Saturday, October 20, 2012

some of this...some of that

        I woke up feeling at loose ends today...and the feeling just kept growing.  My voices including the 'not-so-friendly' voices keep trying to give me advice. I decided the best way to spend my with my daughter!  We went from store to store., did find some great bargains, and as a bonus, my Christmas shopping is close to being done. I have always (mostly), had the shopping done by December, so I feel great about meeting that goal! I found just what I wanted for everyone and some things for the impossible to buy for ones! 

     I have been asking Master for a while, if I could weigh-in once a week, instead of twice. He always has been quick to say, no, this is successful we will stick with it!  Well, I guess I finally wore Him of this coming weigh in report a week...and I even got to choose the day of the report. I chose Friday to give Him my report, hopefully that gives me a few days if I go a little crazy on the weekend.

   I also remembered to ask Master a question suggested in my comments....What would He not have His submissive do?  I said that anything that would land me in jail did not count...He thought about it for a bit, and then decided that although certain areas held no interest for Him, in general the rule that He follows no harm, He would never want to harm me....hurting me is another thing altogether:) 

   Master also told me that I under reported the number of orgasms I had in my last post. How is one supposed to actually count, when they are just rolling on top of each other.( I know a nice problem to Really counting the number is the last thing on my mind, actually my mind is being blown away. 

    Master also brought up the topic of my paying a tax when I go away from now on. I am going again in a couple of weeks, for another 3 weeks...hopefully the last long one for a good long while. This next trip does not count, since I had cleared it with Him, before He thought of the tax idea. He decided that I get one no tax week. Week number two will cost me 50, with the wooden paddle of His choice, for each day that week. Week number three, the tax increases to 100 a day. 

     I tried to say what if....He would not let me finish. It stands no matter what the reason for my being away, He knows that I always have a good reason...usually family related..and that I always miss Him loads. He said He wants me to think before I agree to extended time, how He feels and if He is going to be without me, I will have to pay the tax.  It's nice to know I am missed, but the tax seems a little high to me...

   I plan on getting some wrapping done tomorrow....the shopping is so much more fun than the wrapping. I like to actually wrap the grandkids' is so much more fun tearing the paper off as compared to reaching into a bag!

   Hope you are enjoying a nice fall weekend.


  1. Good luck with the tax system and with wrapping, too:)

  2. I think you need tax reform. Good luck with wrapping, want mine too?

  3. Do you come home from long trips with your family stressed out? Is it a better choice for you to think about taking those trips in short spurts instead of long ones? Are you the one who chooses to travel for so long or does someone else make that planning for you?

    If the answer is yes to any of those (or a similar question) then I think your Master is likely trying to help you and the tax is totally fair.

    If it is not and you enjoy and love long trips, well - I would find out if he is just looking for a reason to increase the intensity or what?

    Says the girl who can't get her Master to tell her anything.

  4. Oh I love wrapping presents. Mmm.

    Only you two know what is best for you, but perhaps he feels that you haven't handled the long trips well in the past? That you are (pun intended) overtaxing yourself?

  5. I envy the way you are this organised. Every year i am going to get the shopping and wrapping done early.... The tax levy sounds harsh, but worthwhile! J xx

  6. I'll come wrap for you, if you do my shopping for me. I love to wrap gifts, shop for them, not so much.

    Interesting idea on the tax, but it sounds like tax payup time could be a bit rough.

  7. Goodness gracious! That feels like a high tax to me too! I guess it wouldn't be too bad if he spread it out over some time. Otherwise, YIKES!



  8. SNP..took most of the afternoon, but wrapping is done:)!
    hugs abby

    sunny..I am going to post more on this tax later. But I agree it does seem a like a lot, so far He is not budging. Wrapping done..yeah for me! hugs abby

    Kitty, thanks for the questions,,,I am going to answer them in a post. I wish we live close enough to have coffee once a week and solve the world's problems....and dish about out Masters!
    hugs abby

    Ana...LOL at the pun! I think you are on to something. Thanks for visiting. hugs abby 3 children were all born in December..within 4 years...I had to be organized! hugs abby

    faerie..that is a trade I would take in a minute! hugs abby

    aisha...sounds high to me too,,,and I doubt He would spread them out. hugs abby

    1. Oh, I am glad I got back over - I loved your reply. That would be nothing but fun! :)