Sunday, January 27, 2013


   Master-handled is the term that Master came up with while mauling my breast. He was very pleased with Himself and said i should share it. I thought it was very apt!

    I loss a pound last week, even though i went away for a 3 day weekend. Master was impressed, since i usually struggle to just stay the same. I had a plan, and i stuck to it, and playing with a 4 year old and an 18 month old is great exercise!

    When i walked in , i noticed Master had the cane out...again.  After my kneeling and master-handling of my breast, i was over His lap.  I was treated to a wonderfully long hand warm-up.  I then expected Master to tell me to stand and bend over for the cane.  Instead He grabs the cane, holds it in the middle, to shorten it, and proceeds to 'tap' my bottom with it. It is more 'thuddy'. instead of the usual sting of the cane. He starts very lightly, and increases in strength, but not too hard. He covers all of my bottom and on my thighs. It really is a totally different sensation. Master has me repeat which part of me is His...all of me, of course.

   Then He is using it on my back. I think He is using the handle part, since it feels thicker than what I was feeling  on my bottom, and it is very "thuddy".  I start to squirm trying to absorb the pain. Master stops and asks how it felt...I tell Him it hurt.  He says really?...and starts in again.
Another round of the same...and yes it still hurts. Finally He is done, and i feel some welcome rubbing!

    I am thinking that was a unique session with the cane, when Master tells me to get up and lean over. Back to the traditional.  After a couple sets with the cane Master is pleased with the read stripes and welts.  He then lets His fingers roam to test my 'readiness', of course i am quite wet.  Master continues to play and when He senses i am close, I am allowed to move and we get comfy. Permissions are granted, i am soon breathless, spent, and so calm.  After some quiet time, i am back between Master's legs, and then i am must laying into Him as we chat and just enjoy being in that special place together.  

   Sometimes i think i can actually feel us getting closer, and this was one of those times. I am not sure why it happens when it does, but it is an amazing feeling...being 'Master-handled'!

hugs abby


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

BRRRR..hope you are all staying warm!

     Winter...bah humbug! Considering I grew up in New England, one might expect I had come to terms with cold and snow....NOPE! Highs in  the single numbers and snow, mean I just want to snuggle in with a good book and ignore what is happening outside. It does work for a few hours a day....

     Today is 2 years since my dad died. When I think about him now, i can do so with a smile, instead of tears. I hear him whistling, i see him teaching his grands to play cribbage, i see His smile as he rocks his great - grands....they are all making you proud dad...

     I want to thank everyone for the responses to my last post on 'asking'.  When I started blogging it was at Master's insistence, I told Him I wanted to stop after my third post. He told me to stick it out for 6 months and then we could discuss it again. I would have missed out on so many new friends, on finding out that I am not alone in my feelings (whew). I love it that you can give me a different perspective on a topic, and make me look at things in a new way. Since I probably have not said it lately.....THANK YOU ALL!!

   Since this past weekend included a holiday...I decided to enjoy some grandma time.  I went to see my 4 year old grand daughter, and her 18 month old brother. When I called my daughter to see if it was a good time, she said she and her hubby were just thinking  than an adult overnight was over due. I was all for it.....After I arrived, they asked the 4 year old if she wanted to go to  hotel with mom and dad or stay with grandma...without hesitation...she said...WHOOPIE!! we will have so much fun with grandma. And we did have lots of fun...i returned yesterday evening, just beating the snow.

    I told Master this morning that today was a good day to just hibernate, He agreed, I could hibernate after my maintenance spanking.  He even let me keep my clothes on..for about 10 minutes..LOL.  We started with kneeling time, and some chat about a bit of attitude He had detected while I was away, and last night.  He then started out on my breast, very gently at first, just as i was relaxing, He started in with the pinching and pulling. He kept saying a little harder, and harder, reminding me how much it pleases Him that i no longer flinch or try to move..

    Then it was over His lap, for a hand warm-up...He started slowly, and increased the intensity with each set. After a few sets, He asked if I wanted the cane or the paddle He had set out. I said..your hand is pretty good. He laughed, but said choose. I knew, if i did not, i would probably get both, so since we have not played with the cane in a while, that was my choice.
Master gave me  sets of 12 each, each one getting harder....during the third set, I was reminded to keep my bottom presented to Him, and to keep breathing. He also very nicely including some rubbing after each set..

