do me in!

   Things are getting back to normal, most schools are open, and it was a nice sunny day.

    I never leave the house cel phone. I think this answer would be the same for most of us. I don't have a fancy do everything phone, just one that calls, texts, and takes pictures.  I first got a cel when I was an old building, on the third floor, no phone in my classroom...and teaching junior high. I needed something in case of an emergency and a cel phone was the answer. I rarely carried it with me, just had it in my classroom. Then Mastered entered the picture....and i was expected to always have it with me. It took a little 'persuasion', on His part, but i finally got into the habit of having it with me. 

    It is nice and convenient, especially since most of my family is not local. We can always reach each other. 

    An alternate choice for this answer was Master's seems to follow me where ever I go.

    hugs abby 


Monday, February 11, 2013

2. A Favorite movie

       I love the four seasons, but I sure could do with a little less winter. There is still a LOT of snow out there. My son went to a grocery store Sunday evening, he called to say the only item in the whole produce section was.............radishes. Guess we know the least liked veggie in the Boston area. Schools are closed again tomorrow (Tuesday), hopefully they will finally get all the roads cleared. That being said, I am warm and cozy and spending my days with the most delightful 3 year old and 9 month old.

    I cringed when I read the topic for day 2. I have been to 1 movie this year, but have not been to one in probably 5 years before that. I just got tired of paying to fall asleep.  Way back when I was in college, movies were a weekly event, but since then a rare occurrence.  I am much more a live theater lover these days, and attend those regularly. Musicals are my favorite, but I do not limit myself to that genre. We have quite a selection where I live, and I am fairly close to a couple large cities with all the latest productions..

So, the movie that stands out the most for me is a classic....The Wizard of Oz.   A musical, of course, with great music. But I love all aspects of it...and look forward to sharing it with my grands...soon!

hugs abby


Saturday, February 9, 2013

1. A place I would like to visit

...Well today the  answer is some place with no wind and snow. We have almost 3 feet and the winds are howling. Reminds me of my childhood, and the huge storms we seem to get then. But I am safe and warm at my sister's, we are thinking we are going to make this a 'stay in your jammies' , watch movies and play games day!

    On to the first thoughts are Hawaii, or a cruise, or some place tropical. Then I think about all the interesting places in Europe, I have been to England, Scotland and Ireland, but that is it for Europe.

     What I would really love to do is....see the USA. I would love to travel across this wonderful country. I have covered most of the Eastern states, and traveled route 1 from Maine to Florida. I want to stop at the National Parks, see Mt Rushmore, the Grand Canyon and the Geysers. I want to research ahead, and find something I want to see in each state. If I find someplace i want to stop along the way we do.....time will not be an issue.  Maybe we could even stop and meet some of you!

Stay warm and safe all
hugs abby

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

traveling on a 'sore' bottom

   I am about ready to go.....I am packed, except for my carry on, I have sat on my suitcase to close it, my tickets are printed, and I have had my 'you better be good' spanking.

    We started with the usual kneeling time with Master pulling, pinching and mauling my breast. Gently at first, and getting to the point where the pain is all i could think about...til i hear Him say...your turn. I look up at Him, ...he wants me to handle my breast just like He just did. I tweak and mush.....He chuckles and says...I'll show you again. He repeats, finishing with a very painful twist, and i reach up and follow His lead.....only a bit more gently. He is not pleased...and shows my again, only this time, i let the word 'no' come out of my mouth. He tells me to get back in position, and learn from His demonstration, or we could be at this for a long time.  He has His turn, and i finally figure out that i just have to do it. He approves and tells me  that when He tells me while i am away to maul my breast...that is what He wants. He wants it to feel like He is doing it.

    Then it is over His knee, He tells me to get comfortable, I am in for a long, hard session, He wants me squirming on the plane in the morning. He nicely starts with a long hand warm-up, one that  has me starting to squirm at the end. He then picks up something...can't tell what...that is very stingy. He uses it fast, alternating sides, and i am ouching...and it breaks....darn:). It was some sort of thin piece of wood.

    He reaches for a heavier paddle, it hurts, but i am well warmed up, so it is not unbearable. He stops for rubbing and telling me how nice and red and hot my bottom is...then I get another couple sets. There is lots of rubbing and massaging and 'checking' to see how wet i am getting. 
He finally just reaches in and continues to..stir the honey He puts it, while we chat about my time away. 

