Monday, December 17, 2012

On His 'naughty' list

     I started this post last Friday afternoon, turned on the television and typed in the title and....the world stopped. Like most everyone I spent a lot of this weekend with tears in my eyes and praying for all involved...the ones who lost a part of their family, the little ones who saw and heard things no one should be witness to, the the first responders, for all of us.  May the true spirit of Christmas shine on everyone.

    Not Santa's naughty list....hmmm maybe that one too., but Master's! My youngest daughter's birthday was on Saturday, we had plans to celebrate, but then needed to change  those plans to Friday. I emailed Master on Wednesday, and left a voice message Thursday noontime. Not explaining everything, just saying I needed to talk to Him about something. Master is usually very good at responding to such a I waited, and the longer I waited the louder that devilish voice in head became....He's too busy for you...etc.etc.etc.

    Thursday night, I did not text a good night message...early Friday morning I get a text from Master, what had happened, why no good night? He was not pleased, I was told to spend the day in my room thinking about how He would punish me. When I finally explained about my daughter's birthday, He relented, but said we would get together first, and 'settle up'.

   Of course, Master wanted an explanation, why had i not text or called Him again? ( we have had this conversation before). I hate to be a pest to keep bothering Him when I know how busy He is....Master took a deep breath and repeated, I am not a pest, I am His submissive, He wants to hear from me, He wants to be there for me, He expects me to stay in contact with Him. I know all of this, and we both agree i am getting better at disregarding that evil voice that tells me otherwise. He then asked, why no good night, i said figured it was a small thing and.....He added...might go unnoticed?? He reminded me I had just posted a list of my rules, and that was on the list, was it not? I had to admit, it was.

     Master had me bend over the ottoman, He had chosen one of His heavy paddles, and said since there was a birthday celebration after this , i would get my daughter's birthday spanking. Luckily she is my youngest...turned Master declared 34, one to grow on. They were hard, but not the hardest, and Master did put is hand on my back to help me stay in place after the first few. The last 4 were much harder, but I knew He was being generous. 

      I was still over the ottoman, waiting for permission to get up, when Master says....where do I want you now?  I was trying to figure out what He wanted, when He repeated the question, and as i looked at Him , I quickly got to my knees, between His legs.

      Most always after a punishment, there is no fun play time, and certainly no permissions for me. Master must have been in the Christmas spirit, when I got up, He invited me over His lap.  He started to use His hand on my 'delightfully red bottom', and soon had me purring and panting.  I even did get permissions!  

      My daughter's birthday lunch had me both squirming and smiling...and determined to stay off that naughty list!

  hugs abby


  1. After 10 years, as you told us recently, you do know better of course. But this got me thinking.
    I know that when I had texted once or twice without getting an answer, I could get in a real mood: "He's ignoring me. He must not be interested in what I have got to say. Has he lost interest in me? Still no answer. OK, my text could have been clearer, I could have just asked for permission, but he should really answer me. Still ignoring me. Fine, two can play that game, no good night text for him, that'll teach him." And then I'd sulk until I got an answer and be told off for being an idiot.
    Not saying that's how you roll, but that's how I could react.
    So why didn't you start with asking for permission straight away? You know you would have gotten in, no problem.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. Happy everything worked out for the best. Red bottom and all.

  3. I probably didn't really understand it, but being on that Naughty List didn't seem to work out very bad for you.
    Maybe you should try it again soon, just to be sure. Since he is now in the Christmas spirit, what could go wrong?

  4. I was thinking what Bas said - I might even be tempted to "brat" if that was the result. :)

  5. Ah Julia...I think we are kindred spirits....and that the voices the exist in my head are related to yours. Yes, I had I just asked for permission, none of the rest would have taken place...someday, maybe I will learn.
    hugs abby

    sunny..yes it sure did! hugs abby

    Bas....LOL...I am not going to chance that again....although this time being on that list was not such a bad thing. hugs abby

    Kitty...that was the...'best' punishment I can remember. hugs abby

    Minelle....yep! we all should be so lucky. hugs abbby

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