     Master then had me lie back down, and checked to see if any part of me had enjoyed my maintenance. Of course, He found a part that had....and He used His magic fingers to bring me right to the edge, He then reminded me that i could not cum without permission, and He was not ready to grant any permission yet. He wanted me so needy, that i exploded, so I had better relax a little, and find some control. I somehow manged to talk myself in to breathing and  keeping still, until I just could not stop...I begged for a was granted, and i came from my core.....more than once...and was totally spent. When i could move again, i moved between Master's legs, and settled there.

        Just as i got up to get dressed, Master told me to bend back over ....i looked at Him, and did. He picked up the paddle that i had passed on, and asked me how many did i need as a reminder that when i say good night or text Him, that i should include the word Master. I hate making that decision..i thought about 5, but figured that would not fly, so i said 10. He asked if that would be enough to help me remember....Yes Sir. So, I got 10 more hard ones with the paddle. Then i was told i could get dressed...but no undies. I said it is really cold, He agreed, but still said no underwear. 

      Stay warm...or better yet, have someone warm you up!
     hugs, abby

Thursday, January 17, 2013


     A disclaimer..this is me, trying to sort out some feelings, some questions i keep asking myself....not very sexy, or entertaining...continue at your own risk.

     It should be such an easy task...asking for what you need...why is it so darn hard??

     Master has decided that this is the year that i learn to ask for what i feel i need... seems simple enough...I taught English for many interrogative sentence...why oh why is it not that simple?

   A few weeks ago, Master sent me a text giving me a task to do for Him...something He occasionally will do, especially if vanilla life seems to be interfering more than usual.  I can't remember what it was, but i completed it, let Him know, and thanked Him, saying it was just what I needed. His question...then why did you not ask for a task? Honestly, it never occurred to me. I was told...when you feel you  need a task...for whatever reason...ask for one.

   I  have asked twice since then. The first time, He replied quickly with the task....use my bottom toy while i am kneeling for 20 minutes....The next time His reply was, I will give you one later. He did, sucking on my large toy, and then using it to cum. So, I have taken a few baby steps.

   A week ago, as i was leaving from maintenance, Master said....a girl could as for an extra spanking during the week , if she felt she needed it to help her meet her goal. I thought about it on Wednesday, but decided that i was close to my goal, so did not. This past Monday, Master says the same thing as i am leaving. Wednesday morning my good morning text to Master was.....i seem to eat less when i have to sit on a sore bottom...can You help me with that?
His quick reply was...I can and I will. He did...He let me know that getting that text from me, was a great way for Him to start His day. He would love more of  those.

     Master started by asking if i had asked for the spanking to help with my goal, or because i thought it would please Him. I answered honestly...some of both, since i had a lunch date today.  He repeated that it did please Him, and if it helped me...kind of a win/win.   Master used  a paddle, over clothing, then over panties, then on the bare. It was fairly quick, with a little rubbing, close to the intensity of a maintenance. Wednesday night, my bottom was throbbing....

 We also talked about me asking for whatever it is i need...hugs, spanks, orgasms, help with the car..whatever. Easy request...but not for me. does not put me in charge...i am asking not demanding....or wanting...neither of which would get me very far.  I understand that.
   It does bring up feelings of neediness, but for the most part, i think i have made peace with those, needing Him, is just what i do. I think it helps me be a better submissive, He encourages it, and He sees it as just a part of me, of Us.

   Laying in bed this morning, I wondered if maybe it is because it makes me feel more vulnerable...i say ..and i feel i do trust Him more than i have ever trusted anyone else.  Being more open and vulnerable by asking, is a part of that trust. Maybe it is time to walk the walk more. 

   I remember few years back, when i was struggling with that 'neediness' feeling. I asked Master..."how much is too much"...His reply...there is no too much, and if there was, i was not even close...maybe it is time to trust that answer.

   Maybe i need to start using more of these ???????

  hugs abby

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

M/M..His belt

   Yesterday was our regularly scheduled maintenance day. My bottom had just barely recovered from Friday afternoon.

    After kneeling time, i was over His lap for a deliciously long  hand spanking warm up! Yes, it did get  harder as He progressed, but He set a wonderful pace, and i did not want it to end.  He told me he had decided on His belt for maintenance. That gave me something to look forward to. At one point He asked i had enough of a warm mind is thinking...never enough. I hesitated, so He decided to check and see just how much i was enjoying His hand..A LOT!!
He continued to get me wetter, and announced that no permissions would be granted until after maintenance.

