Monday, December 3, 2012

Finally...back to M&M

     Last week was a long week....happily this week is starting off much better!

     I ended up taking a quick trip to see my 4 year old grand-daughter in a school Christmas show, and singing and signing a Christmas carol with the children's choir at a tree lighting.
It was worth the trip. I left around lunch time on Friday. When I saw Master on Wednesday, He had said we would meet before lunch. When I sent in my 2 pounds....His reply was OK see you after lunch. What followed was a few texts which were confusing to both of of the many downfalls of texting, in trying to keep it short, one must make assumptions. We finally did get to talk, just before I left. I was 'antsy', it had been a long time since a hard spanking...and I needed I did not express that to Master.

    I think we had both waited long enough...too long...this morning I finally was kneeling and naked with Master claiming me, massaging, rubbing, pulling, pinching...all of it...Finally I was feeling like His submissive, and I could actually feel my body soften. My 2 pound gain put me 1/2 pound above my 'wriggle room', and although Master said it was not acceptable, it was also not had been 4 weeks.

   Then, I was finally back over Master's lap. He reached into my bag, and pulled out the short strap. It is short, but it is hard to manage OTK. One side of my bottom was definitely getting the worst of it.  After 2 sets, Master asked if it left like He was spanking only did.  He reached back onto the bag and pulled out the thin frog paddle. It is a great bottom warmer, it makes lots of noise, and leaves a nice sting. I could feel myself getting damp, then wet, as Master used it slowly, quickly, alternating sides, concentrating on one side, then the other.
Master checked me again, and chuckled...He loves that He can get me almost dripping, in very short order.

    Master then said it was maintenance time....and maintenance needs to be a hard spanking, a way to keep me focused on what I need to be doing to please Him. He decided on His belt, I was told to lean over the sofa, head down, bottom way up. It was the moment I was dreading and had been a long time between hard spankings...about 1 month.  Master's belt is one of my favorite spanking 'tools'....form the  sound of it being pulled through the loops to the smell of leather, and finally the swish, and then the kiss of the leather...I did struggle at first, and for a bit, before I could settle somewhat, I am not sure how many Master gave me, but my bottom was hot and very stinging....and lots of other parts of me were very hot! Master then asked me what I thought 1/2 pound over my limit had earned me. He waited, as I quickly had the debate in my head...what is enough, what is the least I can get away with??? I finally said, 10 more, Master said 10 more on each, just 10 (a girl has to try!). He said He could change His target to my thighs, so I quickly decided that 10 on each cheek sounded fair. After 10 slightly harder ones on each side, and Master was telling me to kneel between His legs.

    It had been a long time since I had been offered Master's cock....I started off slowly, but soon it all came back to me...LOL. Master then had me kneel away from Him , head to the floor presenting my pussy to Him, and I was filled, and pushing back, til I was told to be still til He told me I could move. I tried, but soon I just had to push back and beg for permission, and then I knew I was there.....a strong, down in my gut, loud, orgasm....followed by another couple.  Finally everything that I had been needing, craving. 

    hugs abby

ps...I would like to add my email address to the blog, have looked for a location, cannot find one. Help??  Thanks!


  1. You can choose to show your email in your blogger profile:
    Make sure you are logged in into blogger.
    Go to your blogger profile (e.g. by clicking on your name where it says "posted by Abby at...."
    In the right top corner of your profile page you will find a button "Edit Profile".
    Click that button to go to your "Edit User Profile" page.
    Under privacy: tick "show my email address".
    Under identity: write your email address in the appropriate box (can be, but does not need to be the same address as you use as "username").
    IMPORTANT: scroll down to the bottom of the "Edit user profile" page and click the button "Save Profile".

    Now, when you go back to your Blogger profile You will see at the left: "Contact me" and in Blue "Email". Your email address is under this button and everybody can click on it to send you email. The email address is not directly visible on the profile to make sure that robots cannot easily harvest your address for spamming.

    As an alternative you could put a text block on your home page and just write your email address in this box, but that won't work as good as via the profile.

  2. i just linked my text block to my email. insert a text gadget...

    then in the main body, copy and paste:

    (a href="mailto:youremailaddress")Email Me(/a)

    Change youremailaddress to your actual email address

    and Email Me is the text you want to SHOW on your blog that people can click on. in my blog i typed my email address out again so when you go to click on it, it takes you to the email client.

    then change the ( and ) to < and >

    i changed them when posting here just in case when i clicked post comment it turns it into some code or something.

  3. This sounds like a wonderful lunch, Abby. And good for you to get what you needed and craved
    A signed Christmas Carol? I'd love to see that, though I'd need an interpretor.

    Hugs, Julia

  4. Sounds like you are back on track. Happy for you. I know that my email is under "View my complete profile"

  5. Welcome back - on all levels - welcome back!

  6. Oh so glad to hear all this - what a wonderful day for you. :)

  7. Isn't it wonderful how just the most simple ways can set us back on track and make everything right in our world. Sounds like a wonderful time with the grand daughter too.

  8. Bas..I love you ;0...step by step clear directions! Thanks so much!
    hugs abby

    Fondles..thanks, but you lost is easy to do! hugs abby

    Julia....she did both...signed and and sang! It was great! hugs abby

    Sunny..thanks, my is there now too...hugs abby

    SirQsmlb...on all is great to be back! hugs abby

    Kitty...thanks...always nice to finally feel like I am where I belong. hugs abby

    trazurepet...It is wonderful..takes someone who knows us very well. hugs abby

  9. You sound very happy with your man, Abby. It is nice when everything is just as it should be.

  10. ians mrs has taken a lot of wok, and we still have bumps in the road....but we seem to fit nicely..
    hugs abby