Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Monday so.......

    It's maintenance day.  Master is still on a quest to get my tolerance level back  up, so it was OTK with the hairbrush.  Just as I was starting to squirm, Master announces He is still in warm up mode.....not what I wanted to hear..I was thinking He should be about  done. I did manage to settle in go with the pain for a while, then I started to squirm and ouch loudly, a signal that I am wanting it to end. Master thinks that wanting a spanking to end, is when it really begins!

     I got into a bit of trouble last week. Some of you will identify with this....Master and I are in touch several times a day. Last Wednesday, a friend and I had a girl's casino day..all day.
I was in touch with Master in the morning and at lunch. When I got back in the evening, I thought I  need to let Master know I am  home, but got involved in other things. I did send Him a good night text, but it was early, as I had not slept well the night before and was tired. The next morning, I sent my morning text and did not get a reply...which rarely happens. I called at lunch..well after lunch, I lost track of the time, left a voice message and did not get a reply. By evening I was wondering, is He sick, in the hospital, did something happen to a family member...When I start to let myself go to that place where all things bad are possible, I also retreat within myself. I did not send a good night message that night, and did not hear from Master.

    I woke early the next morning, and read the obits...nope He was not listed. I sent an early the obits, You were not listed.  He replied nope...and wondered how my casino day went....a hint that He was still waiting for that report. When I saw Him that day, He let me know that getting a text that He was not in the obits was not the best way to start His day. I replied that  of all the texts I had thought of, that was the nicest.....and most respectful. He was not impressed, and my bottom paid the price. Why do we go there??

     For a little while now, I have been sleeping with Master's cuffs at night. They are nice and comfy. leather....yummy smell...lined with a lamb's skin type of material. They are also nice and warm during these cold nights. He had me bring them on one of my longer times away.....and decided I should just keep wearing them every night once I returned.  Last night I was told to clip them together when I went to bed, and keep them on until they woke me...not necessarily all night.  It did take me a while to get comfy and fall asleep. I woke up around 1 AM....a little confused, but soon realized it was the cuffs. I had no problem falling asleep again. Woke up again a couple hours later, and this time I unclipped the cuffs and then went back to sleep. Master wants to slowly work to where I have them clipped all night. Tonight I was told to wear one on my right wrist and one on my right ankle.....He is moving into new territory...and I am glad to go along with Him!

   Master wants me to write out a list of my rules....if I am going to write a list, I figure it might as well be a blog i will be back tomorrow..

hugs abby



  1. And Christmas is still two weeks away.

  2. Gosh, you must have been freaking when you couldn't get a hold of him? I am interested to read tomorrow!

  3. Sorry to here you got in trouble Abby, that panicky feelingis the worst. Looking forward to your next post and hope all is well.

  4. You knew you were in the wrong, so you decided to lay the blame with the other party? How recognisable.
    It's good you did get a hold of him, just a shame about the exact text you sent him. Well, at least it's over now, you paid the price and now it's forgiven and forgotten.

    Hugs, Julia

  5. Two weeks to get off the 'naughty' list! hugs abby

    Minelle...I was, it so rarely happens that I don't hear form Him for a full day. hugs abby

    All is well, I hate that panicky, needy feeling...but sometimes it just is there. hugs abby

    Julia..forgiven and of the nicest parts of D/s.
    hugs abby