   I know better than to cum without permission, so i said i was ready to move on to maintenance.  He had me lay down so that my whole body was supported...a position that is both comfortable and makes it easier to stay in place.  I hear the jingle of the belt being removed...such a special sound.

    He starts in with fairly light strokes, even Master comments that i could probably take a whole lot of these...i agree and encourage Him to continue.  He moves on to another set, stronger, but still feeling pretty yummy!  That long hand warm up, goes a long way to increasing my tolerance.
A few more sets, and he announces...last ones, you are to count, and they will take your breath away!

      I count and remember to add  a Thank You Sir, after each one. He has decided 6 on each side.  They do take my breath away, and my counting forces me to stay in the moment, but, i can also feel my juices flowing.  

      Master tells me how much He loves the way I respond to Him...and He quickly has me begging for a permission.  After the first one, we take it a little more slowly enjoying each others company.  While I am catching my breath we look around the room, and think it would make a pretty good home dungeon...right size, color, just needs some hooks and equipment. Master mentions He has made a portable whipping post, and tells me how...He chuckles and says if I called it a flogger post you would be more excited...He is right!

      My goal this week is 1.5 pounds, I asked Master if we could reduce that to 1 pound...He said no...He wants me to get back to my base...and lose a little. I then asked if He would think about making future goals 1 pounds a week. He said yes...but i continued...saying i really wanted Him to consider it. He said, OK...I considered it, after this week one pound a week it is, a nice steady loss.  That also came with a warning that my weigh in on Friday needed to be 1.5..or...else!.

   Winter is about to make a return to these parts..YUCK!

  hugs abby

Saturday, January 12, 2013

part 2 of an amazing afternoon

    Where was i??..oh yes...

     Master gets the next toy, sits beside me. one hand on me, and starts in with what is certainly a small, wooden paddle...maybe a hairbrush. Honestly, i forgot to ask..all i know is, He starts in with sets of around 20/25 increasing His force with each set. By the time he starts in on set 3...I am gone to that wonderful place. I know He is still paddling me, but there is no pain, there is no sound, i am totally relaxed, not jumping or moving. I have no idea how long He continued, I remember feeling Him rubbing my bottom and saying, 'that was quite a nice build-up'. All i could do is smile.

    Once i am alert, He loosens my wrist ties, and unties my ankles and tells me to get up on my knees and spread them so i am fully exposed. I try, but can only get one leg in place. He repeats what He wants, and I say...I can't. He says He will help...and that leg is not moving....He checks..and VOILA... He forgot top untie that ankle restraint. He is not quite perfect..LOL. Once He unties it, i get up into the position He wants.

       He is rubbing my bottom and i feel that He is inserting my bottom toy. I tell myself, relax breathe, but He always reaches a point, where i resist. He tells me to relax, and i am able to, and it is in. He plays with it for a while, twirling and pushing asking me how it feels, at the same time He has reached around and is playing with my pussy. He decides I need both holes filled, so He gets my large vibrating toy, and now i am full. He is playing with both, i am just trying to breathe and not cum. He notices i am getting very wet...chuckles and says He will give me permission...just not yet. When He is finished, He pulls both out, totally unties me, and tells me to get on my back. 

      I always feel more vulnerable and open on my back, for a long time i would always try to cover up.  Master is looking for something, telling me  to spread my legs and arms. He returns holding clothes pins.  I do not remember those being in His bag. He pinches one on each of my nipples, shows me that He has two more....and attaches those to my pussy. It does pinch, but the pain is not terrible. Master starts to pull on one of my nipples, elongating it. He decides He needs a picture. He takes one, thinks the breast should look longer, pulls it more, and takes a pic He is happy with. Since He is a symmetrical type of person, we repeat with the other breast.  
   He then uses the 2 finger strap, to go up and down my front, between my legs, on my pussy. He repeats that process with the crop, which reaches more places, but feels much nicer. He then decides to remove the pins. He starts with one breast, takes the clothes pin off, and immediately starts to lick and suck, cooling me off. He repeats with the second breast, until i am squirming. He then removes the remaining 2 clothes pins and gives me a wonderful hand pussy spanking. That could have gone on longer....

