Friday, September 7, 2012

thank you!...more submissive questions

  First....THANK YOU all so much for the great ideas on ways to stay connected to Master when I am away. I was very pleased with my list, Master gets to choose and tweak it, my plan is to eventually try them all! You are all AWESOME!

   Back to the submissive questions...(this is going to be much more than a 30 day project for me..)

Question 9

~Do you accept and/or expect structure, rules and limits as part of your submission?

     Yes structure and rules are a part of my submission, they help me to live my submission every day. Structure in my mind teams up with rituals. We don't have a lot of those, but those that are in place help me get to the correct 'mind set', which sometimes is a good thing...vanilla life can get overwhelming! The one that is the most used is my naked kneeling time , a time to close everything out and just concentrate on Him and me, a time to breathe, relax, and focus.
I occasionally use the naked kneeling time when I am alone, just to center and calm me.

    Rules are also a part of my submission. They have been added slowly, mostly one at a time. I usually don't even think of most of them as rules....even if I struggle a  bit when they are first added, they eventually just become a part of me and my life.  Master is wise in His choice of rules, since most them are a benefit to me..and to Us. 

  Limits...not as easy to write about. I believe that everybody has limits. There are some blogs that I read with my jaw open thinking OMG! I have not set in stone or written on paper limits. When I first Master, what I viewed as limits were many, many of which are now routine. Yes, Master pushes me, but He has a wonderful sense of when I am ready. I guess the trick with limits is that the two of you agree on the hard and fast ones. 

Question 10

~ Does any part of BDSM occur as a part of your submissive relationship?
    yes..and yes..and yes again!

~ How do you feel about BDSM is it core to your submission, peripheral or non-existant?

       I guess core, but my submission is much more than just that. Master and I have never attended a party or played with a group, so that is non-existant. But our own play is BDSM related, and I know I would miss that element, and pretty sure He would also if it were to disappear. So, I guess it is core.

hugs abby


  1. So glad you got the list worked out, there were some great ideas.

    I agree limits are a hard topic, we both had some in the beginning that we are way past now, but the hard and fast ones have not changed.

  2. Cool, i'm glad you're doing the questions, i enjoy reading your thoughts...


  3. dancing...I see limits as fluid, some tied to trust. hugs abby

    aisha...Thanks, it is fun learning more about each other. hugs abby