Sunday, January 27, 2013


   Master-handled is the term that Master came up with while mauling my breast. He was very pleased with Himself and said i should share it. I thought it was very apt!

    I loss a pound last week, even though i went away for a 3 day weekend. Master was impressed, since i usually struggle to just stay the same. I had a plan, and i stuck to it, and playing with a 4 year old and an 18 month old is great exercise!

    When i walked in , i noticed Master had the cane out...again.  After my kneeling and master-handling of my breast, i was over His lap.  I was treated to a wonderfully long hand warm-up.  I then expected Master to tell me to stand and bend over for the cane.  Instead He grabs the cane, holds it in the middle, to shorten it, and proceeds to 'tap' my bottom with it. It is more 'thuddy'. instead of the usual sting of the cane. He starts very lightly, and increases in strength, but not too hard. He covers all of my bottom and on my thighs. It really is a totally different sensation. Master has me repeat which part of me is His...all of me, of course.

   Then He is using it on my back. I think He is using the handle part, since it feels thicker than what I was feeling  on my bottom, and it is very "thuddy".  I start to squirm trying to absorb the pain. Master stops and asks how it felt...I tell Him it hurt.  He says really?...and starts in again.
Another round of the same...and yes it still hurts. Finally He is done, and i feel some welcome rubbing!

    I am thinking that was a unique session with the cane, when Master tells me to get up and lean over. Back to the traditional.  After a couple sets with the cane Master is pleased with the read stripes and welts.  He then lets His fingers roam to test my 'readiness', of course i am quite wet.  Master continues to play and when He senses i am close, I am allowed to move and we get comfy. Permissions are granted, i am soon breathless, spent, and so calm.  After some quiet time, i am back between Master's legs, and then i am must laying into Him as we chat and just enjoy being in that special place together.  

   Sometimes i think i can actually feel us getting closer, and this was one of those times. I am not sure why it happens when it does, but it is an amazing feeling...being 'Master-handled'!

hugs abby



  1. Happy you loved being 'Master-handled'

  2. Ooooohhhh! I do love when things get changed up a bit :D Glad you enjoyed your time together



  3. Glad for your ability to feel close and connected. Sounds scary though, I can't handle a cane very well.

  4. Hi Abby, ooh, "Master-handled" I love it! I'm so glad you have a great connection and are feeling close.


  5. I am glad you had 'master' time. The closeness sounds great!

  6. Master-handled indeed! Just what the Master ordered :-)


  7. I am glad you are a very appy couple.


  8. I am glad you are a very appy couple.


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    1. sunny...I did, He knows just how to 'handle' me! hugs abby

      Pocahontas, nice to see you...I do too, Master never lets things get too routine. hugs abby

      Stormy, thanks, Master always is not the 'toy', it is the person using the toy. The can is intimidating, tho. hugs abby

      Roz, I lvoe it too..LOL..thanks for visiting. hugs abby

      Minelle, thanks,sometimes that closess overwhelms a good way. hugs abby

      fiona..He know me so well...hugs abby too..thanks for visiting hugs abby

      appy...LOL...we are! hugs abby

  10. I love that term "master handled" I nominated you foe a very inspiring blogger award. If you're interested in participating the details are on my last post.