Friday, January 11, 2013

Cuffs, Rope. Leather, clothespin and......... was that kind of afternoon!

     My weigh in report this morning was down 2.5!!! More than was expected..since i traded in 1 pound for wearing a plug earlier this week.  I was happy, and i knew Master would be. Master tells me to keep my afternoon open to Him...for an extended empty the bag play time! We have not had one of those in a very long time. My first reaction was WOW..finally...followed by YIKES..what if i can't take all that, what if i disappoint Master, what if....Then reason prevailed, this Man knows me inside and out, He knows how to get me where He wants me to be, He cares for foolish of me to worry.

   I warned Master, that i would post a disclaimer..i am not sure how much of this afternoon i can accurately write about, i spent a lot of time in that place that is all sensation and little awareness. What a wonderful afternoon:)

  I had been saving some special undies i bought a bit ago, I decided this was the time. My All lace black bra coupled with a pair of red, lace, crotchless (when the bit of ribbon keeping them closed was untied).  My underwear got to stay on longer than it usually does...

  We started as we always do, me kneeling, Him claiming. Then it was over His lap for a quick hand spanking. We then took a break...LOL...just to lie together, me in my 'safe spot' buried in his hairy chest. We chatted , we totally relaxed, we almost fell asleep!

   Master had me get up and get my cuffs, ankle and wrist. He clipped my wrist cuffs together behind me, then told me to go get the clover leaf paddle. I looked at Him...go on, the toys are laid out on the table. I walked over, and managed to turn around pick up the paddle and bring it to Him.  He told me to get over His lap, not an easy task, when my wrists are clipped together behind me...I sort of just plopped down....not very graceful. Master started in slowly, and picked up tempo and force, until my bottom was warm and rosy. 

  I mentioned that it was getting too warm in the room, it has been unduly warm here, a great January thaw!....but i needed some air. I expected Him to turn on the air, or open a window. He did open a window and a screen , one facing the back. He called me over and I started to put my head out of the window, when i was told to stick my breast out, i looked over at Him....waiting. I picked up my breast and stuck them out of the window, looking around to make sure, no one could see.  I assured Master that i was soon cool enough to continue.

  Then it was on the bed, on my tummy, spread eagle, being tied. Master believes that bondage should not be a comfortable, relaxing position, i was stretched, but i could feel the excitement start to grow . He debated about flogger or whip first...flogger is my #1 choice...always! I suggested a flogger sandwich...He chuckled, 2 floggings for 1 whipping! He did start with the flogger, from my neck down to my ankles, making the trip several times, increasing in intensity. Since the very beginning, the sensation of  Master flogging me, sends me to a wonderful place, the harder the more i feel myself melting into it.  Then it was whip has been a long time since Master has had the pleasure of whipping me...i think it is His favorite.  It takes me sometime to get used to the sting, as opposed to the thud of the flogger.  Master is soon in His rhythm, striping me all over, leaving me with an all over tingling feeling.

    Then I feel something, large and cool on my bottom and back..Master is holding it down. I think...acrylic paddle...i am right, and Master starts to paddle me.  I have never liked that paddle, but this afternoon it was amazing, i wanted more, and was trying to urge Master on...
Then crop...Master calls it His helping hand, the end of it is shaped like a hand. I have always liked the is leather, and reaches in to all sort of interesting places. He tried to give me a 'tattoo' with it on my thighs, and then proceeded to continued up and down my body...reaching into every nook and cranny....lite taps, strong thumps, keeping me guessing. I was truly floating off to that wonder place we all crave.  He then traded the crop for the double tailed strap and repeated the pattern. In between toy changes, there was always a nice massage, taking some of the heat, and relaxing me even further. 

   I am going to stop, it is late.,..and i still have lots of fun to fill  you in i am going to make this a 2 part post....i need to go have sweet dreams!

hugs abby


  1. Yea abby!!!! That sounds so wonderful. Today must have been sub-beating-day!!!! Hooray for us!!! Can't wait to read your part two!

  2. ooooohhhhhhhh, now it's my turn to be jealous! You had some....lotsa fun :) I'm glad you had a lovely afternoon. leather...yummy :D

  3. Okay, having just come over from fiona's place, I'm soooo jealous, lol. Sweet dreams for sure :)

  4. a good start...can't wait to read the rest...sweet dreams...good job on the weigh in :)

  5. I'm happy for your amazing afternoon and for your weight loss - time for me to get cracking on that too!


  6. It was a busy day! Good weight loss job. Like faerie, I just visited Fiona's place. When this goes on I'll have to rethink my job as HoH.

  7. The way you are describing being spanked makes it so beautiful.
    I love your blog, abby.


  8. Sounds like quite a day, can't wait to read about the rest.

  9. SirQsmlb...maybe we can both manage another one..sooner rather than later! Read your post..Hurrah!!!
    hugs abby

    June, it was along time in coming...but yeah..lotsa fun! hugs abby

    faerie, the dreams were sweet..thanks for dropping by..been thinking about you. hugs abby

    Starshine...thanks, that man knows how to reward! hug abby

    PK..thanks..come on..we can both do this!! hugs abby was an awesome afternoon. hugs abby

    appy..thank you so much, you are such an encouragement when Is ometimes wonder if I should continue. hugs abby

    Mrs. D.....It was...sigh...wonderful! hugs abby