Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My rules to live by.....

     I believe that all things in life have an ebb and flow....Master and I seem to be in a flow zone at the moment. He is thinking of new ways to support my submission. When we were chatting yesterday and the topic of rules came up. He decided He wanted me to make a list of my rules...now rules are a strange thing....for me...rules start out as new tasks i have to remember and then end up just being part of my routine. I decided to post the rules....and to add my comments to them.

    Also remember it has been almost 10 years for Master and I, these rules have been added one at a time, and adjusted as necessary. Here's hoping I don't forget too many!  Except for the first couple these are not in chronological order....I am not that organized.

     ~ email Master a daily report....this started out as a food diary, before we were M/s, to help me lose weight. It listed what I ate each day and how long I had exercised. It has changed over the years, at times I have had to add a calorie count. I still send one...it includes a task of my choosing that I do for Master each day. Also anything else we might not have had to chance to talk about during the day. 

   ~no cumming without permission. This was my first rule, when we started with D/s. I may play all i want, just not cum.  I did cross that line a few times early on....but have not in a long time. 

   ~ no sarcasm, in person or in writing....i have carried the title of 'queen of sarcasm' in quiet a few circles. Master considered it disrespectful   and not amusing.  Respect is big for me...He has earned it and deserves it, so I worked hard on this one.

  ~Text a good morning message every morning. Most mornings i do this while still in bed, it includes any plans I have for the day.

  ~Text a good nite message. At first i got into the habit of sending it at 10 every nite, except when i occasionally went to bed earlier. Master asked if i really went to bed at the stoke of 10 every nite, I admitted it made it easy to remember to send the message. I now send it just as I climb into bed. Recently i have been told to add if i am wearing cuffs.

~Send in a weigh-in report every Friday. For a long time I had to send one Monday and Friday. Since i reached my last goal Master has finally agreed to a once a week weigh in . I am allowed 2 pounds above my goal weight, before there is trouble!

 ~A lunch time reminder at noon every day. This is fairly recent, and started when Master was assigned a new large project at work with a short deadline. I actually had a problem with this at first...left like i was telling Him to go to lunch. I am doing what He asks...most days it is a call, sometimes a text....most days i remember

 ~I need permission to make plans  for going anyplace. This actually sounds a lot more restrictive that it is.  At first I just had to ask for permission every day when I was in town. I used to ask for anything i might do....and Master then added, if I ask and receive permission and don't go, I have to let Him know...( i was not pleased with this one.) Also a permission is only good for one day....yes, sometimes i do use a perceived loop hole.  I rarely get a no, and have a 10 minute rule..after 10 minutes i have a yes. Emergencies are of course exempt. About a year ago, Master added, that I have to ask permission before i make definite plans to be away. He wanted me to think about how long i would be gone, and if i should try to adjust. I did get punished for this one soon after it became a rule. Again, He does not veto family trips...we both value family time. Just recently Master has added a 'tax' to any long trips i plan. The first week is tax free.....5 swats with the paddle for every day up to 2 weeks, 10 swats per day, for the third week. This went into effect after my most recent 3 week trip. I have made Holiday plans...I will be gone 1 week! 

 ~ Earlier this year when I was about to leave for some time with the grands, Master put an R (for His first initial), on my thigh with a marker. I was to keep it up every morning. When I returned, Master decided that i should continue. I did get punished for not keeping it up once...it is a really bad idea to have Master punish twice for the same infraction....and am still 'tatooing' the 'R' every morning.

  ~My most recent rule is wearing wrist cuffs to bed at night. (When i am away if i am not sharing a room with a grand-child) . I love those cuffs, so Master gave them to me, when I left for a recent 3 week time away....the smell, waking up and having them on...it was/is all good.  When I returned Master decided to continue the  practice at home....:).  He is in the process of adjusting, this past weekend, He had me clip them together one night, and last night He told me to put one on a wrist and one on an ankle. 

I think that covers it, if i have left anything out, i am sure i will be letting you know!


  1. They are definitely doable. I would have trouble rememberin all, I would have to write it down until it became a habit also.

  2. I like how you started out saying he wanted to help support your submission. Many rules seem to be about respect, which is nice.
    Now, do you mean your wrist is cuffed to your ankle?

  3. I love your rules...thank you for sharing. It's interesting to get ideas, insights, and conversation starters from each-others blogs! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for sharing your rules, Abby. Hugs.

  5. sunny..they were added slowly, one at a time....so I was only working on one new rule at a time. hugs abby

    Minelle...LOL NO...I need my sleep...right ankle and right wrist...we talked about it...i prefer both wrists.
    hugs abby

    SirQsmlb..Master and i often discuss ideas from blogs, one of the perks of blogging! hugs abby

    SNP..you are welcome! hugs abby

  6. Nice list!!

    Sometimes i think i envy youall with official rules, but then again, maybe not so much. It would be fun in some ways, but i'm pretty sure that "fun" is not the point.

    Thanks for sharing yours though!


  7. These are great rules and not too hard to follow. It seems they all focus around respect and keeping that connected feeling going even when you cannot be togther which is nice.

  8. aisha....I know, rules can be a blessing....or not! For me they work to help me. hugs abby

    dancingbarez...You nailed it....they help me to stay 'focused'...that is the word Master uses. hugs abby