Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A wake up text!

     Yesterday was M/M day....it has been a while since we have had a maintenance Monday.  I have come to rely on it to keep me centered and calm....and to keep those darn little troublesome voices away.

     We started as always, with my kneeling before Him, feeling his hands over all of me. He started to concentrate on my nipples, pinching and pulling, my hands left their 'position' and reached up to stop Him...that has not happened it a long time!  He calmly told me to put my hands back where they belonged, and proceeded to 'maul', as He put it, my breast for quite a while. 

      It was then time to get OTK, for a long, vigorous hand warm-up. We talked about my goal for Friday....3 pounds lighter. I said I had loss 1 pound, but did not think i would get to 2 more in  5 days. He asked about exercise, I had used the wii that morning, for 33 minutes, but that was only the second time this year. He also reminded me that I had lunch at a great burger and fry place on Sunday. I asked if He would change the goal....He said, no...but if I came within a couple ounces i might avoid a basement visit....those are to be avoided at all costs.

     When I had walked into the room, i noticed a thick slab of wood...a new paddle Master called it...i said i hoped it wasn't His...it was....then that i really hoped it was not for me...it was.
It was time for me to get up and lean over the ottoman.  Master said, He had decided on 10...but because of my remarks about the paddle, i was now getting 12. I groaned, then He told me to count them and thank Him...i groaned louder...He chuckled. "Keeps you in the moment and anticipating".  They were slow, deliberate, and hard. I had to be prompted on my reply once and was warned that anymore prompting would result in a repeat. We finished, and Master was hugging me and allowing me to rub, when He grabbed hold of my hair and made look toward the basement door. If we go down there, you know it will be worse, and there will be no fun time afterwards. It is not where I , nor you, want to be, but I will not hesitate.  I nodded.

      Time for more enjoyable pursuits....as many of you so nicely put it....dancing our dance. We were ready, it was fairly quick, with me just asking for permission seconds before needing,  it.
More kneeling time, and then time to continue with our day....As I was heading out, Master made some remark, and i rolled my eyes...did not think He was looking,,,,and swat, one more with that 'paddle'....

      Back to the title of this post...i send Master a good morning text, often, before i get out of bed. This morning, i reminded Him that this was my book club day. I hear my phone buzz...check for His good morning reply and read.......'wear your plug to book club, and take 1 pound off your goal'. I have to read it a second time, and laugh. I know the minus 1 pound is Master being kind....i also know the plug task is Master being Master...reminding me, pushing me......I thank Him and accept the deal.

      Master has been  hinting lately that He is itching for a long, empty the toy bag session....we used to have those fairly often , it has been a long time....I gave up hoping they would happen. Stay tuned....maybe....

     have a great week..
     hugs abby


  1. Well Abby, the New Year has really started.
    Everything is back to normal and that basement might be used in the near future.
    1 pound off, that's really nice of him, he doesn't want to give you impossible tasks.

  2. Glad you will be avoiding the basement, this week anyway. I think your wonderful post about him softened his resolve, what do you think?

  3. Just started reading your blog...I love it and the basement sounds scary...Thanks for sharing

  4. Sounds like a lovely Monday...RA does the same for me,calms and centers me. Hope you get to avoid the basement!

  5. Abby what a great maintenance. I love that he doesn't let you slide but finds ways to help you be successful while still maintaining his control and dominance.

  6. Again an interesting post, abby.


  7. sounds like an awesome deal...

    i'm waiting for my plug to arrive... i wonder if we'll do much with it.

  8. Bas, He does want me to succeed, but He also wants me to try. That basement...UGH..I hope to never see it again, but realistically it probably is in my future!
    hugs abby

    Sunny...hmm...I never thought of that,,,we did discuss the post earlier that day and He was pleased with it. Good timing on my part! LOL hugs abby

    Starshine..welcome and thanks for commenting...the basement is for serious punishment...we used to visit it regularly when we started....I do not miss it. hugs abby

    June....So do I! thanks hugs abby

    SirQsmlb...You Hit it right on....He prefers for me to be successful, and is great at being sure I know He is always in control. hugs abby

    appy...thanks! hugs abby

    Fondles...OH..I would bet that you and that plug will get very close! hugs abby