Saturday, January 12, 2013

part 2 of an amazing afternoon

    Where was i??..oh yes...

     Master gets the next toy, sits beside me. one hand on me, and starts in with what is certainly a small, wooden paddle...maybe a hairbrush. Honestly, i forgot to ask..all i know is, He starts in with sets of around 20/25 increasing His force with each set. By the time he starts in on set 3...I am gone to that wonderful place. I know He is still paddling me, but there is no pain, there is no sound, i am totally relaxed, not jumping or moving. I have no idea how long He continued, I remember feeling Him rubbing my bottom and saying, 'that was quite a nice build-up'. All i could do is smile.

    Once i am alert, He loosens my wrist ties, and unties my ankles and tells me to get up on my knees and spread them so i am fully exposed. I try, but can only get one leg in place. He repeats what He wants, and I say...I can't. He says He will help...and that leg is not moving....He checks..and VOILA... He forgot top untie that ankle restraint. He is not quite perfect..LOL. Once He unties it, i get up into the position He wants.

       He is rubbing my bottom and i feel that He is inserting my bottom toy. I tell myself, relax breathe, but He always reaches a point, where i resist. He tells me to relax, and i am able to, and it is in. He plays with it for a while, twirling and pushing asking me how it feels, at the same time He has reached around and is playing with my pussy. He decides I need both holes filled, so He gets my large vibrating toy, and now i am full. He is playing with both, i am just trying to breathe and not cum. He notices i am getting very wet...chuckles and says He will give me permission...just not yet. When He is finished, He pulls both out, totally unties me, and tells me to get on my back. 

      I always feel more vulnerable and open on my back, for a long time i would always try to cover up.  Master is looking for something, telling me  to spread my legs and arms. He returns holding clothes pins.  I do not remember those being in His bag. He pinches one on each of my nipples, shows me that He has two more....and attaches those to my pussy. It does pinch, but the pain is not terrible. Master starts to pull on one of my nipples, elongating it. He decides He needs a picture. He takes one, thinks the breast should look longer, pulls it more, and takes a pic He is happy with. Since He is a symmetrical type of person, we repeat with the other breast.  
   He then uses the 2 finger strap, to go up and down my front, between my legs, on my pussy. He repeats that process with the crop, which reaches more places, but feels much nicer. He then decides to remove the pins. He starts with one breast, takes the clothes pin off, and immediately starts to lick and suck, cooling me off. He repeats with the second breast, until i am squirming. He then removes the remaining 2 clothes pins and gives me a wonderful hand pussy spanking. That could have gone on longer....

    Master looks at me and says, still worried you can't play Sir.  Master 'checks' and decides it is time to grant a few permissions. Wise man, He did not expect me to ask, He just gave me permissions....we finished with Him laying beside me and me back on my safe, furry spot. was nap time...we are not as young as we used to be!

       As i was getting ready to leave, Master told me to choose a toy from the table for my last spanking. I looked them over carefully, and noticed the horse hair. Not as good as the large leather flogger, but it is the one toy i like Him to use both front and back. He uses it for a bit, them pulls me over His knee, so we can end with a hand spanking.

      Truly, an afternoon to remember!

      hugs abby


  1. How could you even manage to make it home. Wow.

  2. Oh abby...that sounds abso-spankingly-amazing!!!! YEA!!!!!!!

  3. Abby it sounds like you had no trouble "playing hard"! Good for you!



  4. LOL, fiona gave me the mad giggles! Yes, abby, sounds so very lovely! *goes in search of Ward* :-D

  5. Glad you had a good afternoon! :)

  6. Sunny..the napped help..and I did not have far to go. hugs abby your new word! It was!!! hugs abby

    Starshine...It was special! hugs abby

    Pocahontas....I did not...and it felt good! hugs abby

    June....It was one of those that sticks with you for a while..hugs abby

    SNP...We both sure did! hugs abby