Monday, October 29, 2012

More submissive questions

    It is blowing and raining outside...the wind gusts have really picked up and not reached their peak. But I am warm and the power is still on, so things are good. To all of you along the East coast who are in worse shape, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I made a last minute, quickly decided trip to see my 4 year old grand daughter over the weekend. She was planning her own Halloween party and had called to invite me, I initially said I could not go, but then decided to surprise her. She was so excited to see me, and we had lots of fun, bobbing for apples, and turning each other into 'mummies', among other activities. It was worth the drive there!

   Today was supposed to be M/M day, but I felt out of it for most of the day, physically and emotionally. Maybe I am just over tired. No M/M, not sure when we will get to it...not even sure how I feel about that.

    25.  Are there items or rituals that represent or help you express your submission.

            Yes, and this seems like a repeat question to me. Guess my mood still is not the best...LOL.  Kneeling and doing a daily task for Master are 2 'rituals" that stand out.  He is always looking for ways to keep me focused and focused.

26.  What are the qualities you  seek in a dominant partner and why? Are some qualities deal breakers?

      I really had no idea I was looking for a dominant partner when I met Master. I got very lucky.
I feel that a dominant should be comfortable with His role and sure of himself, not a lot of second guessing and wavering. He should also be willing to listen , not always necessarily agree, but really listen, and be open to some discussion. Consistency ranks high, other wise it all tends to get confusing. Dominant's hold their submissive's well being in their is a big responsibility.

Stay safe everyone!
hugs abby


  1. Glad to hear you are well and home with power. stay safe.

  2. Hi abby,

    I think you don't need M/M day to feel your submission.

    I hope you can have a bit of rest now you are so tired.

    Take care.


  3. i agree with consistency in a dominant. wavering is SO not hot.

    glad u could spend a good weekend with the G/daughter. :)

    rest now...

  4. Sunny...thanks! hugs abby

    appy...You are right about maintenance....but it is a strong reminder. hugs abby

    fondles...I am feeling ready to go! thanks abby