Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BRRRR..hope you are all staying warm!

     Winter...bah humbug! Considering I grew up in New England, one might expect I had come to terms with cold and snow....NOPE! Highs in  the single numbers and snow, mean I just want to snuggle in with a good book and ignore what is happening outside. It does work for a few hours a day....

     Today is 2 years since my dad died. When I think about him now, i can do so with a smile, instead of tears. I hear him whistling, i see him teaching his grands to play cribbage, i see His smile as he rocks his great - grands....they are all making you proud dad...

     I want to thank everyone for the responses to my last post on 'asking'.  When I started blogging it was at Master's insistence, I told Him I wanted to stop after my third post. He told me to stick it out for 6 months and then we could discuss it again. I would have missed out on so many new friends, on finding out that I am not alone in my feelings (whew). I love it that you can give me a different perspective on a topic, and make me look at things in a new way. Since I probably have not said it lately.....THANK YOU ALL!!

   Since this past weekend included a holiday...I decided to enjoy some grandma time.  I went to see my 4 year old grand daughter, and her 18 month old brother. When I called my daughter to see if it was a good time, she said she and her hubby were just thinking  than an adult overnight was over due. I was all for it.....After I arrived, they asked the 4 year old if she wanted to go to  hotel with mom and dad or stay with grandma...without hesitation...she said...WHOOPIE!! we will have so much fun with grandma. And we did have lots of fun...i returned yesterday evening, just beating the snow.

    I told Master this morning that today was a good day to just hibernate, He agreed, I could hibernate after my maintenance spanking.  He even let me keep my clothes on..for about 10 minutes..LOL.  We started with kneeling time, and some chat about a bit of attitude He had detected while I was away, and last night.  He then started out on my breast, very gently at first, just as i was relaxing, He started in with the pinching and pulling. He kept saying a little harder, and harder, reminding me how much it pleases Him that i no longer flinch or try to move..

    Then it was over His lap, for a hand warm-up...He started slowly, and increased the intensity with each set. After a few sets, He asked if I wanted the cane or the paddle He had set out. I said..your hand is pretty good. He laughed, but said choose. I knew, if i did not, i would probably get both, so since we have not played with the cane in a while, that was my choice.
Master gave me  sets of 12 each, each one getting harder....during the third set, I was reminded to keep my bottom presented to Him, and to keep breathing. He also very nicely including some rubbing after each set..

     Master then had me lie back down, and checked to see if any part of me had enjoyed my maintenance. Of course, He found a part that had....and He used His magic fingers to bring me right to the edge, He then reminded me that i could not cum without permission, and He was not ready to grant any permission yet. He wanted me so needy, that i exploded, so I had better relax a little, and find some control. I somehow manged to talk myself in to breathing and  keeping still, until I just could not stop...I begged for a permission...it was granted, and i came from my core.....more than once...and was totally spent. When i could move again, i moved between Master's legs, and settled there.

        Just as i got up to get dressed, Master told me to bend back over ....i looked at Him, and did. He picked up the paddle that i had passed on, and asked me how many did i need as a reminder that when i say good night or text Him, that i should include the word Master. I hate making that decision..i thought about 5, but figured that would not fly, so i said 10. He asked if that would be enough to help me remember....Yes Sir. So, I got 10 more hard ones with the paddle. Then i was told i could get dressed...but no undies. I said it is really cold, He agreed, but still said no underwear. 

      Stay warm...or better yet, have someone warm you up!
     hugs, abby


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  2. Okay, blogger first posted my comment twice, then deleted both. Let me give it another try, lol.

    I think we must live in the same general region, the weather here is miserable too. Sounds like you found a lovely way to warm up though :)

  3. Oh...yes...brrrrr for sure. It's wicked COLD!

    I do love your Sir...he knows you so well. He also knows what he wants and expects and takes nothing less...that self confidence and assuredness is so hot! Sounds like you had fun with the babies - then fun for your soul.


  4. We must be on the same wavelength. Your father sounds wonderful.
    Grandma time sounds like it was just what you needed. I get to spend time with my nephew tomorrow and I cannot waitt
    The other..... Well it seems to have been perfect.

    The weather by me is in the singles and below. Let's not talk about windchills!

  5. Thinking of you and your father this day then Abby. I am glad time has helped a little (but never the same). I am sorry it is so cold. Where I live it is cold, but the weather has been pretty mild for winter (I probably just increased our chance for bad weather now) ha. Glad you got some good time in with Master, too. Take care.

  6. We don't get too many extremes of temperature here in the UK, but this past week has been cold and snowy. Lovely to look out but definitely better seen from the warmth of indoors. Glad that you had such a lovely time with the little ones and the such good maintenance with your Master. Lovely to be able to think of such good times with your dad xxx

  7. I agree about the blogging... it was a brilliant move on the part of both our guys. I think if nothing else, they should get a ton of credit for making us blog. :)

  8. Thank you, Abby's Master, for making her blog and for keeping her warm. We really appreciate all your hard work.

  9. Hi Abby, I too and thinking of you and your father and am glad time has helped heal.

    It sounds as though you had a wonderful time with the grands and a wonderful connection with your Master.

    I don't know if I should say this, but we are in summer in NZ at the moment, although the weather has been a bit mixed. It has remained warm though.


  10. Sounds like a wonderful way to keep warm.

  11. Warmth at any price...lol. It IS too cold Abby, I agree.

  12. faerie,,the older I get the more I want warmth! Master does do a good job of supplying that! hugs abby

    fiona...we are cut from the same cloth...it is HOT..and I often tell Him He feeds my soul. hugs abby

    Minelle..hope you had a great time with your nephew! hugs abby

    SNP..hope your weather stay mild..good luck! hugs abby

    Joolz...thanks....Master had a delightful way of keeping me warm.
    hugs abby

    Kitty..yes They do!! hugs abby

    Bas..Master says thank You....keeping me warm is His pleasure. hugs abby

    Roz..glad to hear it is warm someplace..NZ is a bit far for me to visit. hugs abby

    Mrs. D...the best way! hugs abby

    trazure....I am trying! hugs abby

    Susie...well, almost any price! hugs abby

    sunny...remind of this when I complain of the heat this summer! hugs abby

  13. sooo cold here,too,tori & waiting for Snowmageddon - they already released schools early = yikes! Though I like your Master's way of keeping warm *weg*

  14. June..i happen to like it too! hugs abby

  15. it is indeed cold...I say sitting in front of the wood stove cuddled on the couch... :-)

  16. Terpsichore..add a book and that sounds perfect! hugs abby