Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's been one of those weeks :( know how frustrating it is when you have a day when nothing goes as planned...or 2 days....or 2 1/2 days...

    I woke up Monday after a great night's sleep....ready to to complete my long to-do list, and spend some  morning time with Master. I did things around the house and went out to go and meet Master. I use my daughter's car on most days, since her car is compact, and she nannies 3 boys under 5.  I get into the car....and nothing...just a lot of clicking. The only thing working is the radio..... grrrreat.

   I call her to see if she has been having she said worked fine last time I used it. I quickly call Master to let Him know, that I have a problem. He says it is the battery, and offers to come over and give me a jump. I know He has lots on His plate, so I say I will just call AAA and be on my way.  Call my daughter to find out she has let her AAA lapse....yes she is an adult!
I go into the house and feel quite cold, to the point where I am shivering....I sit for a drink, and feel like I have been run over be a train. Yes seems my grand-daughters sent me home with a gift of......germs. When my daughter gets home we deal with getting a new battery and I get home and fall into bed.

    Tuesday I wake up and just want to roll over and go  back to sleep. I have a doctor's appointment, one I made 6 months ago, and I think how strange would it be to call and cancel because I am sick. So I let Master know how I am feeling and that I am heading to the docs. The good news is no infection, just that wonderful flu/cold...and yes I did get my flu shot. I let Master know what the doc said, He asks if I feel up to a visit....I do not, I just want to go back to bed. Which I do....and stay there.

     Today, I wake up feeling human and with some energy. I give Master the good news and we arrange to meet after His dentist appointment this afternoon. I get into my daughter's car....and nothing....AGAIN!!!  I don't know if I should laugh or cry...I call Master and tell Him, we need to wait another day....but He is not agreeing....He is on His way over. Thank goodness...I so needed to see Him and feel Him and talk to get the picture!

    We spend a lot of time just hugging and chatting, getting caught up on each other and just being happy to be back. I tell Him 3 weeks is way too long, He reminds me, this is my last tax free time away....and He does not think I can afford another 3 weeks....I am kneeling by Him, He is re-claiming, reminding me that I am where I belong, with whom I belong to...He asks if I am up to a welcome back spanking, I am quickly over His lap. He uses His hand, but I am soon squirming, it has been a long time, and His hand can be very hard. He stops to rub, and I am soon squirming and wanting a permission....I am told to slow down, as He continues to spank. He finally reaches in to see just how ready I am....and boy am I ever ready....I am pleading for a permission...and get it...and the orgasms and just rolling out of me. Finally I am laying quietly over His lap, waiting for my body parts to recover form that 'jello' feeling. After more hugs and chatting it is time to return to the real world of getting that darn car of tonight it should be better be!

   Master reminds me that I have to weigh in on Friday, I try to talk Him out of it, but it is a no-go,,,He has never agreed to a free weight in....a girl just has to try. 

    Master learned something from my answers to the Liebster...He never know I am fluent in French...I am thinking I should be able to use that to my advantage one of these days...LOL...maybe not!

   hugs....hope you all are having a better week than how mine started..

  And...I want to start the exercise challenge...I just need to get more energy and less coughing...


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yes, I am really back!

  I got back today.....I am tired but I just had to say 'hello' to all of you, I missed you!

  My first week away went well, time with the 2 little ones...3 year old and 7 month old...lots of fun, getting re-educated on all the Disney princesses, going to the park, looking forward to nap times and hoping that I could get both to sleep at the same time. After all, I am a grandma, and I do not have the energy of a 30 or 40 year old! I also squeezed in a 2 nights at my mom's. She is doing well and we got to shop and have lunch out and enjoy each other's company. 

 Week two, and croup struck....that awful cough that keeps everyone up all nite. My daughter in law took a couple nights off, but it was a very long week, even with the 3 year old being a trouper. A sick child really tugs at the heart strings! Luckily the younger one got a cold, but that was it.  Week three was somewhat back to normal, and Thanksgiving. I was very ready to come  back home...Master and I were in touch daily, and He is a great long distant cheerleader!

 I kept up with you all for about the first week, then just did not have the energy or time...but that means I have lots of good reading ahead of me this week!

I was very surprised and pleased to find out I had been nominated for the Liebster Award! 
Thanks to Kitty at one nomination. I will answer her questions first, even though she threatened to add to Master's away tax!.....Also thanks to Minelle at who also gave me a nod!

Kitty's questions:

1 - What’s your favorite meal?
      Has to be sea food, probably lobster!

2 - What do you like best about being kinky?
      Tough one! that it is a great way to discover new ways to have fun...and I have discovered a part of e that for a long time, I never knew was there.

3 - Is there a sexual position you haven’t tried that you’d like to?
      Hmmm....yes, but as my body gets less agile, I am thinking I may have make some adaptations.

4 - If you could live in any time era, which one would you pick, and why?
      Maybe the 50's...when life was simpler, and people seemed more connected...

5 -Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex? Why?
      Either way, it's a win/win

6 – What is your favorite implement?
     Large leather flogger,,,always has been, and probably always will be.