    Master looks at me and says, still worried you can't play Sir.  Master 'checks' and decides it is time to grant a few permissions. Wise man, He did not expect me to ask, He just gave me permissions....we finished with Him laying beside me and me back on my safe, furry spot. was nap time...we are not as young as we used to be!

       As i was getting ready to leave, Master told me to choose a toy from the table for my last spanking. I looked them over carefully, and noticed the horse hair. Not as good as the large leather flogger, but it is the one toy i like Him to use both front and back. He uses it for a bit, them pulls me over His knee, so we can end with a hand spanking.

      Truly, an afternoon to remember!

      hugs abby

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cuffs, Rope. Leather, clothespin and......... was that kind of afternoon!

     My weigh in report this morning was down 2.5!!! More than was expected..since i traded in 1 pound for wearing a plug earlier this week.  I was happy, and i knew Master would be. Master tells me to keep my afternoon open to Him...for an extended empty the bag play time! We have not had one of those in a very long time. My first reaction was WOW..finally...followed by YIKES..what if i can't take all that, what if i disappoint Master, what if....Then reason prevailed, this Man knows me inside and out, He knows how to get me where He wants me to be, He cares for foolish of me to worry.

   I warned Master, that i would post a disclaimer..i am not sure how much of this afternoon i can accurately write about, i spent a lot of time in that place that is all sensation and little awareness. What a wonderful afternoon:)

  I had been saving some special undies i bought a bit ago, I decided this was the time. My All lace black bra coupled with a pair of red, lace, crotchless (when the bit of ribbon keeping them closed was untied).  My underwear got to stay on longer than it usually does...

  We started as we always do, me kneeling, Him claiming. Then it was over His lap for a quick hand spanking. We then took a break...LOL...just to lie together, me in my 'safe spot' buried in his hairy chest. We chatted , we totally relaxed, we almost fell asleep!

   Master had me get up and get my cuffs, ankle and wrist. He clipped my wrist cuffs together behind me, then told me to go get the clover leaf paddle. I looked at Him...go on, the toys are laid out on the table. I walked over, and managed to turn around pick up the paddle and bring it to Him.  He told me to get over His lap, not an easy task, when my wrists are clipped together behind me...I sort of just plopped down....not very graceful. Master started in slowly, and picked up tempo and force, until my bottom was warm and rosy. 

  I mentioned that it was getting too warm in the room, it has been unduly warm here, a great January thaw!....but i needed some air. I expected Him to turn on the air, or open a window. He did open a window and a screen , one facing the back. He called me over and I started to put my head out of the window, when i was told to stick my breast out, i looked over at Him....waiting. I picked up my breast and stuck them out of the window, looking around to make sure, no one could see.  I assured Master that i was soon cool enough to continue.

  Then it was on the bed, on my tummy, spread eagle, being tied. Master believes that bondage should not be a comfortable, relaxing position, i was stretched, but i could feel the excitement start to grow . He debated about flogger or whip first...flogger is my #1 choice...always! I suggested a flogger sandwich...He chuckled, 2 floggings for 1 whipping! He did start with the flogger, from my neck down to my ankles, making the trip several times, increasing in intensity. Since the very beginning, the sensation of  Master flogging me, sends me to a wonderful place, the harder the more i feel myself melting into it.  Then it was whip has been a long time since Master has had the pleasure of whipping me...i think it is His favorite.  It takes me sometime to get used to the sting, as opposed to the thud of the flogger.  Master is soon in His rhythm, striping me all over, leaving me with an all over tingling feeling.

    Then I feel something, large and cool on my bottom and back..Master is holding it down. I think...acrylic paddle...i am right, and Master starts to paddle me.  I have never liked that paddle, but this afternoon it was amazing, i wanted more, and was trying to urge Master on...
Then crop...Master calls it His helping hand, the end of it is shaped like a hand. I have always liked the is leather, and reaches in to all sort of interesting places. He tried to give me a 'tattoo' with it on my thighs, and then proceeded to continued up and down my body...reaching into every nook and cranny....lite taps, strong thumps, keeping me guessing. I was truly floating off to that wonder place we all crave.  He then traded the crop for the double tailed strap and repeated the pattern. In between toy changes, there was always a nice massage, taking some of the heat, and relaxing me even further. 

