Tuesday, January 15, 2013

M/M..His belt

   Yesterday was our regularly scheduled maintenance day. My bottom had just barely recovered from Friday afternoon.

    After kneeling time, i was over His lap for a deliciously long  hand spanking warm up! Yes, it did get  harder as He progressed, but He set a wonderful pace, and i did not want it to end.  He told me he had decided on His belt for maintenance. That gave me something to look forward to. At one point He asked i had enough of a warm up....my mind is thinking...never enough. I hesitated, so He decided to check and see just how much i was enjoying His hand..A LOT!!
He continued to get me wetter, and announced that no permissions would be granted until after maintenance.

   I know better than to cum without permission, so i said i was ready to move on to maintenance.  He had me lay down so that my whole body was supported...a position that is both comfortable and makes it easier to stay in place.  I hear the jingle of the belt being removed...such a special sound.

    He starts in with fairly light strokes, even Master comments that i could probably take a whole lot of these...i agree and encourage Him to continue.  He moves on to another set, stronger, but still feeling pretty yummy!  That long hand warm up, goes a long way to increasing my tolerance.
A few more sets, and he announces...last ones, you are to count, and they will take your breath away!

      I count and remember to add  a Thank You Sir, after each one. He has decided 6 on each side.  They do take my breath away, and my counting forces me to stay in the moment, but, i can also feel my juices flowing.  

      Master tells me how much He loves the way I respond to Him...and He quickly has me begging for a permission.  After the first one, we take it a little more slowly enjoying each others company.  While I am catching my breath we look around the room, and think it would make a pretty good home dungeon...right size, color, just needs some hooks and equipment. Master mentions He has made a portable whipping post, and tells me how...He chuckles and says if I called it a flogger post you would be more excited...He is right!

      My goal this week is 1.5 pounds, I asked Master if we could reduce that to 1 pound...He said no...He wants me to get back to my base...and lose a little. I then asked if He would think about making future goals 1 pounds a week. He said yes...but i continued...saying i really wanted Him to consider it. He said, OK...I considered it, after this week one pound a week it is, a nice steady loss.  That also came with a warning that my weigh in on Friday needed to be 1.5..or...else!.

   Winter is about to make a return to these parts..YUCK!

  hugs abby


  1. Hope you make your 1.5 lbs. Don't blame you for yuck on winter's return. Your maintenance session sounded yummy-he is such a thoughtful Master.

  2. I love Daddy's belt...from the first jingle till it hits the floor :) Good luck with the weight loss!

  3. I do love the belt...:) Best Wishes on the weigh in!!!!!

  4. I hope you make your loss too. If you have any ideas please pass them on...I'm in a weight gain funk!

    The rest, ummmm sounds delightful.

  5. I agree that a flogging post sounds more exciting than a whipping post. Good luck with weigh in.

  6. Good luck on the weigh in.


  7. The cold will take some extra calories from you. Thinking about the flogger post will do the same, so you are sure to get your Friday goal.

  8. sunny...It was pretty yummy, I know how lucky I am to have found Master. hugs abby

    June...we are in agreement! hugs abby

    Starshine...seem to be quite a favorite....maybe because it is part of Him, not just toy in the bag???..hugs abby

    Minelle...It was delightful..I have been drinking lots of water...and consistently exercising...BLAH! hugs abby

    Mrs. D Thanks for visiting and commenting....I sooo agree with you. hugs abby

    ronnie...thanks! hugs abby

    Bas...Thanks for the vote of confidence..think I might throw in some exercise?? hugs abby