7 – What is your favorite position?
   OTK, usually, but not for the flogger, flat on bed is best for that.

8 - How long have you been in a D/s relationship?
      I have known Master for over 10 years, D/s for about 7 of those.

9 - How long have you been "into" spanking?
      Master gave me my first spanking 10 years ago, but I fantasized about it long before then.

10 -very first boy/girlfriend - what age, any details you remember, etc.
      Around 12,  a neighbor, we were playing hide and seek with others in the neighborhood, and he found me first..ignoring the others! It did not last long.

11 – (My own question) Did you ever see anything so beautiful that it made you cry?
      My children and grandchildren at birth...and still when I see them in a recital or show.

11 random facts about me...

1.  I am fluent in French, even in grade school, all the classes we had in the afternoon were taught in French.
2.  I attended an all girl's high school, only 22 of us in our graduating class.
3.  I was the first of my large extended family to move out of the little town we all lived mother sent me the job ads for years.
4.  I love going to to see live theater, especially musicals.
5.  I never wanted a Kindle, then my sister gave me one...I love it!
6.  I almost always have my Christmas shopping done before Dec. 1st
7. One year I cross stitched gifts for everyone.
8. I love to gamble!
9. I took piano lessons for years.
10. I wish I could sing
11. I  have always lived where there is usually lots of snow...and I hate snow!

It is getting late, I still need to make a grocery list for the morning and finish unpacking.... is good to be back!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


  First an apology...I am going to break one of my long standing rules (one I gave myself...not from Master), and not write individual comments to all who were nice enough to leave me a comment yesterday. Honestly, I logged on to leave a quick comment on each, but quickly realized I am just too tired.....keeping up with a 3 year old and a 6 month old is not easy, but exhausting! So please accept this general thanks this once....THANK YOU ALL...I loved hearing from all of you!

hugs abby

Friday, November 9, 2012


    I am in a train station, leaving from visiting my mom, going to spend time with  my grand-daughters....but I just had to sqeeze in a post for today!

....To all of you out there that we refer to affectionately as 'lurkers',,,,HELLO!  For a long time I was one of you, then one day, I dared to leave a comment and got a response! a conversation,,,,,and from that conversation I have become a member of a warm and accepting community that I now think of as friends! It really is worth it.

    I always try to respond to comments, so you will feel welcomed, and I love 'meeting' new friends.  If you are not ready....lurk on.....all are welcomed.

     OOPS..I hear a train whistle......Happy LOL day to all my fellow bloggers!

hugs abby

Friday, November 2, 2012

Sitting Gingerly!

      I am taking a break from packing, I am flying out to go help son and daughter-in- law with some babysitting.  He has to study for a job related test...and possible promotion.. and it is hard to study with a 3 year old and a 7 month old... while I am there I am going to take a few days and take the train up to see my mom, it's been a couple months since I have seen  her.

     Master and I had our 'good-by' session today. When I was kneeling for Him, I kept leaning in against Him, just wanting to get closer. He chuckled and asked if I was just trying to hide my, really...would I????  It did not deter Him, He grabbed on, and kept hanging on for most our play time.

     After a very nice hand warm up it was time to play the dice game. Remember? There are 3 dice one for positions, one has numbers (1--30), and the last list spanking 'toys, and all have one wild side. Last time we played, I rolled lots of leather and the flogger came into play quite a few times, so I was excited to try again.

     Yeah...ever hear of the law of averages...I hate math! My first 3 rolls, were all high numbers...23, 30, and 25......2 were the between was Master's belt, which was a welcome relief. Most of my rolls were above 20, and lots of wooden spoon, cane, paddle rolls. 
My love for the game was bottom was smoldering. Finally when we done to the last 2 rolls I rolled flogger! and 30! standing in the corner..not my favorite position, but at last the flogger. Master said since in was only 30, He would have to make them count....and He did, but it was so nice, to have the feel of the leather all over my back.

   My last roll was a light paddle, and OTK...a nice place to end. The roll was in the 20's but Master loss count and went way over....

    After each spank, Master would stop to rub and, of course, check to see if I was enjoying...After the OTK, Master made sure that I was well lubricated, and then announced....

    Time for a vigorous (his word) strapping, one that you will remember for a while. I was not pleased, but got up and over the ottoman, and have to admit, after the first set, I remembered that I do love that large strap of His. I am not sure how many, but my bottom was red, welted, and on was the rest of me. 

     When Master 'checked' this time, I was more than ready, and He let me soar, and held me as I landed. Master reminded me that I am traveling with a 'tool box' of things I need to keep up with so I remember that I am His. He also said, if I do not let Him know every day that I am thinking of Him, and using my tool box, He will step in and give me tasks, that need to be done within a time frame...I might want to avoid that. 

     For those of you that remember the new 'tax rule' for my time does not apply this time, since this trip was planned before Master put it into effect....thank goodness!  

    I will be reading to keep up with all of you, but my computer time will be limited, so comments will also be limited. 

    Be good all....but not too good :)

   hugs abby