   I am going to stop, it is late.,..and i still have lots of fun to fill  you in i am going to make this a 2 part post....i need to go have sweet dreams!

hugs abby

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A wake up text!

     Yesterday was M/M has been a while since we have had a maintenance Monday.  I have come to rely on it to keep me centered and calm....and to keep those darn little troublesome voices away.

     We started as always, with my kneeling before Him, feeling his hands over all of me. He started to concentrate on my nipples, pinching and pulling, my hands left their 'position' and reached up to stop Him...that has not happened it a long time!  He calmly told me to put my hands back where they belonged, and proceeded to 'maul', as He put it, my breast for quite a while. 

      It was then time to get OTK, for a long, vigorous hand warm-up. We talked about my goal for Friday....3 pounds lighter. I said I had loss 1 pound, but did not think i would get to 2 more in  5 days. He asked about exercise, I had used the wii that morning, for 33 minutes, but that was only the second time this year. He also reminded me that I had lunch at a great burger and fry place on Sunday. I asked if He would change the goal....He said, no...but if I came within a couple ounces i might avoid a basement visit....those are to be avoided at all costs.

     When I had walked into the room, i noticed a thick slab of wood...a new paddle Master called it...i said i hoped it wasn't was....then that i really hoped it was not for was.
It was time for me to get up and lean over the ottoman.  Master said, He had decided on 10...but because of my remarks about the paddle, i was now getting 12. I groaned, then He told me to count them and thank Him...i groaned louder...He chuckled. "Keeps you in the moment and anticipating".  They were slow, deliberate, and hard. I had to be prompted on my reply once and was warned that anymore prompting would result in a repeat. We finished, and Master was hugging me and allowing me to rub, when He grabbed hold of my hair and made look toward the basement door. If we go down there, you know it will be worse, and there will be no fun time afterwards. It is not where I , nor you, want to be, but I will not hesitate.  I nodded.

      Time for more enjoyable many of you so nicely put it....dancing our dance. We were ready, it was fairly quick, with me just asking for permission seconds before needing,  it.
More kneeling time, and then time to continue with our day....As I was heading out, Master made some remark, and i rolled my eyes...did not think He was looking,,,,and swat, one more with that 'paddle'....

      Back to the title of this post...i send Master a good morning text, often, before i get out of bed. This morning, i reminded Him that this was my book club day. I hear my phone buzz...check for His good morning reply and read.......'wear your plug to book club, and take 1 pound off your goal'. I have to read it a second time, and laugh. I know the minus 1 pound is Master being kind....i also know the plug task is Master being Master...reminding me, pushing me......I thank Him and accept the deal.

      Master has been  hinting lately that He is itching for a long, empty the toy bag session....we used to have those fairly often , it has been a long time....I gave up hoping they would happen. Stay tuned....maybe....

     have a great week..
     hugs abby

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dominance is....

  Just some thoughts that seem to be floating in my head today....

  Dominance is...

~~Knowing that you are the one in charge, ....but also knowing that submission, freely offered, is a gift to be treasured.

~~Having a hard hand, one that can be used to send a message....but also a soft heart, knowing that hugs, are important also.

~~Listening to your partner....but more importantly hearing what that partner is saying and sometimes not saying.

~~Taking control, being the strong one....but appreciating the strength that is needed to submit.

~~Being wise in making decisions for the two of you....but also using that wisdom to admit mistakes, and offer apologies.

~~Enjoying the many ways your submissive brings you pleasure.....but also realizing that returning that pleasure, brings you both more pleasure.

~~Realizing that what is on the inside is also important....and be willing to put in the hard work necessary to tear down walls, to allow your partner to open up completely.

~~Speaking words that sometimes admonish and urge to better behavior....but also knowing the power of all words, and being sure to add the loving and kind and encouraging words.

~~Proving that You are consistent and trustworthy.....and watching "your other half" become vulnerable and open to You.

~~ Accepting your partner as they are.....but also wanting to make that partner the best they can be.

  How do I know all of this.....I am lucky enough to have such a Master!

hugs to all

Thursday, January 3, 2013

First spanking of 2013

       Master and i finally had some 'just us' time yesterday. Time to reconnect in our special way, time to talk, spank, cum, and breathe freely.

         Master believes in being generous with His hugs and His spanks.  We started with the first, proceeded to my kneeling time. Master was rubbing all over as we chatted, and gently playing with my breast. As He helped me up He commented that He had not pulled or squeezed.....i smiled and least not yet...which caused Him to chuckle. We do know each other quite well.

