Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It was called maintenance, but......

    I love Christmas, but if we could just find some way to get there without all the stress and busyness..and I am speaking for all of us!

     Our usual M/M day was moved to Tuesday...I have 3 family birthdays in December, Master has 1....there was just no time on Monday. Tuesday, Master was determined to squeeze it in me...well...not so much.  So, I asked if maybe we could just chat, talk, instead of spanking. Surprisingly, He agreed. I felt relieved and we talked..not about anything big, just sharing.

     As we are chatting He reaches in to try to get to my breast. I say try because I had a bra, a tee shirt and a sweat shirt...I hate being cold! He chuckled as He started to peal the layers away. As we continued to chat he was having His way with my breast, reminding me...they are His, not mine, and He gets to 'enjoy' them whenever He wishes.

     When He has had enough, He starts to move downward and meets up with my jeans. I am told to unbuckle and unzip, He reaches in and soon the chatter is becoming sporadic, and it is becoming hard to concentrate on mere words.  I am reminded that I don't have a permission...i am sooo close... being observant, He tells me to cum for Him... and I, being obedient do, twice, just for good measure.  When we are leaving He tells me not to make Him regret that He did not heat up my bottom.  I laugh. 

    Problem is I woke up this morning feeling like something was missing. A tender bottom, a determination that I did not want a harder spanking than maintenance, a lack of being spanked.
i have been 'antsy' all day....i have such mixed feelings about this neediness....but it is there. 
i have not told Master, but I don't think i will suggest a chat instead of a spanking least for a while.

While we were chatting, Master told me to amend my rules list...I left out 2 rules..

~i am to be clean shaven for Him...which means always.  This rule came about on the first day that we 'officially' started our M/s journey. On that day He shaved me, i was soooo...nervous and kept my eyes closed. Now i remember it fondly, and think it would be nice to re-enact it.

~not more 'granny' panties. The rule at first was none when we were together. I had started to occasionally wear lacy, more sexier ones, and He liked it and wanted me to continue...not too mention many of my granny ones were also too big!  Then a couple months ago He 'suggested' that i start to replace the granny ones, and work my way towards having them all replaced, which I have been doing. ( I bought a special pair, for the end of this week;)

The cuffs are also being used more. Master has now given me both the ankle and wrist set, and I am to wear them both to bed. (This started about a week ago). One night He had me clip the wrist ones together, for as long as I could sleep, once they woke me up i could un-clip them. I actually made it most of the night.  Last night, i was told to clip the ankle ones together..I was more nervous about that, i move a lot at night, but there was just enough give that i could get comfortable. They did wake me a couple times, but i was able to get back to sleep. 

Hope you all remember to breathe this week, enjoy the shining lights and the smiles on the faces of the little ones, and remember, it is about memories and love...

hugs abby


  1. Sounds like a good holiday season for you!
    Next time he agrees to no maintenance you are going to think twice.
    I agree we need to enjoy the season and love our friends and family.

  2. We definitely stress to much this time of year and forget to enjoy the time. Have a happy holiday season.

  3. It is very special that you miss this "being spanked feeling".
    Don't try to explain, just enjoy the spanking next time.
    Have a happy Christmas Week.

  4. Dear abby,

    I don't ever get spanked or cuffed. I don't know if I want it. Yet your posts make it sound so desirable. It always is a pleasure to read them. And they are exciting too.


  5. Hi Abby,

    So no-maintenance didn't work out for you? Well, you've learned something about yourself today, which is always good.
    But why not contact Master and ask for maintenance? It sounds like you need it, if you're feeling antsy now.
    Happy holidays.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. It is a strange thing how maintenance can be dreaded and then sorely missed when it is skipped. Fortunately it seems one never has to go too long without it. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday!

  7. oh i wish you more maintenance, less stress and lots of subby feelings this christmas. and may your new year dreams come true :)

    (guess who's happy cos she got spanked two days in a row. yesterday's was officially maintenance, and today i suppose, well, we broke in the christmas paddle and "it's to tide (me) over" till he sees me in 5 days' time.)

    next time, don't chat.
    or chat AFTER.