Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's been one of those weeks :( know how frustrating it is when you have a day when nothing goes as planned...or 2 days....or 2 1/2 days...

    I woke up Monday after a great night's sleep....ready to to complete my long to-do list, and spend some  morning time with Master. I did things around the house and went out to go and meet Master. I use my daughter's car on most days, since her car is compact, and she nannies 3 boys under 5.  I get into the car....and nothing...just a lot of clicking. The only thing working is the radio..... grrrreat.

   I call her to see if she has been having she said worked fine last time I used it. I quickly call Master to let Him know, that I have a problem. He says it is the battery, and offers to come over and give me a jump. I know He has lots on His plate, so I say I will just call AAA and be on my way.  Call my daughter to find out she has let her AAA lapse....yes she is an adult!
I go into the house and feel quite cold, to the point where I am shivering....I sit for a drink, and feel like I have been run over be a train. Yes seems my grand-daughters sent me home with a gift of......germs. When my daughter gets home we deal with getting a new battery and I get home and fall into bed.

    Tuesday I wake up and just want to roll over and go  back to sleep. I have a doctor's appointment, one I made 6 months ago, and I think how strange would it be to call and cancel because I am sick. So I let Master know how I am feeling and that I am heading to the docs. The good news is no infection, just that wonderful flu/cold...and yes I did get my flu shot. I let Master know what the doc said, He asks if I feel up to a visit....I do not, I just want to go back to bed. Which I do....and stay there.

     Today, I wake up feeling human and with some energy. I give Master the good news and we arrange to meet after His dentist appointment this afternoon. I get into my daughter's car....and nothing....AGAIN!!!  I don't know if I should laugh or cry...I call Master and tell Him, we need to wait another day....but He is not agreeing....He is on His way over. Thank goodness...I so needed to see Him and feel Him and talk to get the picture!

    We spend a lot of time just hugging and chatting, getting caught up on each other and just being happy to be back. I tell Him 3 weeks is way too long, He reminds me, this is my last tax free time away....and He does not think I can afford another 3 weeks....I am kneeling by Him, He is re-claiming, reminding me that I am where I belong, with whom I belong to...He asks if I am up to a welcome back spanking, I am quickly over His lap. He uses His hand, but I am soon squirming, it has been a long time, and His hand can be very hard. He stops to rub, and I am soon squirming and wanting a permission....I am told to slow down, as He continues to spank. He finally reaches in to see just how ready I am....and boy am I ever ready....I am pleading for a permission...and get it...and the orgasms and just rolling out of me. Finally I am laying quietly over His lap, waiting for my body parts to recover form that 'jello' feeling. After more hugs and chatting it is time to return to the real world of getting that darn car of tonight it should be better be!

   Master reminds me that I have to weigh in on Friday, I try to talk Him out of it, but it is a no-go,,,He has never agreed to a free weight in....a girl just has to try. 

    Master learned something from my answers to the Liebster...He never know I am fluent in French...I am thinking I should be able to use that to my advantage one of these days...LOL...maybe not!

   hugs....hope you all are having a better week than how mine started..

  And...I want to start the exercise challenge...I just need to get more energy and less coughing...



  1. Glad your back and wishing things are better, both the cold and the car.

  2. I have had some experience with being sick, lately. And yes, it seems like everything has been waiting for that moment, to go wrong.
    Glad you found the way back.
    Have you tried kicking the car?

  3. I am glad the week ended well.


  4. I've had the same problem with my car - click, click then nothing. But playing around with it and trying several time would get it started, Got a new battery, and the next morning - click, click. Then it just stopped doing that and has started every time. So I'm always on edge when I try it.

    So glad you got time with master finally. And I hope the weigh in goes well.


    PS - when I had small kids and tons on my mind my mom gave me and AAA membership every year for my birthday. Just a thought.

  5. A bad start and a good ending. Yes, three weeks must feel like way too long, so it's good to be back, I gather.
    Are you worried about your weigh in? It'll be over soon enough and being home again, it'll be easier to keep to eating right.

    Hugs, Julia

  6. It's tough to re-enter after such a long trip. Being sick on top of that is kind of insult to injury.

    It's wonderful that he came over and reconnected...that time and talking and touch make such a difference.

  7. Sorry you had a bad few days Abby, for me things always seem a little better after maintenance. I hope everything with the car gets worked out and that the weigh in is not to bad. I always gain a few while I am away from home.

  8. Yeah that sounds pretty annoying, and then top it all off with the cold. Yuck. I really hope you feel better soon! And three weeks is a long time to go without seeing each other.

  9. Well I am so sorry you were sick for your homecoming. It isn't enough that you're have car trouble. Argh the law of averages!
    I am happy you guys were able to connect.
    Welcome home!

  10. sunny, thanks the car is fixed and I am doing much better thanks! hugs abby

    Bas...and what, have a broken toe too! hugs abby

    appy, thanks, we all have our streaks of yuck! hugs abby

    PK, good luck with that clicking...and yes AAA membership is part of a Christmas gift for a certain daughter! hugs abby

    Julia, yes I have a feeling I have gone over my limit...being home is easier...but then it is the holidays! hugs abby

    SirQsmlb, Master is very good at being where I need Him, and giving me what I need. hugs abby

    dancing, the car is fixed (fingers crossed), but the weigh in will not be good...I gave up trying during the last part of my away time. hugs abby

    Julia....Three weeks is wayyyy too long, even if we do talk every day...going to try and avoid the long time away, if possible. Hugs abby

    Minelle, Thanks, I missed you guys, almost as much as I missed Master :)!
    hugs abby

  11. Glad your back and hope your are feeling much better.