        Then it was over His lap, for a wonderfully long hand spanking, with lots of rubbing. I felt myself totally relax and finally let go. He decided to give me a set on my thighs, just to remind me that all of me is His...they woke me up!  He would occasionally let His finger wander, just to be sure I was enjoying His 'attentions'...and was still awake! I was then told to get fetch my toy bag, I am supposed to have it so He can reach it, and I did not. The first thing He pulls out, is the froggy paddle...the one that used to be a children's toy. The pain is all surface pain, but the quick stingy spanks make for a wonderful warm-up.  Next came my small leather strap, more of a deeper pain, but after a nice warm-up, the kiss of the leather was what i craved.

        Master see if "she" was also enjoying His efforts. Of course "she" was, this time we were in accordance....truth be known, "she" and i do not always agree....much to Master's pleasure.  Just as i was getting where i am moaning and trying to urge Master on, He asks if i want maintenance now or later.....I did not want an interruption, but i knew i would be 
'jello' i took a deep breath and agreed to now.

         I was told to lean over the ottoman, legs spread, and to my surprise say Him holding His cane. I looked at Him....He said yes...the cane. He reminded me that maintenance is a deterrent to punishment, so even tho i had not been spanked in a while, He chose the cane.  At least i had  a warm-up....but that first swish had me gasping...there is no such thing as a a light tap with that cane.  After the first set of 6 on each side....He stopped so we could discuss my decision to  lost another 10 pounds (at least). I had weighed myself yesterday, and i was 1 pound above my wriggle room....i need to lose 3 pounds to get back to my last goal. Master took that news pretty well, and declared that i needed to get back to my goal weight, by a week from Friday....10 days for 3 pounds...He knew that would require real effort, so he strongly suggested that the wii come back into my routine. I wish I could walk, but there is over a foot of snow and it has been freezing here!!  I agreed, and maintenance continued. Another set, and i was just trying to breathe through them.  He commented that I was doing well...last set. These were harder and 10 to a side, He had me on my toes, and forgetting everything else. 

      After rubbing my bottom for a while, He decides to check on 'her'. Even she had not totally enjoyed this maintenance, and had dried some....He proceeded to rectify that, and I was soon squirming and pain was not my main thought, Master asked if i wanted to cum over the ottoman or someplace more comfortable, still having some of my wits about me, i chose to move.

      Once we a settled, Master continues to get me closer to asking, when He decides to chat. I let out a moan of frustration...He comments, He just wants to be sure He has my full attention. He wants me to repeat the terms of my getting back to my goal......I ask if we could re-negotiate those terms....thinking maybe i could get a better deal. Master says ....sure....would you like me to punish you for going above your wriggle room or maybe....I stopped Him...knowing where this was going and agreed to the 3 pounds by next Friday...and then no gaining til the extra 10 pounds were gone.  Master smiles with that smug look and proceeds to get me to the edge of cumming,,,and tells me to cum for Him...i do....i do...and i do again.....i can no longer move, breathing is all i can manage, as I lie there totally spent and satisfied.

        Master finally asks me if i can move, and i am between His legs, thanking Him, as we end up in a tight hug that lasts for a while. 

          A great start to the new year....

          hugs abby


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Beginning...

  Each day is a new beginning, but we seem to realize that more when that day is January 1st.

  It has been 10 days of much sadness, mingled with much happiness, such is life. Thank you all for your caring notes and support.  We managed lots of family time...which means lots of hugs, love, laughter and yes..tears. We looked out for each other and supported each other, we are family.

   Master has also been very supportive. Staying close, and when we could manage reminding me, that I am also His....His submissive. Just this evening, when I mentioned that my submissiveness seemed a little elusive....i was soon plugged and kneeling, and it was no longer elusive. 

      I gave up making resolutions years ago, they just led to frustration and disappointment. Now, i have Master, and i know that any improvements, or better habits that i want to develop, He will give me all the motivation i need. I am going to try and lose some more weight, i have requested Master's help, especially with the exercise component..i have really let that go. 

     I wish you all a year of health, happiness, growth, and the making of lots of wonderful memories. Oh yes...also lots of interesting blog entries for me to read!! ( I have lots to get caught up on!)

hugs abby