Saturday, September 8, 2012

Please get out of my head!

     I hate it when I think that Master has taken up residence in my head...He loves it!  Sometimes I have conversations in there that I prefer He not hear, and some thoughts are very much better undiscovered.  Yesterday, Master had settled in with a lounge chair!

    I loss weight...only 1 pound to go til my goal...and I get a maintenance break  YAHOO!!!
I was pleased are relieved, mostly because I just was not in the mood for a hard spanking. I was not in the best submissive head space. 

    I walk into Master's and before even my hug, He asks how I am. I try to use my convincing voice to say fine...his look tells me I did not succeed. After the hugs, He asks if anything is wrong, I say no, just feeling out of sorts. As we walk in to the living room I hear Him say, He has made a new cane...really 2, one long and thin, the other shorter but thicker. I gave Him my "you have got to be kidding" look...He chuckles. I remind Him that I lost weight , He reminds me how proud He is of me, and He wants to play with the canes today.

     I am getting undressed, rather slowly, and Master asks me about my undies. I had a new black lace pair on, He likes them and say I may keep them on. I am kneeling and Master is doing His best to get me into a submissive spot, He is claiming all of my body, telling me what He is doing, that I belong to Him, and naming each part as He claims it, it feels nice, but all I can think about is CANE...*&^&%!

     Finally He tells me I may get up, leave my panties on and lean over the ottoman, legs apart and bottom nice and high. It takes me a bit, He tells me to focus, this is not a punishment.  I am expecting to feel His know a warm-up...but i hear the cane shortly before I feel it. Six with the longer one...I am squirming and and ouching. Master stops and says, let's pull these down, they don't seem to be giving you any protection anyway. He pulls them just down to below my bottom. Six more then we will switch to the shorter one. They HURT...Master tells me once again to focus and breathe. He picks up the shorter one, I almost pull up out of position. Master reminds me that I know better than to move my hands off that ottoman. After six, He asks which hurts more, I say both. Hmmm, He guesses He will have to work harder to get me in the right space.

     He tells me to thank Him after each one, I let out out a big puff of air, He asks if that was  a Yes Sir He mis-heard. I thank Him but slowly and quietly. After 6 more Master says, lets try a thank You Sir, may I have another. I look at Him, as He pulls back, I mutter the phrase, Master says, He will not start counting til I sound like I mean it. (all of you who think He is always a nice guy....)  I finally give in, and try to sound convincing, and Master is satisfied. He says He knew He had His work cut out for Him when I walked in, and He was right. We had not talked, just sent a text, how could He tell....

   Master then reaches in to see if I was 'secretly' enjoying the caning..not so much, but He soon remedied that....and had me squirming for a better reason. Then I hear Him say, I need His cock, I had my eyes closed when I am told to open them ...and there it is waiting for me.I am told to be sure I get it nice and wet and ready...which I do...and then Master steps behind me and I am off and soon spent. I sat over the ottoman for a while, Master is rubbing my back and arms and face.

    When I can finally get up, we sit to discuss my list of ideas on staying connected while away for 3 weeks. THANKS to all of you, I have a list that is quite full of ideas. He wants me to read them to Him and we discuss each on a bit. I get to the one about Him giving me a restriction, a different one for each week, or the same one for all three. I say, You know wine or french fries, maybe no computer games. He looks at me and ice cream...I look at him with my mouth open...OH...He thought of that one and did not want to mention it to me....BINGO.

   Then I get to one that is naked kneeling in position before bed, thinking about Master and His words. I say I could do that one while in Boston, but not in Florida, since I will be sharing a room with 1 or 2 little ones. Master says you will be alone in the bathroom, I break out laughing and say to Him...please get out of my head. OH...He thought of that too, HUH....chuckling. I am in there to stay get used to it!

     Master told me to type the list, and prioritize it according to what I think would be most effective in helping me, keeping in mind the ones that would be the most doable, and we will discuss them again. 

hugs abby


  1. Glad it went so well!

    And I am sorry to say ice cream was my suggestion. :P

  2. I know the feeling. My Wife seems to read my mind. I cannot surprise Her. Sometimes I don't like it. But in fact it is what I want.


  3. I love this post. I love that he kept pushing on and on and on but not in a way that made you submit to what he wanted to do.

    It was really nice. ;)

  4. Minelle...that he does, it is a wonderful feeling knowing that He really knows me,,,and still loves me! hugs abby

    Ana...not your cream is my FAVORITE food, He has restricted me from it before! hugs abby are right, it can be a blessing and a curse, but it is pretty wonderful that someone knows you that well.
    hugs abby

    Kitty, thanks, he does a way of getting me where he wants me...
    hugs abby