  He then has been a long time since we have used the paddle ball paddle. It is a huge, heavy, covering both cheeks piece of evil. I tell Him it is used only  for punishment, He disagrees, and tells me to ask Him to fetch it. I am quiet, so He keeps stirring that pot, reminding me not to cum without permission. I ask Him to stop, He chuckles and asks if i want to ask Him something. I am panting, and squirming and know that i am about to lose control, so i tell Him to go get the paddle. He laughs, and says I have to ask nicely and mean He continues to test my endurance...I finally get my wits about me enough to ask Him to please get that paddle, it has been too long since i have seen it.

   He heads for the basement and is gone for longer than i anticipated. He comes up empty handed..and tells me i can stop praying, He could not find it!!!! Can you believe my luck??

   I am told to get up and bend over the ottoman, while He uses the cane for a couple sets, and then grabs a paddle and says....6 take your breath away ones, you are not to move and thank me. i get the first two out and on the third add a sh**, thank You, it does not count. We finish the 7, Master says i have been a very good girl and took those very well. 

  We settle in, and it does not take me long to ask for permission, and it is explosive, Master continues, and after 2 more, I cannot move, am barely remembering to breathe. We continue to enjoy each other for a bit, Master reminding me, that no matter where i am...i am His...and I come back to Him.

   Usually when i am gone i do not have to report my weigh ins, Master said He will expect them this time,. I argued the...different scales, so it isn't fair, He reminded me, all i have to do is weigh in when  i get there, see how it differs from my scale at home, and i am good to go. I could not talk Him out of it...probably cause i have not exercised all week. 

   Sin, over, listed 30 questions a few days ago that she is working on. They are not all about kink, but i think they will give me something fairly quick i can use to keep in touch.

Here's the list: 

1.       A place I’d like to travel
2.       A favourite movie
3.       Something I never leave the house without
4.       A friend I admire
5.       My hometown
6.       Best vacation spot
7.       A song for the day
8.       Three inspirational quotes
9.       A close up of my day
10.   A favourite recipe
11.   Three years ago today
12.   The last item I purchased
13.   Something I’m proud of
14.   A piece of architecture I love
15.   Three blogs I always read
16.   Someone who inspires me
17.   My family
18.   What I wore today
19.   Most memorable of 2013 so far
20.   Something that means a lot to me
21.   A self portrait
22.   What I love about my job
23.   Eight things you don’t know about me
24.   Something that makes me smile
25.   The contents of my purse
26.   Something I’m looking forward to
27.   A favourite restaurant
28.   A skill I’d like to learn
29.   Something I could never tire of
30.   Three wonderful things that have happened in my life

I know i will not post every day, but at least i have something to write about...

I have a 6 AM flight in the morning, i am heading to the New England area...where they are expecting the biggest snow storm of the winter on Friday...figures!

Be good, but not too good while i am away

hugs abby

Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank You Ravens!!

   Neither Master nor i are big football fans, but who can resist a Super Bowl wager?  Master let me pick the team i wanted, i chose the Ravens. I gave Master a couple options of  possible wagers and He chose....a Raven win means a leather maintenance, a San Fran win and it is wood.

     I will admit, i was a little worried going into the third quarter, but was smiling at the end of the game.

    Maintenance was today. After my kneeling and Master's re-claiming time it was OTK for a long hand warm up. Hand warm-ups are such a wonderful way to start a spanking, lots of spanks of increasing intensity, with intervals of massaging, rubbing, teasing, and enticing.
Just as i am about ready to burst, Master decided we should chat about my upcoming trip. I groan,,,He chuckles...just want to be sure I have your complete attention! He does, and He knows I will agree to almost anything.

      Then it is up and over the hammock, Master has chosen the large leather strop. It looks very intimidating, but i love the feel of it. We start with 10 on each side, then another 10 stronger ones. Then it is 20 on each side, still harder ones. Is it just me, i always feel that one side hurts much more than the other, today it was the left side, when He switched to the right , i could feel myself relax.  We ended with 10 more hardest ones on each side. Before He started Master noticed that I still have marks from last Friday.....altho most of the soreness was gone.  Those marks are very enhanced this evening, and my bottom is sore....i love having the soreness last.

     Master added something new today. As He was stropping me He weaved a story. He wanted me to imagine being walked out to the woodshed, having the others in the house watch me go. Once in, and bare, i was laying over a pile of wood, and the stropping started. He talked about why i might be in that woodshed, and what it would feel like, walking back to the house, and having to face the others...knowing that i had been set up by them...LOL.  He is full of surprises. I think He may be related to PK somehow, since He then said, i should write a story or two for Him, and we might be able to set it and play it out. Hmmmm...maybe while I am away.

    After maintenance it was permission and 'flying' time.

   I am leaving Thursday, but I hope to post at least once, if not twice before then..

  hugs abby

Friday, February 1, 2013

"Take your clothes off to warm up"*

   * Quote from Master...will get to it in a bit!

