Monday, October 22, 2012

My morning text...

    ..I have felt myself over the last couple days withdrawing, going within myself, trying to stop myself, knowing that I can not do it alone.   My morning text to Master was ..I need to feel your control and dominance...I don't think I have ever sent a text like that. I used to send middle of the night emails, but was never quite so honest in what I was trying to say. Master's response was simply...Oh Yes!

    I picked a very busy day for both of us, but we carved out time just before lunch. I actually stayed fully dressed, but that did not stop Master from having at least one hand touching my breast, and then playing with my pussy...the whole time.  He did most of the talking, telling me that no matter what I am..or am not wearing...where I am...I am short...ALWAYS!  He said wearing wet panties all day should be a good reminder. 

   I brought up the tax reform post and your comments. He said to let you all know His view..
  1. He is very generous in letting me go off on my trips. He has never said no, and has never restricted my time..(except for when my dad died....I was never away for more than 2 weeks).
I agree He is generous with His permissions.

  2..  It is not good for Us, or me, when I am gone for so long. His preference would be to always have me here and available, He misses me way too much when it is a 3 week gap.

  3..He did change His original plan...He agreed to 1 week with no penalty, He reduced the second week to 50 swats, and since they will be earned in stages, depending on how many, I will get them in stages.

   4..He has left my options open, He just wants me to consider "us", before I automatically agree.

   All this time He is 'priming' my pussy, I am listening, but trying to keep breathing, and to keep myself calm enough so I don't cum without permission.  Master says, maybe keeping me 'simmering' (aisha, I though of you!), will be my maintenance for this week. I could ask for daily permissions, and He would think on it. 

   In the end, He gave me permission to cum, and of course I did. He reminded me to keep those same panties on all day....and that no, this was not maintenance for this week.  He had worked His magic, He came to my rescue, made time, said what I needed to hear. I came home at peace, knowing that being His is what calms my soul. 

   hugs abby


  1. You know re-entry can be hard, especially when we need to find our place again. Yea Master for helping you find your place at his side!!

  2. It's nice to know tax reform is possible.

    This is a lovely post abby.

  3. Hi Abby,
    I popped over to see your blog, and enjoyed your post.
    I look forward to reading more, you seem like you have a very good connection with your Master.

  4. SirQ, one of the reasons He has my complete my complete trust, when I let Him know I need Him, He is always there.
    hugs abby

    sunny, thanks, lately I have been wondering if I am getting boring. hugs abby

    Lill., Thanks for bisiting and for the commnet. Master and I both feel we are very luck to have each other.
    hugs abby