Sunday, October 21, 2012

"tax reform"

     Shopping was highly successful, had coupons and found lots of great sales, and am excited about what I bought! Wrapping is also done..took all afternoon, and a bit...or maybe more...of wine...but packages are wrapped and ready to be delivered..HO HO HO!

   Thanks for those of you who commented on my last post....I decided I should explain a bit more about why I feel Master instituted the new 'tax law'.  Kitty over at  had some questions that really speak to the matter.

    Do I come home stressed? Yes, 3 weeks is a long time to be away. I try to get all the bills paid and everything caught up, but there is always lots to catch up on when I get back.  Entertaining a 3 year old and a 6 month old for most of some days...and sometimes overnight...takes lots of energy. I miss my place, my Master, my friends here, and miss out on some activities like book club and others. I love those little ones and have lots of fun, and they are always so excited to see me. I know I am blessed that I can do this, but like I said in my first sentence, 3 weeks is a long time.

   Maybe short spurts would be better than a long one. I think that is one of the things, Master wants me to do. He would like for me to discuss it with Him before I say yes ( which I am always supposed to do....I just sometimes want to  have things set, before I bring it up to Him...He calls this stubborness). He would like me to suggest weekly visits with a break at home...or something along those lines. I have gently suggested to my son that maybe finding a sitter or helper who does have to be flown in might be a good idea!  They do have crazy schedules, but I also realize they have to work that out...with some help from me.

   Who makes the son. He has dates picked out and flights checked out...but not booked...when he asks me. He does ask, I just am not very good at saying no...or even at saying lets talk about other options. 

    I think the tax is it seems most of you do. Master will not come into play on my next trip, but I will be traveling over Christmas...cannot miss those faces over the holidays, so we will see what happens ....

hugs abby


  1. Good luck on getting some tax reform.

  2. Wow - a whole post reply (which was appreciated because I am currently with family myself and did not get back to see your comments yet).

    Okay, so I thought it seemed a bit harsh for the man you have described over the last many months and I wondered if he wasn't responding to something you needed. It kind of feels like that may be the case.

    Hard choices though - I have spent most of today dealing with the care decisions of an elder myself and that is no picnic either. Family is family, but that doesn't mean that you can't take care of yourself.

    I guess I'll just send you hugs and maybe advise you to think about this alternate that you are being faced with. And also, how else can you really punish someone that enjoys the spanking, unless you are doing it full tilt?

  3. Ok, so can I play devils advocate? It seems that you're given a week for free, the tax comes into play on lengthier absences. That could mean that He knows these can be hard on you. It could mean that He misses you so much that after a week it's a hardship.
    It isn't that he has said that you cannot go for lengthy periods. He didn't limit the number of trips. He simply put a tax, albiet high, on lengthy stays. So you can make your choice with full disclosure of what's awaiting you at the end.

    Good luck!! On perticularly long trips, you could work on gaining some extra padding =)

  4. Maybe you can negotiate a tax deduction sometime. :D

  5. sunny, thanks, but I think I am stuck wit this. hugs abby

    Kitty, when He needs to He can be harsh....punishments are not nearly as often as they used to be. We have both grown and learned a lot over the years...hugs abby

    SirQs..Master would give you a gold stay and a standing ovation...You got Him and what He is feeling! hugs abby

    Anastasia....Thanks for visiting and the comment. I think I am stuck with this, at least for the near future. hugs abby