    I have started a couple posts this week, and just could not get the thoughts on paper..or computer.  It has not been the best of weeks...

   First, I want to thank those who nominated me for "The Inspired Blogger" award. I have to admit, after this week, i feel like i should return it.  I have added you to my blog roll, if you were not already there, and i do apologize, but that is about as far as i will get with the rules. I am very thankful for thinking of me!

  Over the last weekend, i decided i need to go visit my mom.  We had to cancel at Christmas, it has been a while since i have seen her. My son also has been wanting me to visit. They live close enough so i could do both in one visit. My son takes care of my travel reservations, so i gave him a couple of dates to work with..he called me on Monday, and i asked him to wait another day to make the reservation...i wanted to let Master know before the plans were set.

  This week.....there was no M/ Monday was supposed to happen, but Master had a long, hectic day at work, which happens. On Tuesday, it was supposed to happen, but my daughter had an emergency with the 3 little ones she nannies, so i had to cancel.  Master and i barely had time to talk, i wanted to talk to Him in person about my trip, so i did not text or send an email. I was sure i would see Him on Wednesday.  I told my son to go ahead and make the reservations.

   Wednesday....Master and i had a chat at lunch time, but i did not mention my trip, since i figured i would be seeing Him later. His job went crazy on Him again and it did not happen. 
I sent Master a text, telling Him  to check His email....that night He asked why I had not told  him about the plans , i said i wanted to do it in person. He make a remark...and i don't remember exactly what..that set me off.  I asked what He meant....then said...forget it...we no longer seem to be living on the same planet.....and that ended the conversation. BANG...that was the sound of my submissive halo falling to the ground.

   Thursday morning i text Master the usual good morning, but add..i am not feeling great, not getting dressed, probably will stay in bed. I was letting Him know i would not be seeing Him that day. SMASH..that is me stomping all over my halo. Master says when i start to dig myself into a hole i do not know when to stop...He might have a point. I text Him at noon , instead of calling, don't get a reply. During the afternoon i start to re-think my actions and i pick up the pieces of my halo. After He gets out of work, i get a text inviting me to meet Him. I do debate for about 30 seconds....before i reply...Yes Sir, By now, even i have to admit that i have dug that hole deep enough.(and i miss the glow from my halo.)

   When i get to Master's we hug, i am told to kneel, but stay dressed.  After He relaxes my shoulders, He pulls up a hammock and sits facing me. We talk....about the week, about why we are both now frustrated, about my lack of communicating with Him this week, about where we are now...and finally about how we can prevent this from happening again.  I ask if He is ready to give up...He smiles and, but He has been thinking about a good beating.  We finally reach a better place for both of us, and then just spend time reconnecting.

     I go home to try and rescue my halo.

    Today, we both made time for us.  It is freezing here, i was cold when i got to Master's....not far enough to heat up my car. He tells me to take off my clothes, to warm up. I laugh, and He gives my that eyebrow look. I take them off...and yes, i soon warm up.  Master claims me, concentrating on my breast for a long time, reminding me that i am all His, that i am His pleasure.  I then go over His lap for a very long hand spanking, it has been so long, it feels so good...He stops with frequent rubbing, and i am not only getting warm, but also finally relaxing and letting go.  He asks about maintenance, I say that it is Friday , a little late for maintenance. He agrees, but also says that i still need it, to get rid of my 'antsyness'...

   He points to a piece of lumber...a 2 X 4 across the room and tells me to go get it. I get up, get it, and tell Him how heavy it is...He knows. I hand it to Him and He has been a long time since i have seen you look really apprehensive about a spanking. He has me bend over, and tells me to hang on tight, if i move He will start over, and i probably do not want that. The first three are hard and slow...and take my breath away, each spank is like an explosion.  After 3 He asks me how many more i should get, i quietly say 5 total...He finds that a bit amusing. I get 3 quick ones, and it is almost overwhelming. He stops to rub and we chat a bit. Then He tells me 3 more....harder ones.....After the tenth one i feel myself melt, open up, relax, re-find my submission.

   I then am back over His lap, and Master brings me a loud, deep down, explosion...or two...or might have been three...i was lost. We continue to enjoy each other again, Master reminding me how important communication is....we have worked a long time on getting that part right, we need to keep getting it right. We do discuss my travel plans...i am leaving this coming week for some time with my mom, and some time with 2 of my grand--daughters. I pleaded that since i will be staying at 2 different places it is really 2 trips.....Master sees it differently. This is my first extended trip since Master's 'travel tax' law. He says, if i don't come home between trips, it is only one the tax is in effect.

   When i get back home i start to try to put the shatters of my halo back will take a while, but that is OK....