Sunday, December 9, 2012

Which are you....LOUD or quiet??

   When I was reading at Aisha's   this morning,  she was writing how she is a loud, moving, whiny spankee. I had to laugh, since Master and I were just discussing this...while he was applying the brush to my bottom....solely for His pleasure.

     He is trying to build my tolerance, since being away for 3 weeks, is a lot like starting over, as far as my bottom is concerned.  After the first 2 rounds, I was kicking my legs, and trying to jiggle away. He pulled me back in, and asked why I was being so quiet...I almost always am. He said it was okay to be loud and say ouch and and let Him know that He was being effective.  Round three was even longer and harder, and yes..I finally did start to be much more vocal and loud. He chuckled, and least now I know I am making an impression...and HE was leaving a red hot bottom. 

       It did not take me long after meeting Master to let it all out...and be VERY  LOUD when He is allowing me to cum....I learned early on, there was no way I could hold that in....and  often wondered if all the noise was really coming from me? It was, and I have come to accept my wantonness as far as Master is concerned...and He seems to enjoy it :). So now I am wondering....which are you....loud or quiet when it comes to being spanked. I am also wondering...if I get louder will He stop sooner??

     We were also discussing the spanking...or little Master described it on The Bang Theory.  When I said, there are people out there who think the do not get spanked hard enough.
He stopped for a minute and asked if I was one of them. I quickly assured Him, that I am not....when Master has spanked, you know you have been spanked, I always come away feeling like I was well spanked..sometimes a little too well. Master said He would not want to disappoint me..I assured Him He was doing just fine, no need to change...unless He wanted to try softer spankings...He thought that was pretty funny...go figure.

     Today was cookie baking day...I now 8 different kinds of cookies waiting in my freezer. I like to stick to the traditional....cut-outs, spritzes, and chocolate-peanut butter roll ups, while my daughter likes to add a few new kinds to the mix. It is a fun day...but exhausting..If I get my act together earlier next year..I will join that cookie exchange...that I "stole" a few recipes from this year.

      I have been lagging in posting lately....I am blaming all of you. There is so much good stuff to read lately, I spend most of my computer time reading, and leaving a few comments! 

Have a great week...
hugs abby


  1. My spankings are not for discipline but I like to know I've been spanked. I do kick my legs which drives hubby wild. I don't usually speak out except for ouch and move to a different spot. You know, direting. Most time he listens but sometimes he doesn't, especially if I have been exceptionally *itchy prior to the spanking.

  2. I am quiet I believe. LOL. With one teen and a 20 year old I have to be circumspect!

  3. I'm nearly always quiet. Probably started that way because of kids in the house too. I only shout out if it's pure play and I'm playing too. But when something hurts me I'm nearly always silent - I barely said a thing during either of my labors. I was concentrating!


  4. I'm quiet, I even hardly moan. So when I start saying Ouch, that really means it's getting too much.
    What can I say? I'm very articulate as a rule, just not during play.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. sunny....the leg kick gets my thighs spanked...ouchie! hugs abby

    Minelle....ahhh....something to be said for the empty nest....until they move back in..LOL..hugs abby

    PK....labors....don't remind me...I think by being quiet i am trying to keep my control. hugs abby

    Julia....By the time I get's a sign that I am close to reaching my limit. hugs abby