Wednesday, October 31, 2012


  I could not think of a title, so I decided boo was appropriate for today. I really wish someone, who is way more creative than I am, would publish a book, or at least a list, of blog titles!

  Happy Halloween...I am pretty sure I am going to have left over candy...any ideas on what to do with it, besides eating it , of course!

   I finally heard from my daughter, no phone or internet, loss power for a bit, but everyone is doing OK:) phew!  Hope all of you along the East coast are finding ways to cope ! My thoughts and prayers are certainly with you.

  Yesterday was maintenance day. I got an early message from Master...see you at asking if I was up to it or if that was good for me. It immediately started to chase the 'blahs' that I had on Monday away.

    After some  hugging and talk  about 'Sandy', Master asked what the problem was on Monday...why the sour mood? He was not all that happy that I kept it to myself, and caused it myself....

     I was soon kneeling and He was re-claiming and reminding me of who I am, and who I belong to. He was pulling and pinching my breasts, watching me breathe through the pain.
Finally He stopped and invited me over His lap. He started out with His hand, deliberate spanks, increasing in intensity. He 'checks' to see how I am responding...and then continues the warm-up with the wooden hair brush. Warm-up is what He calls it, feels much more like a 'heat-up' to me.

      He checks again, and of course I am getting wetter....sometimes I wish I could control that, just to see His reaction.  He then asks what He had promised me for today. I know what He wants to hear, but I hesitate. He asks again,,,I say maintenance...not the answer He is waiting for. He starts to tap the brush and asks again, I know better than to make Him ask a third time....a long, hard spanking, Sir. That is the answer He is looking for and He is and hard. He stops and tells me I have permission to 'cum', if I can. He then makes sure that I am close enough that I want to......He tells me to keep my legs open and apart. The brush starts to fly takes me a couple rounds, but I can feel myself getting closer, lifting my bottom asking for more....and it happens, my body takes over, I am taking off, and land in a spent, happy place. 

     Master stops to rub and talk and tell me what a good girl I am. Then I I am going to spank you for the mood you created yesterday, and for not opening up to me....this time you may not cum. He is spanking hard and fast again, and does not stop .....and  I am no longer in that 'zone'. He finally stops and asks if He has made His point...He has!

    He then directs me between His legs, to express my submissiveness, share some cuddling and hugging, and be at peace. 

    My bottom was tingling all nite, but my sour mood was gone, Master knows me so well.



  1. Oh, abby that sounds amazing. I do love...oops I meant hate it when they check =)

  2. So glad everyhthing turned out relatively well for our family and you.

  3. Glad your daughter and family are doing well.
    Also glad that women cannot control that wetness.
    How else could we tell in what mood she is?
    Just asking never gave me an answer.

  4. I am glad your family is okay, too!! Fun title and glad the sour mood is gone:)

  5. Glad everyone is okay!
    The first part helped 'one way' the second part helped 'another way'
    Spent-- and worried sour mood gone!

  6. Very nice post. I'm happy to have found your blog and will list it on mine.

  7. I am glad to hear everything is OK with your family. I too hhave wished I could control that wetness, a few times it has caused a punishment to be much worse than it started out to be but there have been quite a few times when it has lead to great times as well.

  8. SirQ....I know exactly what you mean;)...hugs abby

    Sunny..thanks, daughter is atill struggling with no gas or any stores open, but they are all safe. hugs abby

    Bas...oops, you are right, Master often wonders why my answers don't match His evidence. hugs abby

    SNP..thanks, Master is an excellent mood brightener! hugs abby

    Minelle, both 'missions' accomplished, He would say, hugs abby

    Maryann, welcome and thanks for the comment and the adding me. I will be visiting your place today. hugs abby

    dancing...I agree, years ago, Master told me....that wetness was the best compliment I could give Him...a nice way to put it.
    hugs abby