Thursday, January 3, 2013

First spanking of 2013

       Master and i finally had some 'just us' time yesterday. Time to reconnect in our special way, time to talk, spank, cum, and breathe freely.

         Master believes in being generous with His hugs and His spanks.  We started with the first, proceeded to my kneeling time. Master was rubbing all over as we chatted, and gently playing with my breast. As He helped me up He commented that He had not pulled or squeezed.....i smiled and least not yet...which caused Him to chuckle. We do know each other quite well.

        Then it was over His lap, for a wonderfully long hand spanking, with lots of rubbing. I felt myself totally relax and finally let go. He decided to give me a set on my thighs, just to remind me that all of me is His...they woke me up!  He would occasionally let His finger wander, just to be sure I was enjoying His 'attentions'...and was still awake! I was then told to get fetch my toy bag, I am supposed to have it so He can reach it, and I did not. The first thing He pulls out, is the froggy paddle...the one that used to be a children's toy. The pain is all surface pain, but the quick stingy spanks make for a wonderful warm-up.  Next came my small leather strap, more of a deeper pain, but after a nice warm-up, the kiss of the leather was what i craved.

        Master see if "she" was also enjoying His efforts. Of course "she" was, this time we were in accordance....truth be known, "she" and i do not always agree....much to Master's pleasure.  Just as i was getting where i am moaning and trying to urge Master on, He asks if i want maintenance now or later.....I did not want an interruption, but i knew i would be 
'jello' i took a deep breath and agreed to now.

         I was told to lean over the ottoman, legs spread, and to my surprise say Him holding His cane. I looked at Him....He said yes...the cane. He reminded me that maintenance is a deterrent to punishment, so even tho i had not been spanked in a while, He chose the cane.  At least i had  a warm-up....but that first swish had me gasping...there is no such thing as a a light tap with that cane.  After the first set of 6 on each side....He stopped so we could discuss my decision to  lost another 10 pounds (at least). I had weighed myself yesterday, and i was 1 pound above my wriggle room....i need to lose 3 pounds to get back to my last goal. Master took that news pretty well, and declared that i needed to get back to my goal weight, by a week from Friday....10 days for 3 pounds...He knew that would require real effort, so he strongly suggested that the wii come back into my routine. I wish I could walk, but there is over a foot of snow and it has been freezing here!!  I agreed, and maintenance continued. Another set, and i was just trying to breathe through them.  He commented that I was doing well...last set. These were harder and 10 to a side, He had me on my toes, and forgetting everything else. 

      After rubbing my bottom for a while, He decides to check on 'her'. Even she had not totally enjoyed this maintenance, and had dried some....He proceeded to rectify that, and I was soon squirming and pain was not my main thought, Master asked if i wanted to cum over the ottoman or someplace more comfortable, still having some of my wits about me, i chose to move.

      Once we a settled, Master continues to get me closer to asking, when He decides to chat. I let out a moan of frustration...He comments, He just wants to be sure He has my full attention. He wants me to repeat the terms of my getting back to my goal......I ask if we could re-negotiate those terms....thinking maybe i could get a better deal. Master says ....sure....would you like me to punish you for going above your wriggle room or maybe....I stopped Him...knowing where this was going and agreed to the 3 pounds by next Friday...and then no gaining til the extra 10 pounds were gone.  Master smiles with that smug look and proceeds to get me to the edge of cumming,,,and tells me to cum for Him...i do....i do...and i do again.....i can no longer move, breathing is all i can manage, as I lie there totally spent and satisfied.

        Master finally asks me if i can move, and i am between His legs, thanking Him, as we end up in a tight hug that lasts for a while. 

          A great start to the new year....

          hugs abby



  1. Sounds fantastic. Im no dieticien but isnt 3 pounds in 10 days too quick?
    Ive been told a kilo a month. Which is like 2.2pounds, ensures ur body maintains its skin elasticity while you lose weight.

    And doesnt end up gvg u too much loose skin the way rapid weight loss can.

    Hey not judging just sharing what my nurse told me.

  2. Glad you were able to come together so well. Good luck on the weight loss.

  3. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful way to start the new year :)

  4. I get why he wants you to lose the 3 quickly. It will set the stage to continue losing. You probably just gained the 3 through the season, so it might not be an accurate gain.
    Glad you were able to have fun!

  5. Love. Really abby, things sound great for you.

  6. I like to see you so happy.


  7. Fondles..thanks for the info....He does not expect me to keep at that pace...hugs abb

    sunny...thanks...strated back on the wii today....hugs abby was! hugs abby

    Minelle...I thinkk you are right....success breeds success...hugs abby

    Kitty....Everytime I tell Master that I am lucky...He corrects me to say we are lucky...we are! hugs abby

    appy....thanks....I consider you a good friend. hugs abby

    1. phew, ok then. i'm sorry if i misunderstood. just wanting to be safe (i'm a bit of a worry wart can you tell?)


  8. Happy Weekend, Abby. Good Luck on the weight loss:)